Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Diana's Bananas Now Available To Order Online!

If you love a healthy and delicious chocolate-covered snack then Diana’s Bananas are for you! These are frozen and are perfectly ripe and sweet then dipped in chocolate. You will find Banana Bites these are slices paired with a mix of premium dark and milk chocolate create delicious treats that will take your taste buds to the tropics. Banana Babies Milk Chocolate which are enrobed in mind-blowingly delicious milk chocolate.


Cold & Flu season is here and it arrived early this year which is not surprising with all the people and germs in the world. Purell has you covered from with hand sanitizer singles in a pack of 24 or 6 where you pinch and apply entire contents of package into hands. Purell Multi-Surface Fresh Scent kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces, including norovirus, cold & flu, strep, and salmonella. This worry-free formulation is designed for use around kids, pets and throughout your home.
Formulated for use on food contact surfaces, with no water rinse required
Proven effective on most hard and soft surfaces, including sealed granite, glass laminate and plastic.

Universal Yums Halloween Box

For the first time ever, Universal Yums is offering a special Halloween box as a one-time purchase of $39.00! If you have a subscription, you will not get this box it must be ordered separately. For the regular monthly subscription, you can choose from the Yum Box for $15 a month, the Yum Yum Box for $25 a month, or the Super Yum Box for $39 a month. It takes us to 6 different countries including Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Spain, and Colombia.  I received 6 different types of candy for a total of 300 pieces. This box was designed with trick-or-treating or parties in mind, as you can see by the box layout. 

Wicked Crisps Holiday Gift Guide 2019

A great gift or holiday gathering snack is Wicked Crisps they are surprisingly healthy, baked chip with an irresistible and delectable taste. Chock full of nutrition from veggies, herbs, and spices. These are a guilt-free treat for your taste buds. I got Roasted Garlic and Asiago Cheese as you cast a magical spell over the broccoli, a dusting of asiago cheese and rich garlic falls softly on each one, which you gather in your basket. Except in reality, you probably can’t cast spells, but new Roasted Garlic & Asiago Cheese Wicked Crisps will certainly cast a spell over snack time. With a surprisingly delightful taste and genuine nutrition, these little crisps truly are a bliss-filled treat.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cloud 10 Broad Spectrum CBD Infused 5 Piece Starter Set

Broad Spectrum CBD Infused 5 Piece Starter Set is 1.7 ounces which is travel size.
Cloud 10 Broad Spectrum CBD-Infused Shampoo helps smooth and strengthen hair, prevent breakage while combing, and protect color-treated hair. Cloud 10 Broad Spectrum CBD-Infused Conditioner has natural actives such as baobab seed oil to moisturize, soothe and help defend dry, fragile hair against environmental damage while improving shine and elasticity.

Crazy Cups Caramel Vanilla

Crazy Cups is always coming up with new flavor combinations but one of my favorites is there Caramel Vanilla medium roast coffee which will transport you to a place all your own including childhood and who could forget caramel cream candies? This coffee is sugar-free, gluten-free, certified kosher and recyclable capsules.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Refine & Restore by Rachel C. Swanson

Refine & Restore by Rachel C. Swanson from First Words; Women want to live boldly and bravely in their faith, but many feel weighed down by something. They pretend to live a full life, but wonder why life as a Christian lacks luster. To fill the aches, they feast unknowingly upon consumerism, self-worship, food obsession, seeking love in all the wrong places, and grasping for anything but Jesus. In This book, Rachel Swanson shares the process of refining sins, which separated her from deeper intimacy with God, out of her life, and restoring her heart back to the truth of who God really is. Through personal stories of confession and conviction, Rachel shows readers how to have a vibrant relationship with God.


Goodpop All-Natural Frozen Pops have always been made with the best non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, rBST-free, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Our mouthwatering GoodPops come in unique flavor combinations such as: Cookies N’ Cream, Orange N’ Cream, Hibiscus Mint, Coldbrew Coffee, Strawberry Lemonade, Banana Cinnamon, Chocolate Milk, Watermelon Agave, Strawberry, Coconut Lime, and there Red, White & Blue (Cherry Lemonade).

Music Mondays George Strait - The Weight Of The Badge

Canna Bath Company Muscle Relief Bath Bomb

Canna Bath Company makes CBD infused products and I was sent Muscle Relief Bath Bomb with is a Peppermint & Rosemary + CBD infused bath bomb with a special cooling effect on dry skin. This product helps to soothe pain and inflammation from sore muscles, which makes it great for post-workout. It will not stain your tub, formulated for sensitive skin, 60mg of CBD, and a slight cooling effect.

Mollie Ollie Diaper Caddy Organizer Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Mollie Ollie Diaper Caddy Organizer is made of premium quality heavy-duty felt reinforced base and enhanced stitching on the handles that can carry up to 50 pounds of weight. Extra sturdy construction ensures the caddy to stay in shape even when it’s empty. The polyester lining gives a smooth and resilient interior that is easy to clean, giving you peace of mind to store away the baby’s wearable and essentials. It is 14.5” x 9.5” x 7” with 2 removable dividers.