Thursday, May 26, 2016

Folgers Brunch House Party

As a member of House Party, I was able to host a Folgers Brunch party. I invited friends and family over and we had a grand time which I serve watermelon, cookie bars, coffee cake  and of course Folgers Coffee of Black Silk, ½ Caff, Classic Roast, Vanilla Biscotti along with 2 mugs. I also sent guests home with coupons and a sample four pack which they decide what flavor they want to purchase in the future. This is one great party and the guests enjoyed the ½ cafe and Classic the most. The Black Silk was not dark enough for the dark roast coffee drinker and the Vanilla Biscotti was ok as well. I have included a photo of all the guests in a college as there were so many to share.

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I enjoyed hosting this House party and trying all the different coffees and sharing them with my family and friends. Brunch is a good time of the day to just sit and talk about life and what the year will bring. My favorite was the Classic Roast and Vanilla Biscotti. 

Preschool Party #DisneySide

It is that time of the year for Disney Parties and this year I was chosen to host a Preschool Party which I was so excited to do. I was sent so many items for the kids to use which included a suitcase filled with supplies and on the suitcase was Sophia the First inside held My Very Very Smelly scratch N Sniff Book, Mickey tablecloth, banner, plates, and cups. The Lion King Posters, The Lion King Tattoos, animals figures, Glad Frozen sandwich bags, paper bags, tack glue, glitter, All Fee N’ Clear 1 laundry use, Disney Maps of the park. Disney Junior Backpacks, NesQuick, Mickey Pin the Nose Game and Matching Disney Character Game. I also found a website for ideas on how to make food items with a Disney Theme including Elsa Frozen Pops, Minnie Mouse Cup Cakes, Sweet Chili Chicken Bites, Fruit Salad and more. What I came up was Doc Mcstuffin Baby Fruit Rattles, The Gray Stuff Drink and more.

I had so much fun hosting this Disney Party I am excited to host more and invite guests over and just socialize and have a blast. The adults can also be kids again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Knight Rider Season 1

When I was a child of the 1980’s Knight Rider was big on TV and now Mill Creek Entertainment has released it on DVD! I got Knight Rider Season 1 which includes all 22 episodes and over 17 hours of viewing time. Starring David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson, William Daniels with co-stars Richard Basehart, Richard Anderson, Maria Conchita Alonso, Charles Napier. Gear up for action with superstar David Hasselhoff and his supercar, K.I.T.T., as they throttle crime in every high-octane episode from the first season of Knight Rider

The series follows the thrilling adventures of Michael Knight, a detective thought to be dead, who's been given a new face and identity. His assignment: to fight crime with the help of an artificially intelligent, talking car named K.I.T.T., a high-speed, futuristic weapon outfitted with high-tech gadgets and a personality of its own. Some of the episodes you will find on this DVD from Season 1 is Knight of The Phoenix Part 1 &2, Not A Drop To Drink, A Plush Ride and White Bird.
My Opinion: I enjoyed rediscovering a childhood favorite and seeing K.I.T.T everyone wanted one of these cars in the 1980’s and the series was pretty interesting.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.


May is Celiac awareness month and I am celebrating by telling you my readers about the great products you can find on the market to help you live a Gluten Free lifestyle. Glutino has a wide variety of cookies, crackers, toaster snacks, brownies and more and I went to my local store which I was surprised had a limited selection of Gluten Free Glutino products but I did find some Chocolate-Vanilla Crème Cookies which are similar to an Oreo but dark and satisfying with a cool and creamy, dreamy heart, this is your childhood fantasy that has grown up to be the real deal. Strawberry Toaster Pastry these will get your gluten free motor running. Piping hot in mere moments, or right out of the box, they are fruity and sweet and the perfect way to start a gluten-free day. Lemon Wafers creamy sweetness with an audacious tang, these crispy delights will tickle your fancy and embrace your inner tart. Chocolate Chip Cookies is the classic smile.  Mona Lisa had a classic smile that made her the center of attention and the talk of the town.

My Opinion: I really liked the Chocolate Chip cookies they tasted like the ones that are not gluten free. The Lemon Wafers were good and let sugar than the wafer that is not gluten free. The Strawberry Toaster Pastry I did not care for as it was different than other toaster pastries and the Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies were also tasty like the ones that are not gluten free.
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Glutino Story: To embrace a gluten free life is to embrace a bountiful life.  A life filled with possibility and opportunity.  A life unhampered by “can’t” and “don’t” and “won’t”; a life where our bodies, hearts, and minds are balanced and in tune. For many of us, living gluten free means living agony-free.  For others, living gluten free allows us to perform at the top of our game.  And for an ever increasing number of us, living gluten free just plain feels good. And living is what it’s all about.  Living every day with joy and freedom and confidence.  On our own terms.  In our own way.  It’s not a question of whether our glass is half empty or half-full because our glass  like our lives  is overflowing. But there can be side effects to living gluten free.  Chronic euphoria is pretty common.  You might experience regular bouts of giddiness along with a skin condition we like to refer to as the gluten free glow.  If symptoms persist, try not to gloat.

It’s all part of the bounty of a gluten free life.  Live fully.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Beastly T-Rex Flashlight & Binocular Set

The Discovery Store sent me Beastly T-Rex Flashlight & Binocular Set. With the binoculars, you have a 4.5 x 29 power magnifications and a knob to adjust the picture to be clear, not blurry and a great flashlight to guide the way! The binoculars and the flashlight have T-Rex teeth on them and the pattern of brown with green stripes. This is a great way for this summer to get the kids outdoors and see the world around them instead of staying inside in front of an electronic. I know when I was a kid I was outside all the time no matter what the season and really enjoyed playing outdoors and want the same for my nieces and nephews and any kids I come into contact with.

My Opinion: I was able to see far enough away and watch the fox in my back yard wonder around before he was out of sight and he was a bit dirty and needs a bath hopefully he is not a sick fox. The flashlight works well and will be nice for all those warm weather camping trips, outdoor night campfires, and sleepovers.
This is one of my Summer Must Have Items to keep kids busy
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Smart Art Box

Smart Art Box is a monthly subscription box which costs $49.95a month or you can get $142.95/3 months, $269.95/6 months and $479.95/ 1year shipping is included. I got May 2016 which contains items for Watercolor Pans which was perfected during in England during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Lukas Aquarell Studio Watercolor Travel set of 12 ($46.99) these are made with high quality, highly pigmented, lightfast pigments and an exclusive blend or gum Arabic and dextrin these watercolors bring all the brilliance, fluidity and longevity of professional paints to your artwork. This value set includes 12 half-pan watercolors in a plastic pan and cover that doubles as a mixing palette.
Qualita Golden Taklon Long Handle Round Brush Size 3 ($1.99) these brushes provide outstanding range of both long and short handled brushes made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their hair handles both heavy bodied and fluid colors, making them a great choice for acrylics and watercolors.

Beste Finest Golden Taklon Hair Wash Brush 1/2” ($5.99) featuring Taklon hair this creative mark brush performs strokes in a reliable manner that keep its working characteristics painting session after painting session. Each brush is hand-tied and shaped for ideal performance. The hair absorbs color and releases it as it touches the painting surface.

Yupo White Synthetic Multimedia Paper Pad 5”x7” ($4.29) Yupo is a non-absorbent, ultra-smooth surface that allows paints like watercolors and acrylics to sit right on top of the paper making watery effects unachievable with any other paper. With its durable, non-tearing construction it can be erased freely and even run under a faucet to erase.

10-Well Small Flower Mixing Palette ( $4.53) this features 10 wells and is lightweight being a plastic palette and small enough for on the go plein air painting . Use it to mix your pan watercolors and keep your travel case clean.
My Opinion: I really think this is a nice kit but I feel the price is high for what you get. I am not an artist so this will help me to learn how to go watercolors as I have always wanted to learn.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon

May 24th 2016, marks the release of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon which is directed by Donovan Cook (Return to Never Land), executive producer Rob LaDuca (Jake and the Never Land Pirates) and producer and story editor Mark Seidenberg (Jake and the Never Land Pirates) with an all-star voice cast of Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse; Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse; Bill Farmer as Goofy and Pluto; and Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck.  

Put on your sneakers and get ready for the greatest sporting event ever! Join referee Goofy, along with Mickey and all of his Clubhouse Pals, as they compete in the first-ever Sport-Y-Thon, an action-filled sports tournament. Share the excitement and a sky-high view of the action as sportscasters Pete and Donald Duck broadcast live from above in the Sport-Y-Thon Blimp! Who will earn a prized Golden Mickey Medal? Help our heroes discover that with teamwork and good sportsmanship, everybody wins! Jam-packed with over two hours of song-filled episodes, Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon will have you calling for an instant replay! You get the episodes Mickey’s Sport-y-Thon, Mickey’s Mouseball, Mickey’s Mousekedoer Adventures, Mickey’s Happy Mousekeday, Donald’s Brand New Clubhouse and Mickey’s Mystery along with a Golden Mickey Medal.
My Opinion: I love mickey Mouse so watching this a nice treat and the graphics are better than when I was a kid. I like how Mickey encourages kids to do anything. 

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

The Monster Factory Blue VW Camper Van Play Tent

If you are wanted to find a way to keep your kids busy this summer what great way to do so with The Monster Factory VW Camper Van Play Tent. Not to be outdone by their parents, these new licensed T1 VW Camper Van Play Tents are just what every hip and happening kid needs! 

Perfect indoors and outdoors, these new mini-me versions of the iconic 1965 Split Screen VW Camper Van are too cool for school. It also has UV protection, fire retardant, and Waterproof. It comes in a VW wheel bag and easy to assemble and easy to take down. When you open the bag and start opening the play tent it pops then you have to insert the top and bottom poles in the Velcro holder. When you take down you just hold and fold up until you get it the same size as the bag. The dimensions on the play tent are 65x21.25x30.5 inches when it is fully put together.

My Opinion: I really had a hard time getting the poles in and seemed to be much longer than the little pocket area it fit in also the folding up part was not as easy as the directions stated, I had to find a video online to show me the proper way as it took me 30 minutes and I was getting frustrated. The things I liked about it that the kids can play indoors or outdoors with this play tent taken it to the beach, camping and more.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.