Friday, March 30, 2018

Lords Of Dogtown Unrated Extended Edition

Lords Of Dogtown Unrated Extended Edition on Blu-Ray from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $14.98. Lords Of Dogtown stars Emile Hirsch (Lone Survivor), Victor Rasuk (Fifty Shades Darker), John Robinson (Forbidden Kiss), Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You), Rebecca De Mornay (TV Series Jessica Jones) the movies directed by Catherine Hardwicke and written by Stacy Peralta. Lords Of Dogtown tells a radical true story of three teenagers from California who took skateboarding to the extreme and changed the sports world forever. The Z-Boys, a bunch of nobodies until they join board designer Skip Engblom to create a new style of skateboarding that becomes a worldwide phenomenon. But when their hobby becomes a business, the success shreds their friendship.

Courageous Women of the Bible Leaving Behind Fear & Insecurity for a Life of Confidence and Freedom by LaTan Roland Murphy

Courageous Women of the Bible Leaving Behind Fear & Insecurity for a Life of Confidence and Freedom by LaTan Roland Murphy from Bethany House Publishing.  Whether your facing struggles with singleness, the mounting challenges of marriage and motherhood, health issues, a financial crisis, God has equipped you to walk in freedom and confidence as you abide in him, strengthened by his power and provision. Through the stories of 11 brave woman of the Bible who made faith-filled choices that positioned them took success, LaTan Roland Murphy exhorts, encourages, and empowers women of all ages. With warmth and wit, she illustrates how you, like Deborah, Jael, Mary, and others, can look beyond your circumstances and lay hold of the courage needed to draw closer to Jesus one face and illness, isolation, or rejection. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sugru Easter Gift Guide 2018

Sugru is the only moldable glue that is designed to feel soft and malleable like play-dough. Roll the material in your fingers and press it where you need it, you can also mold it by hand into any shape. From an ultrathin patch to a shock absorbing bumper, you have 30 minutes to shape it, smooth it, and reposition it as required. It is flexible to leave for 24 hours. Thanks to some clever science and advanced technologies, Sugru Mouldable Glues react at room temperature, simply on exposure to air. They cross-link into strong, flexible and tactile silicone rubbers overnight. Sugru Mouldable Glues will flex with the materials they're applied to, so you can fix things that need to bend. They work like nothing else on leathers, fabrics or flexible plastics. 

ZIPIT Easter Gift Guide 2018

Chicken and Frog Mini Pouches has a special round zipper head for easy zipping and comes with a silver clasp for attaching to your backpack, keys or belt. Made from one long zipper and the size of the pouches 3.7” x 0.6” x 3.1” they are perfect for stuffing with Easter candy then all sorts of small treasures including keys, change, lip balm and more. Machine washable on gentle cycle and zip it up before washing. They have a lifetime warranty so you register on the website for any manufacturer’s defects.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mysticons Piper Easter Gift Guide 2018

Mysticons is a new genre-defining series about 4 girls from different walks of life who are transformed into legendary warriors. After discovering a powerful mystical tome, the fearless foursome Arkayna is honorable, determined and idealistic. She’s a princess but packs some serious punch. As a Mysticon she is transformed into the powerful Dragon Mage, wielding a magical staff to defend the realm, and her friends from dark forces. 
 Xarya is tough, wily and a fierce protector of her family of street kids. She acts as a big sister figure to Piper. As a Mysticon, she becomes the Ranger, battling the baddies with her magic bow and sharp aim. Her pet Choko, a big eared creature called a foz is always by her side to lend a paw to the Mysticons.

RM Palmer Easter Gift Guide 2018

Easter will be here before you know it and RM Palmer is making candy fun with New Easter 2018 candy Selfie Bunny boy and girl these 10 ozs.  hollow milk chocolate is ready for their “selfie” photos to get in on the selfie and social media phenomenon. On the back of the box is cut out props to help capture the perfect selfie moment that will help support national consumer sweepstakes #selfiebunny

Eggword’s Eggs this gigantic 2-pound bag of Smooth & Creamy eggs! Have fun spelling names or Easter messages with these yummy eggs foiled with letters. Available in a 32-ounce gusset bag, each contains 94 letters.

Lil’ Flopsy Double Crisp is 5 ounces and the sibling to Flopsy with a smooth and crispy crunch is a great way to say Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Yankee Candle Easter Gift Guide 2018

Just in time for Easter and spring Yankee Candle has released some new scents one is Rainbow Cookie it comes in a 7-ounce tumbler in the color pastel pink. The fragrance is light and airy like cookies along with citrus and peach in notes of sweet vanilla frosting that’s ready to melt in your mouth. White Chocolate is a limited edition candle that has a marble inspired glass novelty in yellow and 7 ounces with a burn time up to 40 - 50 hours. It is irresistibly creamy and sweet with white chocolate that hops around with vanilla and this happy confection. Bunny Cake is a limited edition candle that is 7 ounces and a pink marble egg inspired design that has scents of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla, and bright citrus with a burn time of 40- 50 hours.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Treats Sweet Potato & Venison Treats

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Treats Sweet Potato & Venison Treats are designed with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources. Scientifically formulated to provide high quality nutrition and optimize skin and coat. A perfect treat for pups with tummy troubles or food-related allergies! Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats Sweet Potato & Venison Formula are completely grain-free and are made without common protein sources that often trigger allergies in dogs. Don't stand too close to his tail when your buddy's taste buds get a hold of the gamey taste of venison in these crunchy treats. He might knock you off of your feet. Suitable for all breeds and life stages of dogs, uses canola oil for a quality mono-saturated fat and mixes tocopherols protect dogs from eye diseases.

Dr. Lyons Advanced Strength Hip & Joint Support Chewable Tablets

Dr. Lyons Advanced Strength Hip & Joint Support Chewable Tablets help support your dog’s active lifestyle, every step of the way. These have a unique formula of four active ingredients that are specifically chosen for everyday hp and joint support; glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and manganese are combined to help support mobility and promote the production of healthy cartilage and tissue. This is best for pups with occasional stiff joints or can be used daily as maintenance in dogs of any size. With a natural chicken liver flavor, these chewable are also a tasty treat and easily broken into bite-size pieces so you can give just the right amount hat your dog needs.

Frisco Pantry Pack Dog Poop Bags From

Frisco Pantry Pack Dog Poop Bags comes in a 300 count box from comes in a roll that fits in a box with a dispensing die-cut that releases one bag at a time so you can simply grab it and go on your way out the door. These poop bags cover up unpleasant smells with a fresh, fruity scent but are also available unscented for pet parents with sensitive sniffers. Their durable and leak-proof construction makes it easy pick up after any dog, big or small.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Long As I Live Toni Braxton

Microfiber SMARTer Dual Action Gloves & Master Caster Roll Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels

Although spring is almost here and is still cold outside in Maine and also we just got about 2 feet of snow on the ground. So if I go outside for a walk I must wear gloves and of course your cell phone in case you fall or something. So I got these Microfiber SMARTer Dual Action Gloves these innovative microfiber gloves that feature specially designed fibers in the fingertips for touch screen activation without removing your gloves. These are great for cleaning your touch screen and using your touchscreen in cold weather. Use a lint-free, static free, odor free gloves safely on any electronic touch screen include in computer tablets, music devices, text and devices, portable phones, reading devices, and GPS. Soft microfiber is gently clean touch screens without scratching and removing fingerprints, smudges, and streaks without removing your gloves. Design let you use all five fingers to activate any touchscreen device. The gloves are washable and reusable.  

Finders Key Purse

Finders Key Purse came to owner inventor Sandy Stein literally in a dream in which her deceased father showed her the design and told her to get out there and sell it. You hook onto your purse for an easy fine, every time. You attach the clasp to your key ring with your important keys on it and then press the hook onto purses edge with the keys inside the purse. I was sent for to review and there are many different ones you can choose from I got Queen of Hearts this has a pink heart inside a silver heart with a cubic zircon jewel on the top and bottom. Wings and Prayers have a large pair of angel wings and a jewel made of cubic zircon in the middle. Angelic is an angel that has pink on its wings and pink dots within the body. Marines have the genuine United States Marine Corps logo that is large and fits in any purse.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Cave Tools Burger Pressed Patty Maker

If you’re like me you probably cannot form a hamburger patty to save your life and it comes out typically like a hockey puck. So recently Cave Tools sent me A Burger Pressed Patty Maker you can make two sizes 1/4 pound burgers or completely fill for bigger 1/3 pound burgers. Palm Shaped Hamburger Press Handle Reduces Fatigue When Pressing Multiple Burgers - Consistent Size & Shape Every Time So They Cook Evenly On The Grill Includes Bonus 200 Square Burger Papers Which Makes Removing & Separating Your Burgers a Breeze Dishwasher Safe For Speedy Cleanup in The Kitchen. Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed if at any point you are unhappy with your aluminum burger press maker you can return it for a full money back refund. We Take Customer Service That Seriously

Reese's & Hershey's Easter Gift Guide 2018

Easter will be here before you know it and Reese’s along with The Hershey’s Company has a great assortment of candies. Easter Bunny Gift Boxes Reese’s that are festive in pastel colors individually wrapped and retail for $5.99 and comes in a 7-ounce box, you can also get Hershey’s Kisses.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream Egg is a three-dimensional egg that is filled with Reese’s signature peanut butter and covered in creamy milk chocolate, making it the perfect “egg” addition to any Easter basket. You’ll find it in 1.21-ounce egg SRP $.79. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Pretzel Bits Eggs is delicious milk chocolate eggs with the salty, crunchy pretzel bits inside which comes in a 9-ounce bag with then SRP of $3.59.

Shopping Locally Is More Important Than Some Might Think

As convenient as they may be, and as low as the prices that they give us, don’t you just feel a bit bad after shopping or eating at some huge chain brand? Don’t you just think to yourself “Wow, I could’ve used that money some other way” ? With huge corporations of all sorts, from Nike to Starbucks, getting more heat in the media than ever within the past few years, like Starbucks dodging taxes, it’s a bit hard to be sympathetic for them as of late. People are starting to become more aware of the soulless cash-grab nature of bigger businesses, and more and more people are actively trying to shop or eat in more independent places. Of course, this is rarely the case 100% of the time, mostly because huge chain brands are just too convenient, be it Subway or any huge supermarket, but people are definitely at least trying to make an effort. If you have so far not cared about this issue at all, then hopefully the following reasons will change your mind.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Paul Apostle of Christ #PaulMovie & #FlyBy

In theaters on March 23, 2018, is Paul Apostle of Christ which stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of The Christ), James Faulkner (Downtown Abby), Olivier Martinez (S.W.A.T), JoAnne Whalley (A.D. The Bible Continues), John Lynch (The Secret Garden).  Paul, Apostle of Christ is the story of two men. Luke, as a friend and physician, risks his life when he ventures into the city of Rome to visit Paul, who is held captive in Nero’s darkest, bleakest prison cell. But Nero is determined to rid Rome of Christians and does not flinch from executing them in the grisliest ways possible. Before Paul’s death sentence can be enacted, Luke resolves to write another book, one that details the beginnings of “The Way” and the birth of what will come to be known as the church. Bound in chains, Paul’s struggle is internal. He has survived so many floggings, shipwreck, starvation, stoning, hunger and thirst, cold and exposure yet as he waits for his appointment with death, he is haunted by the shadows of his past misdeeds. 

Monsters At Large

Coming to DVD, Digital and On Demand from Lionsgate on March 13, 2018, is Monsters At Large which is directed by Jason Murphy. Monster At Large stars Mischa Barton (TV’s The O.C.), Austin St. John (TV’s mighty morphing Power Rangers), Brooklynn Prince (Robo-Dog Airborne), Stephen Tobolowsky ( Groundhog Day) and Matthew Kosto (Baywatch). Monsters aren’t real or are they? Alex is a high school student trying to navigate everyday life. Kid brother, Gavin, begins to have nightmares of frightening monsters after he hears a scary story told by Alex’s best friend, Dylan.

Wonderful Halos Easter Crafts

This Easter if you are looking for an alternative to candy how about wonderful halos California mandarins. There are so many things that you can do with your halo one thing you can do is decorated as an Easter Wonderful Halo or Holder Egg Holder which you can choose from a pink bunny, chick, sheep, and a blue bunny. You could also be decorated with the Wonderful Halos stickers that u can spell out words with because they come from A to Z stickers. Foam Easter Egg or Wonderful Halos Decorating Kit. And then after you’re done decorating them you can eat them which are just as good. Wonderful Halos are sweet, seedless and easy to peel and free from common allergens making them that rare sweet snack that you can feel good about eating.

Outer Space Adventures

PBS Kids releases Outer Space Adventures on DVD with an MSRP of $6.99 the DV runs hundred 90 minutes include 10 stories from 8 series. 3,2,1… Blast off into outer space with some of your favorite PBS Kids characters! From building a rocket ship in order to visit the moon, to help in an astronaut rescue his cat named Houston, out of this world adventures await in this fun-filled DVD! Caillou, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Nature Cat, Peg + Cat, Ready Jet Go!, Super Why!, and WordWorld.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


InstaCandy is a monthly subscription box you get one month for $24.99 and it includes 8+ full-size products and free shipping in the USA. Three months is $20.99 a month which includes 8+ full-size products and free shipping in the USA. In six months is $17.99 a month which includes 8+ full-size products and free USA shipping. I was sent December 2017 box for review and it included the following items
HARIBO Holiday Edition (retails for $8.99) 12-ounce bag with red and green gummy bears.
Fern Creek Confections Gourmet Almond Toffee (retails for $5.99) 3.5-ounce bag is great for dark chocolate lovers that are handmade in the high plains of the Rocky Mount region with stable humidity and altitude enables them to craft toffee of the highest quality.
Baron Chocolatier Truffle Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Crunch.
Baron Chocolatier milk chocolate snowman bars three-bar pack which is made from premium chocolate.
Original Candy Raisins 2-ounce bag (retails for $1.25) A classic favorite; Jujube Candy

PlayTape Easter Gift Guide 2018

PlayTape allows you to make the world your race track as these sticker sheets stick just about anywhere and play all day with your matchbox cars. I was sent PlayTape 2” Tight Curves which has two sticker sheets that are for ages four and up and 100% made in the USA, non-toxic, and been third-party tested to meet all US and international child safety standards. It is safe for all floors and walls in these are exactly scaled to match the most popular toy cars and trucks on the market like hot wheels and matchbox. These work with the classic road series 4 inch and classic rail series. PlayTape 4” Tight Curves 2 Pack what you build your own world and works with classic road series 4”, classic road series 2 inch, and classic rail series. These are a fun project that is easy to use and a blast freak is to play with them, and an easy cleanup.  

Irish Wit, Wisdom & Humor by Gerd de Ley

Irish Wit, Wisdom & Humor by Gerd de Ley from Hatherligh Press and has an MSRP of $15.00. Featuring the wit, wisdom and humor of: Samuel Beckett, Bono, Kenneth Branagh, Pierce Brosnan, Joyce Cary, Tim Daly, J.P. Donlevy, Colin Farrell, Brendan Francis, Richard Harris, James Joyce, Denis Leary, C.S. Lewis, Robert Lynd, Spike Milligan, George Moore, Iris Murdoch, Graham Norton, Edna O’Brien, Sinead O’Connor, Maureen Potter, Hal Roach, George Bernard Shaw, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, and many more.
The best live entertainment in Ireland is the funeral.- Des MacHale
Is not a sin not to be Irish, but is a great shame. – Sean O’ Huiginn
Christmas: the time of year when you put too many pounds onto your body… And take too many out of your bank account. - Mary Mannion
Job: an invasion of privacy. – Danny McGoorty

Purell For Flu Season

I’m sure you’ve seen the news and this year the flu epidemic seems to be deadly and I’m not sure why the flu is different than this year than in years past to the point of people dying from it. So it is very important to practice good hand hygiene and wipe down your surfaces if you work in an office or even at home. Purell offers some great products in doing so one happens to be Multi-Surface Disinfectant kills 99.99% of germs in 30 seconds including cold and flu, E. coli and norovirus. Has no harsh chemicals a few times and works on a variety of hard and soft surfaces which includes tables, office break rooms, school cafeterias, freezers, desktops, drinking fountains and many more. Being Purell all you know they have a high standard for their products. Now for being out in public when you go to the supermarket or to the doctor’s office, you can carry around these Purell 1-ounce refreshing gel wrapped carriers that have a flip-top attaches easily to your purse, backpack, keychains, diaper bags, or gym bags.

I'd Never Put THAT In My Online Shopping Basket.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Li'L Gummies

Li’l Gummies from Mother’s Select has moms asking the common question our kids getting all the nutrients they need from their diets?  Mother’s Select Li’l Gummies offer comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral support or your growing child. These delicious dummies help support bone health in have vitamin D. Immune health with vitamin C, E, and zinc. Energy with vitamins B6, B12, Biotin and Pantothenic acid. And I helped with vitamins A, C, and E. These fun gummy bears taste like raspberry and they also very soft to eat for kids. Your kid takes to gummy’s daily as directed by a healthcare professional and not to exceed three gummy’s daily. Below is a chart of all the supplement facts
Vitamin A (Palmitate) 2100 IU
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 20 mg
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU 

Music Mondays Never Be The Same Camila Cabello

Friday, March 16, 2018

Garfield Nine Lives

Garfield Nine Lives out now from SkipRope a trademark of PBS. This DVD is 70 minutes long enjoying Garfield, John, and Odie for two hilarious adventures! His Nine Lives do cats really have nine lives? Garfield explores his nine lives, From Cave Cat all the way through Space Cat. Garfield points out to his creator that the circumstances of his past life were stacked unfairly against him and Odie. While his creator agree and give Garfield back one life? 
Garfield in the Rough Jon announces that he, Garfield, and Odie are going on vacation! Garfield gets excited, but that enthusiasm quickly wanes when he discovers Jon is planning a camping trip what a choice! Life in the wild gets dangerous when an escaped Panther enters the campground. While the Rangers be able to capture the Panther before it finds the trio?

BigFoot Goes on Vacation by D.L. Miller

Out now from Happy Fox Books is BigFoot Goes on Vacation by D.L. Miller and an MSRP of $14.99. Even BigFoot needs to take a vacation and have some fun! He loves to try new things, and learn about the places he visits. Despite the size, however, he can be tough to spot in the crowd! Is that him in cotton candy at the carnival? Or dive in with a dapper dolphin in the deep blue sea? There are lots of fun things to find in each vacation spot as you search for BigFoot and his legendary footprint!
My Opinion: I like how many different places BigFoot travels to as you can learn about each location and decide if it’s a great place for you to take a vacation as well. It teaches kids on how to find things and develop motor skills. And what kid does not love BigFoot?

BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World by D.L. Miller

Out now from Happy Fox Books is BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World by D.L. Miller with an MSRP of $14.99. Travel along with BigFoot as he towards the big cities of the world. He loves to take in the sights, and learn about the places he visits. Despite his size, however, he can be tough a spot in the crowd! Is that him playing with the pink portals in Paris? Or taste in some Turkish tea in Istanbul? There are lots of fun things to find in each city as you search for Bigfoot in his legendary footprint!
My Opinion: this book is great for any kid that enjoys a BigFoot, as they can travel and learn about different places in the world along with developing motor skills looking for Bigfoot and other pictures.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sandlot 25th Anniversary & Family Night At Ovations Brand Restaurants Giveaway Ends 3/28

Emeril Lagasse Men’s Quarter Mesh

Emeril Lagasse Men’s Quarter Mesh is treated with AllShield which repels liquid and food. AllShield products are superhydrophobic treatments that dramatically repel water, mud, ice and other liquids.  Agion treated breathable linings reduce odor, keeping the product fresh for an extended time. Agion is designed to automatically release its antimicrobial components when conditions for bacteria growth are present. Agion has active ingredients of ionic silver, which fights microbes by preventing respiration, inhibiting cell division and disrupting cell metabolism. These shoes have a rubber slip resistant outsole with specifically to provide maximum support and comfort. The unique constructed molded EVA mid-sole does the job of balancing comfort, durability, “springiness”, and lightweight. Has an extra comfort midsole providing superior cushioning and added rebound to help protect the foot and provide maximum support and stability.  B.A.M Balanced Active Movement Memory Foam has 2 layers and provides 24-hour comfort; they have exceptionally constructed that mold perfectly to your foot to provide superior comfort and stability. The contoured shape that helps reduce stress on your feet, ankles, and knees with the multi-layer memory foam absorbs impact and effectively reduced pressure on your heel and the balls of your feet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Win a Globenfeld Mens Automatic Mechanical Movement Rose Case Watch Ends 3/ 29

Win a Globenfeld Mens Automatic Mechanical Movement Rose Gold Case #1

9 Lives Movie Collection

9 Lives Movie Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment includes 9 movies and has an MSRP of $24.98. Into The Sun which stars Steven Segal, Matthew Davis, Takao Osawa and is a nonstop thrill ride! When the governor of Tokyo is murdered, it falls on ex-CIA agent Travis Hunter (Seagal) to track down the responsible terrorists. Last Action Hero which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, F. Murray Abraham, and Art Carney; This movie is about a magic movie ticket gains a young fan unprecedented access to his favorite action hero after being sucked out of his seat and onto the big screen. When one of the bad guys gets a hold of the magic ticket and escapes out of the movie into the real world, the hero and his young sidekick must chase the arch villain into a world where evil can actually win! Universal Solider: The Return which stars Jean Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White, Daniel Von Bargen, and Bill Goldberg which is about Luc is about to be thrown into action once again. The super-computer that controls the ultra-warriors decides to destroy his creators before it is shut down. It's up to Luc to stop things in a battle pitting man against machine and good against evil! 

Winner's List Disney Pixar's Coco Blu-Ray & The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About that! Season 2 Volume 1

Disney Pixar's Coco Blu-Ray: Katie M.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About that! Season 2 Volume 1: Randi S.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Townleygirl Vampirina Review & Giveaway Ends 3/29

New from Townleygirl is Disney Junior’s Vampirina and if you are not familiar with them your kid sure will be as it is about The Hauntley family has just moved from their home in Transylvania to a neighborhood in Pennsylvania to open a business. Vampirina, or Vee, and her family are friendly vampires and her parents, Oaxana and Boris Hauntley have opened a Bed & Breakfast for their visiting guests; ghouls and goblins!  Vee is the new kid in town and must face the trials, tribulations, and joys of fitting in with her very human classmates. She learns how to look past other's differences to the piece that makes each individual special with the help of her best friend and next-door neighbor Poppy and close friend Bridget. 

Vampirina Super Sparkly 4 Pack Nail Polish Set with Nail File (retails for $7.99) this includes for nail polish is in the colors which are Teal, purple, peach shimmer, and white glitter these are non-toxic, appealable, water-based and bubblegum scented. 

Globenfeld Mens Automatic Mechanical Movement Watch

Globenfeld  Mens Automatic Mechanical Movement Watch is an automatic mechanical limited edition antique rose watch with over 110 individual intricately moving parts and 20 jeweled movements that do not need batteries, designed as one of the finest timepieces in the world and the automatic style of master watchmakers cents the 18th century. This men’s automatic watch is the true epitome of class and style with a centurion white crocs sleep textured dial and match and soft rose colored hands, indices with a polished round bevel to embellish your style with any wardrobe. The design is a minimal to be appealing but also be simple with rose-dotted indices and blue along with gold colored sun and moon display to express the night in day. The strap is made of high-grade tobacco brown leather that anchors the jewel casing for comfort and ability. 

Music Mondays The Chainsmokers ft. Ellie Goulding - Maybe I Love You (Official Music Video)

Making Sure You Get Some Grown Up Time On A Family Vacation

Going on a family vacation is amazing - it's a welcome break for everybody and you get to see and experience all these new things as a family - who could want more? However, just as it is back home, it's important that you manage to get some grown-up time while on your family vacation. You can trap that time on your own and tag team the kids with your partner, or if you're traveling with extended family, perhaps Auntie or Nanny will love to spend a day with your kids. Or, the best option, is that you can take advantage of youth clubs and have some time away with your partner. Grown-up time on vacation is so important - when you're with your kids you are constantly putting out fires and worrying about them - at least if someone else is looking after them for a while you just have to do the worrying part. Plus, it's very likely that spending some alone time with your partner is rare back home, so why shouldn't you take advantage of this time?

Go to a spa

Nothing says relaxing more than a trip to the spa. You can book in for one treatment, or stay for the whole day. Go alone, or with your partner. Either way, it's an amazing experience and will help you to completely relax and chill out before you have to get into full parent mode again.

Go sightseeing

If you have chosen a hotel like the Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa,
 you can easily see the amazing sights from your room, however, there is always more to see. So take some time to go and visit the sights that your kids wouldn't really find that amazing. You might want to spend hours staring at the Mona Lisa, but is it something your young children would enjoy too?

Go shopping for you

Do some retail therapy and buy yourself something. Everyone deserves a treat now and again, and even if you just pick up a little souvenir of your trip, it's a little gift to yourself that you can cherish for years to come.


You don't have to go anywhere or spend anything to have a great time - plonk yourself and a good book by the pool or on the beach and simply enjoy catching some rays - obviously this one depends on you having the weather and facilities to sunbathe - If you're in Sweden in March, is very unlikely you'll be able to - however you can switch the sunbathing for curling up on a couch with a hot mug of tea and a good book.

Read uninterrupted

While on the topic of reading  - when was the last time you read for an extended period of time without some little human needing your attention? Or you constantly looking up to check that the sudden silence isn’t due to anything ominous? Reading is an amazing pastime that can really help you to relax. It lets you escape into another life and lets you leave your worries behind.

Go for dinner

You and your partner - get dressed up and go for dinner. or go for lunch or breakfast. Pick a meal and go and have a date in another country. It’s so important to have date night back home, so why not take the opportunity to go on date night in a new country? It could be incredibly romantic, particularly if you’re in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Floogals Project Egg Hunt & Guess How Much I Love You An Enchanting Easter Giveaway Ends 3/26

Guess How Much I Love You An Enchanting Easter

Guess How Much I Love You An Enchanting Easter from NCIRCLE with an MSRP of $5.00. Enjoy this Easter special adventure based on the classic picture book that has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, written by Sam Mc Bratley, illustrated by Anita Jeram and published by Walker books.
When Little Nutbrown Hare sees a pure white fawn shining and dancing in the moonlight his friends think he’s making it up. They venture through the woody woods in the next valley, down the streamy stream and pass the rocky rocks to find her but as their doubt grows, she is right they are hiding on the patches of white snow, thinking it’s a big game of hide and seek. She promises to visit them on Easter day making Easter that much more special for all.

Floogals Project Egg Hunt

Out now from NCIRCLE Entertainment is Floogals Project Egg Hunt with an MSRP of $6.99. Each day, Captain Fleeker, first officer Flo, and Junior Boomer encounter something that sparks the curiosity, set it in motion the days research project intrigue and an exciting adventure! In Project Egg Hunt, the Floogals mistakenly think Mom and Dad Hooman have accidently dropped candy eggs in the garden when in fact they have placed them there on purpose to create an egg hunt for their kids. The Floogals think they are being helpful and tidy up the eggs! Once the Floogals realize their mistake, they must get all the eggs back on the ground before the kids arrive so their fun day won't be ruined. Adventure is everywhere they go. They're the Floogals! 3, 2, 1, let's go!

Feel The Fun Texture Game Ends 4/1

Welcome to the Feel The Fun Texture Game Scarves

Judah’s Wife The Silent Years A Novel of the Maccabees By Angela Hunt

Judah’s Wife The Silent Years A Novel of the Maccabees By Angela Hunt from Bethany House Publishing. Seeking quiet in safety after a hard childhood, Leah marries Judah, a strong and gentleman, for the first time in her life Leah believe she’ll have peace. But the very nation Judah has named for has been conquered by a cruel king, who decree, igniting a war that will cost him his life. But before dying, he commands Judah to pick up his sword and continue the fight or bear responsibility for the obliteration of Israel. Leah, who wants nothing but peace, struggles with her husband’s decision what kind of God would destroy the peace she has sought for so long? The miraculous story of the courageous Maccabees is told through the eyes of Judah’s wife, learns that love requires courage and sacrifice.

These Tangled Threads A Novel of Biltmore By Sarah Loudin Thomas

  These Tangled Threads A Novel of Biltmore By Sarah Loudin Thomas from Bethany House Publishing. Set in the shadow of Biltmore Estate, a po...