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Hello! Melissa Here, I am the women behind Missy's Product Reviews blog! I am a Maine blogger who has so many ambitions from trying to go out and be active along with traveling which is my passion. I love to blog about everything from saving money, recipes, all types of product reviews from food to technology. I enjoy traveling. sight seeing, cooking, reading, music, taken photos, saving money and so much more. I love discovering new companies and products to tell the world about. I am passionate about telling others about the environment and how to keep it healthy along with hiking as I love the peace and quiet nature provides. When I am sent items to review I do not return any items I review they now belong to Missy's Product Reviews.

Kavalli Key Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020 Kavalli Key has made a product that eliminates the need to place hands on high -touch ...