Saturday, April 11, 2020

BlueStacks For Instagram On Your PC

This can be done by running an Android emulator on your Mac or PC with BlueStacks to use Instagram on your PC.
It’s the heaviest option since you’ll have to run Android on your computer, so I don’t recommend this option unless you need all of the features.
This is the perfect option if you want a completely native Instagram experience on your computer.
 Plus you’ll have all of the features of the app including filters, locations, stories, galleries, and account switching.

1. Open up BlueStack

2. Open Instagram

3. Sign in to Instagram

4. Hit plus button as it allows you to upload photos

5. Change Gallery button to other

6. Notice the 3 lines to the left click on it and choose Pick from Windows

7. Now this screen shows up click on the Instagram Tab up top now your photo is in the gallery to post.

8. To delete photos under Media Manager just double click and hit the trash button

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