Sunday, July 23, 2017

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Mojhi

In 2017 if you are looking to try something new and different how about climbing Kilimanjaro through Mojhi what you do is share you plans like which route you want to take for climbing Kilimanjaro, how big is your party, do you prefer a group climbing  tour a private climbing tour, are you looking for safari tour along with your Kilimanjaro tour, when are you planning for the climb and lastly filling your contact information to get a quote sent to you and they match you with five top Kilimanjaro operators. You can choose any and book online with fully refundable. I just signed up I chose not decided, small group 3 to 4 people, group climb, 5 to 6 days, and when I planned to go and I entered my email address along with my phone number and they came back with the following information below so that whole process it works smoothly and effectively.

Are you a beginner? - Choose the Marangu or Machame
Are you looking for the scenic route? - Lemosho or Machame
Are you looking for the shortest, cheapest and easiest route? - Marangu
Are you looking for the longest route? - Northern circuit
Are you looking for the moderate route? - Machame or Lemosho
Are you looking to trek in rainy season?- Rongai
Are you looking for the most difficult route? - Umbwe
Are you looking for the most popular route? - Machame
Are you looking for the route with higher success rates? - 8 days Lemosho or 9 days Northern circuit

Price estimates:
Marangu route - starts from USD 1224 per person 
Machame route - starts from USD 1462 per person 
Lemosho route - starts from USD 1699 per person 
Rongai route - starts from USD 1730 per person
Umbwe route - starts from USD 1694 per person 
Northern circuit - starts from USD 1970 per person

The Marangu Route consists of 
Day 1 arrival in Tanzania and transfer to Moshi. Today you will arrive in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro brothers will pick you up and transfer you to a Moshi where you will spend the first night at Stella Maris Lodge. Those who will arrive through Kenya Nairobi will be picked up and transfer by shuttle bus to the hotel.
Day 2 after you have breakfast you will make a short journey from your hotel in Marangu to National Park gate for the necessary formalities at the gate. You will start the climbs through fascinating tropical rain forests; where you will reach the first hut at Mandara for dinner and overnight. An alternative is to simply rest and relax the beautiful forest around the camp.
Day 3 today is the first part of the walk this has a steep ascent through the forest, but the path soon opens out into moorland and, in clear weather, there are great views of Kibo and Horombo Hut mid-afternoon, where you can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery around the camp.
Day 4 today we climbed very gradually towards the lunar desert of the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo. These 6-7 hours walking will be taken at a slow pace until we reach Kibo Hut where we will spend the night in a comfortable hut. There is no running water at Kibo Hut. The remainder of the day is spent relaxing and preparing for the final ascent before a very early night.
Day 5 Wake up before midnight in the cover of darkness. We begin a steep climb over loose volcanic scree has some well-graded zig-zags and a slow but steady pace will take us to the rim of the main crater, Gillman’s 5,685 m. We will rest there for few minutes to enjoy the sunrise over Mawenzi. Those who are still feeling good can continue slowly to make the three hour round trip from here along the crater rim to Uhuru peak 5,895 m. which is the highest point in Africa. After a few minutes to appreciate your accomplishment we descend to Kiko Hut is amazingly fast, and we stop at Kibo Hut for some refreshment, we continue to descend to reach Horrombo Hut.
Day 6 Today we will descend past Mandara hut to Marangu National Park, successful climbers will receive their summit certificates. From here you will be transferred to Stela Maris for dinner, summit celebration and overnight. Horombo hut to Marangu Gate.
Day 7 Departure day/safari day
Or maybe you just want to have an adventure trekking across Africa/Asia, whatever your needs maybe be they have one for you at great prices.

This is a sponsored post on the behalf of Fresh Press Media and I just want to let you know about this great opportunity in trip if you’re looking for an adventure to take this summer or in the near future.

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