Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nerf 2-piece Walkie Talkies

I was recently given the opportunity to review Nerf 2 piece Walkie Talkie Set which has 2 walkie talkies, up to 1000 feet listening and talking range, a sporty design, has a clip on the back, Morse code button on the front. Ages 5 and up, these are great for kids or whatever reason you would use a walkie talkie maybe for hunting, snowmobiling, skiing or any other activity. I know when I was a kid I loved walkie talkies as there were no cell phones and I could play pretend with a friend and use our imaginations as kids these days may not use their imaginations as much. Some other features of the Walkie Talkies are on/off trigger and take 9 v batteries.  To learn more visit,electronic-toys/24,nerf-walkie-talkies?b=1
My Opinion: I love them and will make a great Christmas or Birthday gift . Works well and can be heard clearly when talking.

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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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  1. Walkie-talkies really help to take eye on your children because you can easily communicate with your children and know what they are doing in any specified time.