Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kamedis Acne Kit, Eczema Therapy Wash, Calming Lotion & Eczema Therapy Cream

Kamedis is a unique collection of skin treatment products that bring together East and West, tradition and innovation, safety and effectiveness. We all suffer from some type of skin problem as we do not have perfect skin but we work hard to achieve skin that looks good and selfie worthy. I was able to try Kamedis and was sent  Acne Kit which contains Acne Face Cleanser which is a powerful foaming gel that gently cleans acne-prone skin without drying, using an oil-free formula. Acne Spot Treatment is a powerful gel treatment that is clinically proven to deliver clearer skin and reduce pimples in just 12 hours. Acne Face Moisturizer is a balance sebum production, clear up oily skin and acne while preventing their recurrence.  Free of steroids, benzoyl peroxide, SLS, paraben, and dyes. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Dinnerly has simple recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your door. You can choose from a 2 Person Box which has 2 portions per recipe, 3 recipes per week and costs $30.00 or Family Box which has 4 portions per recipe, 3 recipes per week for $60.00. I was sent the 2 Person Box which contained Juicy Lucy Turkey Burgers which Dinnerly sent ¾ ounces of fontina cheese, 4 ounce plum tomato, 6 ounces green beans, 6 8 ounces ground turkey, garlic, 2 mayonnaise packets and 2 potato buns.
 Grilled Sweet Italian Sausage Dinnerly sent 1 russet potato, garlic, ¼ ounce Dijon mustard, 12 ounces sweet Italian sausage, 12 ounces apple cider vinegar, 3 ounces of baby arugula.

I Love Dad by Camilla de la Bedoyere

I Love Dad by Camilla de la Bedoyere from Quarto Knows publishing. This endearing book explores father and child relationships between animals, ranging from mischievous monkeys to loud lions. There are so many reasons to love our Dad he protects us, plays with us and makes us happy. Animals feel the same way. I Love Dad perfectly capture these moments and features fascinating animal facts too. This title offers the chance for parents and children to explore the subject of human interaction using the loveable animals as examples. This kids book has 32 pages and bright colors and large font.

National Parks of the U.S.A. Written by Kate Siber and illustrated by Chris Turnham

National Parks of the U.S.A. Written by Kate Siber and illustrated by Chris Turnham from Quarto Knows. Discover the beauty and diversity of America's great outdoors in this tour of its most iconic national parks. Explore Florida's river-laced Everglades, travel down the white water rapids of the Grand Canyon, trek across the deserts of Death Valley and scale the soaring summits of the Rocky Mountains with this book that brings you up close to nature's greatest adventures. Packed with maps and fascinating facts about the flora and fauna unique to each park, this fully-illustrated coast-to-coast journey documents the nation’s most magnificent and sacred places and shows why they should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. 

Draw with Me Dad! Draw, Color, and Connect with Your Child by Jasmine Narayan and illustrated by Chad Geran

Draw with Me Dad! Draw, Color, and Connect with Your Child by Jasmine Narayan and illustrated by Chad Geran from Quarto Knows. Create beautiful artwork and spend quality time together with Draw with Me, Dad!
Doodling is a great activity for parents to do with their children. Not only does it take you away from the screens of tablets and computers, but it gives you an authentic way to connect and have fun! Featuring over 50 unique doodling templates, family psychologist Dr. Jasmine Narayan's doodling book is shaped to make coloring side by side easier. Each spread features prompts for you and your child to doodle together and fill the scene. Work together to complete an underwater sea party, dinosaur family vacation, and so much more! The book also includes tips on how to best communicate with your child through coloring, the top 100 questions to generate thoughtful responses or engage your child, how to tailor your quality time so it's still fun, and more!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

5 Fabulous Foods You Need In Your Diet

The trend for clean eating and healthy living is booming. People are partaking in beetroot smoothies for breakfast, quinoa and acai berries for lunch, fruit-based snacks throughout the day and all things whole grain for dinner. The link between your diet and your health is well known, but scientists and nutritionists now know more about the sorts of foods you should be eating to enhance your physical well being than ever before. While the term ‘superfood’ has been bandied about for the past decade or more, the foods that this tag is attached to have been around for a lot longer. Take a look at these five foods that you need in your diet to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


While you may think this is the snack of choice for every millennial on the planet, the avocado is actually a fantastic source of monounsaturated fat. This specific type of fat is fundamental in lowering your risk of developing cancer, heart disease and dementia. While higher in calories, these thick-skinned beauties are full of antioxidants and fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Mackerel is a super source of the essential fatty acids we require in our diet. Tasty and nutritious, mackerel can lower your risk of cancer and stroke. Some of the fatty oils such as Omega 3 contained within oily fish have been proven to ward off arthritis and alleviate depression symptoms.


If you are undergoing any sort of vein treatment, you may want to consider upping your garlic consumption. These tiny bulbs of nutrition can reduce the chances of developing blocked blood vessels and therefore lower your chances of having a heart attack. Garlic has been used in a variety of ancient medicines and with good reason. Eating garlic every day can improve your immune system with its antiviral and antibacterial qualities.


While this may sound like a food you give to your gerbil, don’t discount the power of the flaxseed. Flaxseeds are tiny little morsels of proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. While you might not want to have a bowl of neat flaxseeds, they are great additions to your breakfast cereal in the mornings, or you can heap a handful into any homemade flapjacks you are baking at the weekend.

Red Wine

Yes, alcohol can be good for you but only in moderation. Drinking a glass of red wine with your dinner every evening increases the good cholesterol within your body reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke. The flavanols in wine are exceptional antioxidants and may even reduce your risk of picking up infections or bugs. Red wine tastes delicious, and you can experiment with different varieties. Try and go for the richer and deeper reds as these contain the most flavanols.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can be tricky with our fast-paced and busy lifestyles. However, try to include these foods in your diet, and you will ensure that you receive the maximum health benefits from what you choose to eat.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Music Mondays Tourniquet By Meg Myers

Rollie Pollie

Rollie Pollie is the easiest way to grind and crush any herbs it pops open at the top and has a sharp grinder wheel inside with rubber wheels which allows you to roll it on the table to grind and if you have arthritis so much easier than other grinders on the market.  Rolling it 2 times makes it coarse and 4 times makes it fine. I got Bob Marley on the rubber wheels and when you are done just take the blade out and clean in water so very easy.

Stylophone 50th Anniversary

In 1968 a British engineer, Brian Jarvis, was trying to mend his niece’s piano. One circuit board and a stylus later and the unique monophonic organ was born or as it is known the world over, the Stylophone.  50 years later and Stylophone is going strong with new fans, new products, and new packaging. A recent appearance in the film Baby Driver in 2017 has also helped keep this cult British brand at the heart of contemporary music and culture as one of the world’s most iconic musical instruments, with over 4 million units sold since 1968.  From now until July 31, 2018, you can enter 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

WordWorld Building Readers Outdoor Fun!

Out now from PBS Kids is WordWorld Building Readers Outdoor Fun! Nothing is more fun than playing outside! When the WordFriends get together to play ball, Robot becomes a baseball slugger after some practice and encouragement from his buddies. Duck wants to play in the puddles, but fraud doesn’t want to because he doesn’t like the rain. Can they find something that will change frogs mind? And she plans to ride a bike for the very first time after she and her friend hippopotamus excessively built the word first. DVD has eight fun stories Hide and Seek, Play Ball, Get Your Coat, The Really Red Ruby, Shuffle Word, M is for Map, Runaway O, And Sheep’s First Bike Ride. It also includes bonus videos Get up and Move and Ride the Slide. Along with activity pages and runs 104 minutes long. WordWorld is an Emmy award winner for outstanding children’s animated program.

Dove Men+ Care Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

If you suffer from dandruff Dove Men+ Care offers hair care products to help one is Dove Men + Care Dermacare Scalp Dryness + Itch Relief Fortifying Shampoo+ Conditioner make hair stronger and more resilient so that men can pursue their active lifestyles and designed specifically for men that want dandruff relief. With regular use, the formula, with caffeine, improves men's scalp health and helps eliminate flakes with Pyrithione Zinc. It also helps strengthen hair, leaving it visibly healthy, thicker and resilient. Dove Men + Care Dermacare Scalp  2in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Dandruff Defense is designed specifically for men that want dandruff relief. With regular use, the formula, with caffeine, improves men’s scalp health and helps eliminate flakes with Pyrithione Zinc. It also helps strengthen hair, leaving it visibly healthy, thicker and resilient, while helping to control and eliminate dandruff flakes. Great hair care doesn’t stop in the shower!