Monday, March 18, 2019

Music Mondays Needy By Ariana Grande

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply the juice of fantastically healthy olives. And that juice can’t be processed using any freaky chemicals or funky additives. Industry standards require that extra virgin olive oil must have an acidity below 0.8% and taste like (you guessed it) fresh olives. Our olive oil has acidity below 0.3% and kills it in the taste department and industry standards. I use olive oil so many things but mainly cooking.

The Karate Kid Part III and The Next Karate Kid Blu-Ray Double Feature

The Karate Kid Part III and The Next Karate Kid Blu-Ray Double Feature from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $14.98. Starring Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio, Hilary Swank, Robyn Lively, Thomas Ian Griffith, Michael Ironside, and Constance Towers. 

Karate Kid III - Daniel and Mr. Miyagi take up where they left off, returning from Okinawa and hoping for a peaceful life in their bonsai shop. But their serenity is shattered when Daniel is blackmailed into competing against the vicious “Bad Boy of Karate,” Mike Barnes.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

BoldSOCKS St.Patrick's Day Gift Guide 2019

Just in time for St.Patrick’s Day I can wear boldSOCKS which include Men’s Green Irish Leprechaun Dress Socks is made with 75% combed cotton, 23% nylon, and 2% spandex. Feel lucky in our crazy green Irish leprechaun men's dress socks. Statement Sockwear with every purchase provides 100 days of clean water for someone in Africa.
Women’s K Bell Green Shamrock Clovers are made with 60% cotton, 37 % nylon, and 3% spandex. These are knee-high; K. Bell Socks built a reputation for great designs 
and high-quality socks.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Obliviscar Felt Letter Board Set

Obliviscar Felt Letter Board Set has been upgraded to add more Emojis and cursive letters! Your letterboard comes with 600 3⁄4” White Alphabet Letters, Numbers, Punctuation, and Emojis! Imagine that you need a lot of time to cut off 600 hundred letters so they Pre-cut all the letters, and arrange them in order according to A~Z, 0~9, symbols, Emojis Into the free sorting tray saves you the time to cut letters, and solve the trouble of finding letters. The Obliviscar letter board features high quality and compact felt, ensuring that the 3/4 inch letter remains the same and does not fall out of its position. Even if you flip the board 180° and tap it, the letters won't fall off!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Rebel Gardens Organic Herb Seeds

Rebel Gardens Organic Herb Seeds include fragrant sweet basil, slow bolt cilantro, bright fennel, Italian flat leaf parsley, spicy garlicy-sweet chives, tangy dill, sultry oregano, aromatic sage, lemony minty thyme, and Thai basil. If you’re looking for organic herb seeds that love life anywhere you plant them you’ll revel in how easy these grow. Simply plant according to directions in delicious soil herbs love, and enjoy how they make even those easy weeknight dishes feel special! Don’t plant disappointment! 

The Blazin' Fireball

The Blazin' Fireball  Brightest Lantern Battery Powered Lights Ultra Bright has
1000 lumen lantern with a new Cool Frosted White cover has 360 degrees of wonderfully soft illumination. This is a long lasting lantern with over 20 hours of power on three D batteries (not incl). Last minute battery runs are a thing of the past. Has 4 modes High (1000 lumen), Med (700 Lumen), Low (300 Lumen) or SOS blinking.  Variable settings allows for adjusting brightness between modes. Portable & Lightweight! At 7 x 4 x 4 inches and 14 oz., take the light with you. Brighten up dim evening dinners on the patio and scary dog walks in the dark.

Boy Jumbo Scented Strawberry Fruit Squishies by Mega Squishy

Boy Jumbo Scented Strawberry Fruit Squishies by Mega Squishy will allow you to squish the stress away in squeeze out the anxiety. Unlike other squishies, this is made using premium Pu foam making it supremely soft and causes it to rise super slowly for truly effective stress relief. It has a pleasing, non-toxic strawberry scent that seduces the senses with every squish and you can experience a smile-inducing fruity scent you’ll simply relish. This giant 17-ounce strawberry squeeze toy measures 9.8” x 7.9” allowing you to squeeze it with both hands to really vent out your frustrations. With adorable peepers and a cute little smile, this large fruit squishy is a treat for the eyes. It makes a great decoration for your home or classroom, an awesome party favor, and a fun gift for girls and boys. Also comes in a version with eyelashes.

Mega Squishies Panda, Cat, Unicorn, Ice Cream Squishy Pens / Pencil Grips Set 4 Pack

Mega Squishies Panda, Cat, Unicorn, Ice Cream Squishy Pens / Pencil Grips Set 4 Pack. Each one is made using satisfyingly squishy material, with fruity strawberry, watermelon, vanilla, and peach scents. So unlike other pencil toppers that just look cute, ours are a treat for the eyes, can be used as stress relief squishies, and smell amazing to really spruce up writing. Looking to make your little one’s day? Looking for squeeze toys for children to help them melt the anxiety away? These unique pen/ pencil wraps are great for this. They make effective fidget toys for use in the classroom and are fun school supplies to get the kiddos excited about the new school year.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

SonicAlert Sonic Shaker Pink Camo Digital Alarm Clock & Amplidect 350

SonicAlert Sonic Shaker Pink Camo Digital Alarm Clock is portable that shakes you awake with powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsated alarm. It is guaranteed to wake even the deepest sleeper! You have another appointment, work, or school; The alarm clock features a pop-up display with a light and to.75’ display.

Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute step-by-step drawing for characters and personality by Heegyum Kim

Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute step-by-step drawing for characters and personality by Heegyum Kim from Quarto Knows Publishing comes out March 26, 2019. Beloved illustrator and Instagrammer Heegyum Kim takes you on a fun journey to expand your character building skills as she shows you how to draw 62 animals and make them cute! On the left-hand page, follow along with the steps as each animal moves from their simple shapes to identify and marks. On the right-hand page, find several other unique options for varying your character design. You might change the view of the animal’s posture, its accessories, or its expression. Grab your pending use the open space throughout the book to create your own version and variations of each cute creature.