Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hershey's Holiday Cubes

This Holiday Season Hershey’s has released Holiday Gift Cubes you can choose from Hershey’s Kisses and a 7.4 ounce cube, Hershey’s Miniature Assortment in a 7.4 ounce cube,  Hershey’s Kisses Assortment  Cube Holiday Gift Tower which includes Hershey’s kisses milk chocolates with festive red and green foils, Santa hat foils and candy cane foils in a 21.1 ounce cube, Hershey’s Holiday Assortment Cube Entertaining Tray, includes Hershey’s Kisses milk chocolates, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures and Hershey’s Miniatures milk chocolate bars in 22 ounce in last the one I got to review which is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups miniatures Holiday Gift Cube 7.44 oz. inside are red, green, and gold foil wrapped Reese’s Miniature Cups.

Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy XBOXONE Holiday Gift Guide 2017

America’s Greatest Game Shows Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy on XBOXONE from UBISOFT. Jeopardy is America’s favorite quiz show and makes its long-awaited return to home consoles in full HD. Master, your lightning quick reflexes with new streamlined controls to solve over 2000 clues, constantly putting your smarts to the test. Compete with friends, family, or players online to see if you have what it takes to make it all the way to final Jeopardy. Some things when they in the game our Career Mode which takes a look at your progress and performance by comparing your stats with other players. Try to dominate the leaderboard! Rapid Mode play with fewer categories includes enjoying quick sessions of Jeopardy. Family Mode plays locally with your friends, family or Al. This mode has its own separate categories to be more inclusive and fun for kids and parents alike. Rich Media Clues more than 2000 clues was some visual or audio clues. Online multiplayer you can interact with friends and other players online use in the audio chat, plus track your progress in competing with others through a variety of features such as the daily leaderboard. 

Monopoly Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Out now for the Nintendo Switch is Monopoly from UBISOFT. Experience three unique 3D boards at home or on-the-go with up to six players in total, or take your game online and challenge players in quick matches. Customize your game by selecting from six official House Rules chosen by MONOPOLY fans around the world. Don't have time for a full game? Speed it up with Special Goals that shorten play sessions, and Actions Cards to move you around the board and penalize your opponents. Build your empire and trade your way to victory! The amount of players I can play this game is TV 1 to 6, Nintendo Switch 1 to 6.

The Boy Who Lived In Pudding Lane by Sarah Addington

The Boy Who Lived In Pudding Lane by Sarah Addington and Illustrated by Gertrude A. Kay from Grafton & Scratch Publishing. 
The Boy Who Lived In Pudding Lane -"Being a true account, if only you believe it, of the life and ways of Santa, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Claus" first appeared in the American magazine, Ladies Home Journal, for Christmas in 1921 and was published as a hardcover the following year. Author Sarah Addington's charming story of the boyhood life of dear Santa Claus became an instant classic and is lovingly reproduced in a facsimile edition for the first time here, including the original size, page format, and layout.The story follows Santa as he grows up in Pudding Lane, eventually to become the famed gift-giver who flies around the world and would spawn a line of books about the Lane and it cast of characters released by Addington and Kay throughout the 1920s.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Talking Tables Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Talking Tables has all you need for any occasion rather it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, birthdays, and so many more reasons to get together. Since Christmas was coming and I picked a variety of things to tell you about Elfie Selfie Photo Kit will allow you to have fun and get everyone together and disguise yourself as an elf. Elfie Selfie Photo Kit contains 30 disguises and props to snap some great memories this Christmas. This is perfect for office Christmas party ideas or even if you want to upload these online to show your Elfie side.

 For Christmas dinner or Christmas parties you can use Botanical Christmas Holly Napkins, these come in a package of 20 and the traditional festive Holly print paper napkins feature festive colors that will look lovely on any Christmas table. Botanical Holly Christmas Crackers these versatile packages of 6 six crackers feature a festive Holly design and finished with foil along with glitter detail, 10 inches in size. Inside the crackers are metal puzzles, snaps, hats, and entertainment scrolls. 

Gimbal's Fine Candies Review & Giveaway

Gimbal’s Fine Candies has been around since 1898 and I tried the Gourmet Jelly Beans which comes in 41 flavors that are delicious unbeatable quality. Created in an exquisite array of colors, the Gourmet Jelly Beans are packed with Antioxidant Vitamin C and burst with real juice and intense flavor all the way from the chewy center to the delicate shell. The flavors are Boysenberry, wild cherry, tutti frutti, tangerine, green apple, butter popcorn, pink grapefruit, spicy cinnamon, root beer, tiramisu, cotton candy, superfruit fusion, mango, sour cherry, pomegranate, kiwi strawberry smoothie, each, watermelon, java, strawberry daiquiri, key lime, French vanilla, pineapple, honey, perfectly pear, very blue, fruit punch, roasted marshmallow, red delicious, strawberry cheesecake, licorice, wow!

Silver Package From Santa Save 10% #USFG

You can surprise a loved one with a Package from Santa that is personalized just for them you can choose gold, silver, and platinum. I was sent the Silver Package which includes a Personalized Letter from Santa Claus, Personalized Nice List Certificate, 8 ½ X 11 Autographed Santa Claus Photo, Autographed Baby Rudolph Photo, Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label, Special Elf Shipping Label, Genuine North Pole Stamp, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Bonus! Personalized Call from Santa, and I included a “Santa, Stop Here!”Window Decal.

Mind Stretchers Vol. 1 Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Mind Stretchers Vol. 1 from Readers Digest Store retails for $12.99. ACTIVATE your thinking muscles. It’s too easy just to turn on the TV and let the images of the day wash over us, leaving brain cells unchallenged and a bit sad. Keep your brain happy with this mind stretching collection of puzzles. Crosswords, word searches, trivia, logic and numerical games these teasers are all designed to inspire and stimulate the mind. So turn off the dreaded box and turn to Mind Stretchers you’ll be entertained, learn new things, wake up your brain and it’s definitely more fun than watching the news.

Horn & Hardart Liberty Roast Review & Giveaway

Horn & Hardart Liberty Roast Ground 12 ounce bag & 12 Keurig K-Cups are smooth, balanced yet subtle with a delightful complexity of flavor with flavor hints of black cherry and vanilla balanced by deep notes of caramel cocoa. This blend is designed to be enjoyed any time of day. 

My Opinion: The coffee disappeared so it was a big hit at my house and the flavors are subtle yet amazing. It is a great pick me up in the morning or in the afternoon not to mention the cold days here in Maine.

Gear Club Unlimited Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Gear Club Unlimited for the first time on Nintendo Switch, drive through an authentic world of cars with Gear Club Unlimited. Get behind the wheel of the most incredible cars from the most prestigious manufacturers. Race through over 400 challenging races, learn to master the controls of the world’s fastest supercars and collect them in your garage, you can customize and tune them across the numerous workshops then take them to the race track for the win! Challenge your friends, competing among up to 4 players on the same screen or beat their times online.
My Opinion: this game is a lot of fun plan on the Nintendo switch and will also be perfect for any retro arcade racer and also has online leagues and tons of content to go through and it is good entertainment and fun

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Melanie Penn IMMANUEL

Singer/songwriter Melanie Penn released her first-ever Christmas album IMMANUEL  The ten-track release contains nine originals and one classic carol, retelling the Christmas story through the perspective of the angels and people who lived through it  Mary, Joseph, The Wise Men, The Innkeeper, and even The Star of Bethlehem  in a compelling and deeply human way. The following songs are on the album.
1.     Love’s Coming Down (Isaiah)
2.     All Things Are Possible (Gabriel)
3.     Great Things (Mary)
4.     Gift of Love (Angel Chorus)
5.     Immanuel (Shephard)
6.     Joy to the World
7.     What Child Is This (Joseph)
8.     Follow The Star (Magi)
9.     Light the Way (Star of Bethlehem)
10.                        There is Room For You Here (Innkeeper)