Monday, October 22, 2018

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard Holiday Gift Guide 2018

This Christmas give the gift of RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard with an electrifying kick, putting the control of a 125-watt, geared motor together with a lithium-ion battery to deliver electrifying skate action at speeds up to 10 mph.
 Everyone needs a power-assist at times, and if you think an electric skateboard is for you look what Razor pro-skateboarder engineers came up with.  With carve and turn action, The RazorX Cruiser is a high-performance, high-quality skateboard, powered by an electric rear-wheel motor and controlled by a hand-held remote. The wireless, digital, hand-held remote brings the power of the RazorX Cruiser’s kick-to-start, 125-watt motor from under your feet to the palm of your hand. 

Khalid - OTW ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla Sign Music Mondays

Statement Peace Lotus Bracelet Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Statement Peace designs, creates and hand produces all of their “pieces of peace” in their South West Florida studio. Statement Peace is a High vibration wooden jewelry line that is made from peace and love. From the seed that first lays its roots in the ground and sprouts to see the sun for the first time, each tree has a journey that begins. Each tree has a past, a present, and a future. Lotus Bracelet has a walnut ¼”, sterling silver plated and a mother of pearl inlay is the blooming lotus flower that will allow you to expand your spiritual awakening.

Peace Frogs Holiday Gift Guide 2018

This holiday season give the gift that gives back to charitable causes Peace Frogs which was originally the name chosen for a line of multi-colored international flag shorts. The frog is internationally recognized as an icon of peace and good luck and was thus deemed as an appropriate logo.  The frog eventually proved so popular that the focus was shifted from the flags to the frog. As time went on, Peace Frogs expanded into t-shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, hats, and a variety of accessories. The frog's combination of positive energy, whimsical attitude, and peaceful outlook has proven universal and enduring. Over twenty-five years since its conception, Peace Frogs is still growing and now found nationally in major department stores and theme parks, as well as our own Peace Frogs stores and kiosks, mail order catalogs, and websites. 

Pumpkin Vanilla Creme Crazy Cups

I am a Crazy Cups Ambassador and this month’s flavor is Pumpkin Vanilla Crème and how appropriate as it is fall time here in Maine. The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing quickly. I know what comes after Fall so I will not even think about that but. This coffee has flavors pumpkin that is laced with vanilla and topped with sweet crème. Each single serve cup has 13 grams of coffee each cup, no calories, nut free, gluten free, recyclable and compatible with the Keurig 2.0 brewer.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

TrayCups Halloween Gift Guide 2018

TrayCups is a unique idea that solves the problem of being at a party in one hand you have your food the other hand your drink and wondering how am I going to eat when both hands are tied up? TrayCups is ingenious snack plate and cup holder in one solution one hand is all you need to carry and enjoy your favorite food and drinks! When you buy TrayCups you can choose from clear which you can serve alone as a party plate or with team colors and they are dishwasher safe and 10 colors. I got the colors Orange, Black, Pink, and Purple for Halloween. These ate made 100% in Michigan and can be used for so many events including tailgating, concerts, cookouts, weddings, buffets, food trucks, concessions and more.

Optical Illusion Skeleton Floor Mat Halloween Gift Guide 2018

This doormat for Halloween freaks me out as it is OCI Toys Optical Illusion Skeleton in a coffin coming out of the ground looks so real and the size of the mat is 29 inches X 25 inches and the back is nonslip. It can also be used on top of a table as a placemat or at your door when people come to your house they are greeted with this 3d skeleton.


MadeGood Crispy Squares Vanilla are like your childhood favorite snack just a little healthier than the traditional version, with the nutrients of a serving of vegetables in each one and free from the 8 common allergens. Granola Minis Strawberry Clusters are made with all-natural ingredients which adhere to the industry standards for non-GMO, organic, vegan and gluten-free products to support your family’s nutrition.  At MadeGood we produce our granola in a facility free from the most common kinds of allergens; peanut, tree nut, soy, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, gluten, and sesame. With one full serving of hidden vegetables from six different kinds of vegetables, our MadeGood mini granola clusters come with vitamins A, C, D, E and B6 to help you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Audew Air Compressor

Audew Air Compressor retails for $28.99 and is safe and durable to pass multiple repeated safety testing; with high-speed cooling, to ensure the life of the movement. It inflates tires quickly with strong power, improve efficiency and save your time with strong power.  It uses DC 12V voltage, 150W power, 35L/min air flow, and the maximum pressure of 150PSI. Is equipped with bright and long-lasting LED lights, allow easy operation or making quick repairs in the dark and make sure you can be seen in an emergency to avoid any potential dangers. 

Has a 10ft long power cord which allows reaching all tires of your car, bike, motorcycle, ATV, compact or midsize SUV it is also equipped with 3 nozzles adaptors for mattresses/airboat/toys/sports balls/ pool toys/snow tubes, and more. Audew offers 12 months 100% FREE manufacturer warranty & 180 days replacement & 90 days refund (Non-artificial damage) & 24 hours friendly customer service. So order it with confidence for complete roadside safety and peace of mind!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Village Naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief

We all suffer from aches and pains at some point in our life no one is immune to and Village Naturals Therapy has some therapeutic bath soaks to help relieve some pains you experience. Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak revitalize and restore while soaking in our powerful blend of essential oils and extracts including Eucalyptus, Spearmint and cooling Menthol. The combination of Sea Salt and Epsom Salt help to draw out impurities and ease tired muscles. The concentrated formula lets you enjoy up to ten revitalizing baths with just one jar.
Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Foaming Bath Oil & Body Wash revitalize and restore while soaking in our powerful blend of essential oils and extracts including Eucalyptus, Spearmint and cooling Menthol; The Foaming Bath Oil and Body Wash bubbles in the tub or lathers in the shower for a refreshing experience.

Healthy Cooking Giveaway Ends 11/5

Healthy Cooking Giveaway Ends 11/5

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