Sunday, April 30, 2017

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate!

This past weekend we had our DisneySide at Home party it was called the preschool play date party which I had a hard time deciding what team I wanted to do. The kit came with a Sophia the first suitcase with mouse clubhouse cupcake liners, tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins, loot bags, and streamers. Blue party hats, Minnie Mouse coloring book, and crayons, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers, neon star stickers, Softsoap hand wash, pop secret popcorn and Dory pillow pet. 


H2W0W is the first all-natural water enhancer made from extracts of real fruits. In this day and age of pesticides and chemicals in our food, we are very concerned about what we eat and drink so our goal is creating H2W0W was to make the best-tasting product with an amazing aroma, and to make sure to leave out chemicals, colors and sweeteners not only found in nature. We strived to create the same taste she would get if you put a fresh slice of lemon or cucumber in your water and let it infuse. 

Mukikim Free Riderz & Mini Flyer

Mukikim makes toys and things that make you smile and at the same time, kids will learn through play. Free Riderz Volt is a friction powered vehicle for ages 4 and up that has colorful LED light tires, unique sound effects, plays music and comes in 4 styles (Mountain Cat, Moto Blaze, and Roadmaster) batteries are included. 

Aqua Ball Grape & Berry

Not all kids will drink water so am a mom or aunt you must find creative ways to get them to drink it that is where Aqua Ball comes in as these are sugar free, calorie free, preservative free, enhanced with vitamins and naturally flavored water your kids will love as they also include their favorite Disney or Marvel character.  You can choose from Strawberry Lemonade which has Disney Princesses, Fruit Punch with Donald, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Grape with Marvels Avengers, Berry Frost with Disney Frozen.

Winning Moves Cranium Cadoo

Cranium Cadoo is new for 2017 from Winning Moves this game first debuted over 15 years ago to the delight of an entire generation of kids. Now, the original version is back by popular demand in today’s kids will be puzzling, sketching, sculpting, acting, and code-cracking with the Cranium Cadoo game. The object of the game is players team up for “Combo” play or go “Solo” to compete in challenges.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Seabuck Wonders is the first company to introduce sea buckthorn to United States consumers and they produce the highest quality products known in the world. Seabuck Wonders uses only pure Himalayan, USDA Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn berries, they have the highest natural Omega-7 content on the market, fair trade, environmentally conscious, kosher certified, third-party tested, Non-GMO project verified.  Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser this clean skin gently, yet effectively without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It exfoliates to remove dirt and impurities, while hydrating skin for a smooth, clear complex. This can be used for all skin types as they will benefit from its remarkable nutritional properties, leaving skin feeling clean, balanced, and beautiful.  

Sunk! Winning Moves Game

Sunk! From Winning Moves is a game for ages 10 and up and can be played with 2 + players along with lasting 15-25 minutes. The goal is to add water one drop at a time to the cup that’s floating in the water filled Sunk Tank, without causing the cup to sink. Sounds simple? It is until you add in a few extra factors. What if your hand is a little shaky? Or, your concentration breaks as your opponent’s taunt you in their attempt to make you sink the cup? Or, you roll a challenge in need to hop on 1 foot or close one eye while you carefully pour to drops? 

Ambrosia Scents

As we have seen in the past, burning candles and their hot wax can cause fire hazards and health issues stemming from the candle soot and burns. Ambrosia Scents and sachets are a portable wax-free, heat-free, mess-free way to fill any home with pleasant, soft fragrances, soothing lighting and an attractive ambient d├ęcor addition to any room. Scent Canister Cypress this is the weathered cream Cypress design that comes with a bamboo pattern and is paired with a Winter Solstice sachet.

Scent Canister Ivory is a glossy white ivory design that comes with a wicker pattern and is paired with the Madagascar Vanilla sachet. These canisters are designed with a sent me a module that will last three weeks between charges and includes a rechargeable cable, you can use any Ambrosia Scents sachet and the module fits any decorative ceramic which you simply insert, lock into place, and turn on. The other canisters you can choose from are Wicker, Aspen, Rustic Mint.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Royal Gorge Bridge in 2007 #TBT

This is me in 2007 at The Royal Gorge Bridge Located in Canon City Colorado see the website at 

Happy Campers Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

Happy Campers Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle from Fox Chapel Publishing. The 30 whimsical art activities in this book are all about being happy in your camp, whenever your camp may be. Consider each of these caravans, teepees, tents, and tree houses to be your own home sweet home at the end of the rainbow.