Monday, February 29, 2016

God's Club

On March 1, 2016, CINEDIGM/Nasser Entertainment will release God’s Club a Dove-approved movie with a 5-star rating you can buy it on DVD for $14.95 MSRP or Digital HD. God’s Club is directed by Jared Cohn and written by John Chadwell with production by Jack Nasser, Joseph Nasser and Duery Shevar. Starring in this movie is Stephen Baldwin (Fred Claus), Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Kaw TV Series), Lorenzo Lamas (Falcon Crest), Bridget Albaugh (The Spirits: A Christmas Story) and Nic T. Luken (3 Wicked Witches).

Welcome to God’s Club! Following his wife’s death, public high school teacher Michael Evens re-launches the bible club she originally founded. When upset parents cite the separation of church and state with the group disbanded a passionate dispute erupts and threatens to destroy their small Vermont community. With his job, personal relationships and even his faith on the line Michael must make a tough decision about the things that matter most.  
My Opinion: I loved this movie and so glad that Michael stayed strong and stood up for what is important and keep faith in school as young kids today 80% of them do not attend church and need to learn about faith and God from somewhere. I never knew what they want to take the pledge of allegiance out of school it had been there for years and I had that in school.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Music Monday Disturbed The Sound of Silence

Renuzit Sensitive Scents Review & Giveaway

2 Million People in the USA are sensitive to scents are you one of them? If so, Renuzit now has a line of Sensitive Scents that lets you experience long lasting freshness that does not overpower your senses. You can choose from three scents Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber which have a floral essence with the crisp freshness of cucumber. Pure Ocean Breeze with a light and airy scent. Pure White Pear & Lavender which you can savor the succulent combination of sweet pears and heavenly lavender.
As a member of Social Insider I was able to experience the sensitive scents I got the cone Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber, scented oil Pure Ocean Breeze and trigger spray Pure White Pear & Lavender for neutralizing tough odors, musky fabric, and unpleasant smells.

My Opinion: The scents are subtle but slowly fill my senses with a pleasant smell that will not irritate your allergies my favorite is the Pure White Pear & Lavender. The Pure Ocean Breeze will get you ready for trips to the beach this summer when the temperature is still in the low thirties.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Is Laser Right For You?

Is Laser Right For You?
This guest post was submitted by Aleya who has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal on Long Island for ten years.
Everyone knows someone who has had laser hair removal done at some point. Some of the stories that we hear are positive and may make us want to get out own treatments. Other stories scare us off completely and make us wonder why anyone would want to do such a thing to themselves. Before you make up your mind, here are a few facts that you should be aware of so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not laser is for you.
It’s Not Permanent
Laser is not permanent hair removal. Sure we’ve all heard promises that laser gives 100% results but the fact is that many people don’t get those results. This is such a common occurrence that laser is legally called laser hair reduction. The hairs that don’t go away will be thinner, sparse and slower to grow.
Don’t Forget Your Yearly Touchup
Another reason that laser is not permanent is that because one to two years after you’ve finished your treatments you will notice that the hairs are growing out again and you have to shave. This is your cue to make an appointment to get one touch up. After a few years many people notice that many of the hairs are no longer growing in at all so there is a possibility for the hairs to be permanently gone but it’s not guaranteed.
The Right Candidate
People who can do laser and expect to get great results are those who have a lot of thick, black hairs. If you have light colored hairs, thin hairs or sparse hairs you are not a candidate for laser and should stay away from it. As far as skin tone goes, te lighter you are the better your results because the hair has to be able to see the pigment of your hairs through your skin. If you have a darker skin tone however you should consider getting Diode laser hair removal which is known to work on light as well as dark skin and provide great results. This laser is good for people who are of Greek, Italian, Hispanic, Indian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. African American people can use it as long as their skin is about the color of a cp of coffee with a splash of milk.
What Happens If The Wrong Person Gets Laser
If you are not a laser candidate but get treated then your results will be very weak- and that’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that if you have active hair follicles then you can grow out hairs that you never had and there’s going to be a lot of it. Once this happens you have to do electrolysis because the laser will no longer work.
Any Other Options?
The only form of permanent hair removal that exists is electrolysis. This treatment has been available for over 100 years now and is approved by the FDA and AMA as being permanent and safe. It can be performed on anyone regardless of their hair or skin type but it can take years to complete depending on the area being worked on and what has been done to the hairs in the past. For example full legs can take a few years because you’re treating one hair at a time and the area being worked on is a large one.
During the time that you are getting laser you cannot get color from the sun or a tanning booth because you will get white burn marks that can take up to two years to go away. If you happen to get tan then skip the treatments until your go back to your regular color. This will make you fall behind and you’ll have to do an extra couple of treatments to get on track.
Is It Painful?
Everyone has different Pain tolerances so but for the most part people react well to laser. The area that hurts the most is the bikini but you can use numbing cream to make your session more comfortable. The good news is that regardless of the area being treated, as the hairs start to disappear the treatments become more comfortable.
Is It Cancerous?
There is no proof that laser is cancerous. However if you are taking certain medications that affect your skin or are pregnant speak to your doctor before starting treatments.
Hopefully some of your questions have been answered. Upon meeting your technician you will be given more information about the process and how to prepare for it. Don’t be shy about requesting a consultation and reading reviews before making a treatment appointment. Good luck!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Okami Nakama Chef's Knife Review & Giveaway

Okami Nakama Chef Knife which is 8” is all in one no need to purchase so many different knives. If you had to have only one knife this gyuto chef's knife would be it. It is the multi-purpose knife by excellence and is designed for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing. It is perfect for sushi and sashimi and anything else you want to cut with it. High-quality material VG10 super steel core imported from Japan, clad with softer stainless steel to protect it. This is done following the ancient techniques used in the crafting of samurai swords and results in a superb 67 layers Damascus steel blade that combines elegance and high performance. The presence of cobalt in the steel is a sign of excellence and the 1% carbon means that our steel is genuine high carbon stainless steel, the steels guarantees an excellent edge retention and resistance to corrosion, ergonomic handle made of pakka wood imported from Spain.

                Razor sharp and lightweight with modern techniques is what allows for an extremely acute edge angle. It comes with a double bevel, 50:50 ratio and a comprehensive angle of 30 degrees max, 12-15° per side. This results in a very sharp edge and means that less force needs to be applied to cut through ailments and prevents wrist fatigue. Chef’s Knife comes with a premium packaging created by a world class award winning designer, an edge guard, a plastic cover for protection, a Ōkami cleaning cloth, and the Ōkami kanji stamped on the butt of the knife.
My Opinion: I really like the way the knife arrived as it was professional packed and visually attractive. I have carpal tunnel in my wrist so this helped to not make my wrist hurt as much as with the old knife I used. I like the lifetime warranty and money back guarantee they offer.
To see more visit

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

The Beast The Complete Series

Out now from mill Creek Entertainment is The Beast: The Complete Series which stars Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), Travis Fimmel (Vikings TV Series), Lindsay Pulsipher (American Horror Story TV Series), Kevin J. O’Connor (The Mummy), Lawrence Gillard Jr. (The Waking Dead TV Series) and Pamela Reed (Criminal Minds TV Series). Veteran FBI agent Charles Barker, who isn't afraid to break rules to get the job done, trains new rookie partner Ellis Dove in his pushing-the-envelope style of agenting. But if Dove is having trouble learning the ropes, it could be because he's a little distracted: An FBI Internal Affairs team that suspects Barker may have gone rogue is pressuring Dove to work as a double agent and keep them posted on his mentor.

The DVD has all 13 episodes that aired in 2009 which are:
Episode 1: Pilot – Jan. 15, 2009
Episode 2: Two Choices – Jan. 22, 2009 
Episode 3: Nadia – Jan. 29, 2009 
Episode 4: Infected – Feb. 5, 2009 
Episode 5: Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroo – Feb. 12, 2009 
Episode 6: Hothead – Feb. 19, 2009 
Episode 7: Capone – Feb. 26, 2009 
Episode 8: Mercy – March 5, 2009 
Episode 9: The Walk In – March 19, 2009 
Episode 10: Tilt – March 26, 2009 
Episode 11: My Brother's Keeper – April 9, 2009 
Episode 12: Counterfeit – April 16, 2009 
Episode 13: No Turning Back – April 23, 2009

My Opinion: Although the series was short I found it to be good as Patrick Swayze is a true classic and may he rest in peace. The action and adventure of a cop show I really enjoy getting the bad guy and teaching his partner the ropes.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zyliss Chef's Knife

As someone who likes to cook I am always looking for knives to cut up meat, vegetables, dough and more I was so excited I was able to try Zyliss Chef’s Knife which came in the color of blue. Perfect for preparing fruits and vegetables, herbs, meats, and fish, the Zyliss Coated Chef’s Knife is a workhorse in the kitchen. The high quality nonstick stainless steel knife blade stays sharp for long lasting use and the ergonomic handle with rubber grip provides precision cutting and control. The Chef’s Knife also includes a safety blade cover for travel and storage. When it is time to wash this it is dishwasher safe.

My Opinion: I really like how easy it is for me to use since I am right handed I tend to get a sore hand when I have to press down hard or cut too many things with my carpal tunnel/ arthritis hand when I use this knife it is less stress on my hand and wrist which is a plus for me. The price is reasonable and I love the color as I like colors always have.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Margaret M. Johnson's Favorite Flavors of Ireland

A book I reviewed just in time for St. Patrick’s Day is Margaret M. Johnson’s Favorite Flavors of Ireland. That invites readers, cooks, and armchair travelers alike on a nostalgic tour of one of Europe’s most beloved destinations. From her first visit in 1984, Margaret Johnson has forged an indelible bond with Ireland and Irish food, and she shares this unique relationship with you in her eleventh cookbook. 

You’ll find recipes that have become her favorites along with a few recent discoveries that are sure to please. The book brings home all the classics Shepherd’s Pie, Bacon and Cabbage, Seafood Chowder, Bread and Butter Pudding and provides an insightful look into the seasonal ingredients that shape the country’s cooking. With over 100 recipes and evocative photos that transport you to the Irish countryside, this colorful collection will awaken your senses to the delicious food of this warm and welcoming land and keep those Irish eyes smiling all through the year.

My Opinion: I really enjoyed this book as it shows me recipes from every season which are different than some recipes I have tried and I am always looking for new recipes to add to my meals. The recipes incorporate Kerrygold butter which was also very tasty in recipes and on muffins.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

World Of Munchies

World of Munchies was created by the entrepreneurial mind of a 6th grader.  He started the company with his birthday and allowance savings.  It has quickly turned into a great business experience for him. Each snack box is handpicked and packed with great care and taste in mind. They feature unique products from around the globe as well as the latest Red White and Blue Snack Box featuring all-American favorites.  Every box is different and includes the most popular snacks from around the world.  I was sent one to review and it has a long of snacks from around the world which I am going to tell you about a single serve travel package of nuts and rice crackers. Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar Potato Rings from the United Kingdom. Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuit which is a cookie-wafer bar with creamy milk and nut filling from Germany. Yaokin Umaibo or "delicious stick" in Japanese is a puffed corn snack available in many flavors this one is grilled chicken. Silang Green Onion Thin Crackers are from China individual package which is made with Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Sugar, Green Onion (8%), White Sesame (3%), Salt, Leavening Agent (E500, E503), Flavouring. CW Chocolate Pie & Rice Cake These round chocolate cakes were smaller than the popular marshmallow pies from Lotte and Orion, at about 2 inches in diameter and half an inch thick. I bit in to find a dense but spongy texture, with more of a chewy marshmallow feel than a melty one. The outside was all milk chocolate, and the inside consisted of a sort of gelatin-like substance in the top center (yellowish in color, definitely not the white shown on the package, and above the cake, not surrounded by it as shown), with the rest of the interior a very dense yellow cake. Garden Mini Cream Wafers with a Chocolate from Hong Kong. 

Toho Fired Chicken Flavor from Japan four in the package. Quavers cheese flavor light curly potato snack from the United Kingdom. Maltesers are a spherical malt honeycomb center, surrounded by milk chocolate from the United Kingdom. Kam Yuen Peas Spicy Flavor There’s more of slight barbecue taste not much spice from China. Nik Naks Rib N’ Saucy are knobbly, wacky sticks of corn intensely tasty unusually knobbly from the United Kingdom. Barcel Mini Takis Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Tortilla Chips from Mexico are mini corn tortilla chips that are rolled up like a small taco (similar to the deep fried taquitos).Uncle Pop Barley Wheat Stick this product is a Chinese traditional snack made of high-quality wheat, which is very healthy for your daily life. The taste of this item is a little sweet and very crispy; it's a good choice whether you eat it as snack or breakfast. What's more, it's sesame flavor, which smells really good. Yida Hawthorn Fruit Leather which is berry flavored in a rope form from China. Garden Sisisic Cream Peanut Sandwich Biscuits from Hong Kong. Kinder Bueno has two bars and in a milk and hazelnut filling. Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits with Milk Cream Filling has a new panda sports design on the biscuits and a product of Singapore. Glico Mini Caplico Stick Ice Cream Snack These Glico Caplico Sticks are a cute little treat to enjoy at parties or on the go. They look just like mini ice creams! The outer part is a crispy cone, and all the way down the centre is a light and bubbly flavoured filling (the "ice cream"), which is a bit like Aero but softer. The last few items I got were a bonus free sample bag which has a Strawberry Watermelon Air head, nucita cream chocolate, hi chew green apple fruit chew and Arcor Sapito frog-shaped figure flavor: chocolate, peanuts and filling flavor cereal crispy.

My Opinion: I really enjoyed the wide variety of items I got in this Serious Snacker box it had so much which is worth much more than the $22.50 price. I even got to try some snacks I had never experienced before which I have found I have some new favorites like Hello Panda, Garden, Quavers and more.
To see more and purchase your own box visit
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The North Star

On March 1, 2016 RLJ Entertainment will be releasing The North Star on DVD and VOD written and directed by Thomas K. Phillips. This movie stars Jeremiah Trotter (Ex NFL Philadelphia Eagles linebacker), Lynn Whitfield (How to Get Away with Murder), Keith David (Enlisted), April Woodall (Audition),Thomas C. Bartley Jr. (Frat Brothers), John Diehl (Jurassic Park III) and Clifton Powell (Army Wives). 
Based on the harrowing true events The North Star chronicles the inspirational story of two slaves Benjamin and Moses. For these men the only thing worse than the daily cruelty of life on a Virginia plantation is the fear of being hunted down and tortured as runaways. But when Ben learns he is about to be sold to a new owner he and Moses make the desperate choice to run. Evading brutal slave hunters and with only the light of the North Star as their guide the pair make the grueling journey across hostile land to the free state of Pennsylvania. Even when a community of kind hearted abolitionist welcome them Ben and Moses realize that their perilous struggle for freedom continues.

My Opinion: I really enjoyed this movie and I never understood why we had slaves as it is cruel and inhumane. The story of Frederick Douglass and what he had to go through just to live free and enjoy life was heroic and at times tense. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn about the history of the United States and how African Americans were treated.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.   

Posh Party Supplies

I use a lot of paper plates in my home mostly as it is an easy clean up and no dishes being put in the dishwasher although I know it is not eco-friendly. When I have summer gathering I want to use paper products even more but have you thought that you could use them for the wedding and they would not look tacky? Posh Party Supplies has a wide variety of elegant heavyweight plastic dinnerware I was sent some to review and wait until you see the quality in these. 

I got the Symphony Collection 10.25” Dinner Plates which has silver brim with an embossed edge design and they come in a package of 10.  Symphony Collection Salad & Dessert Plates 7.25” again with the elegant embossed design and comes in a package of 10. Inspiration Collection Tumblers these have a silver trim and are 10 ounces and come in a package of 10. Kaya Collection Forks, Spoons and Knives all come in a package of 24 with a silver finish. These can all be washed by hand or thrown away whichever your preference is.

My Opinion: I really like the elegance of the plates, cups and silverware and your guest will not know these are made of heavy plastic and very affordable to buy and use at your next wedding, barbecue, family reunion, birthday party whatever occasion you want them for.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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Crazy Jamaican Java Crazy Cups

Think Warm Thoughts -Leaving Winter Behind 
Although it has been a mild winter I am dying to get outside in the warm sunshine please hurry and arrive spring so I can start wearing short sleeve shirts. Maybe I am getting cabin fever dreaming of some place warm and sunny. With Crazy Cups Crazy Jamaican Java which is a medium roast coffee I can do this each morning with hints of vanilla, sweet caramel and rum what a delicious treat just sitting on the couch with my feet up on the ottoman and yes I am closing my eyes to escape and think of sitting on the beach with the sun shining on my face in the distance you hear the waves crashing and reggae music playing.
Going to Jamaica I am freezing here 

My Opinion: This coffee is heavenly brewing in the house and I enjoy my little piece of Crazy Jamaican Java each time I have it until I drink all 22 cups and since these can be easy recycled I plan on doing so to make the earth better for the next generation.
Recycling it! 

Disclaimer: I am a Crazy Cups Ambassador but this is solely my own opinion which may differ from your very own. 

Easter Gift Basket Giveaway

Win an Easter Basket which includes Hatched and stuffed chick seen above. 

JClaw Tek Flashing Headlamp

JClaw Tek Flash Headlamp is great for nighttime outdoor activities as you can run, cross country ski, camp with this or if you prefer you can use as a normal flashlight. It requires 3AAA batteries to operate and is LED so you won’t have to work about it burning out on you.  168 Lumen “High Beam” for a spotlight that shines up to 110 meters; Has three brightness setting high, med, low, including SOS for emergencies. Two Red LEDs ideal for reading, preserving night vision, or not disturbing others, red strobe light to ensure being seen by others
Extra-long battery life by using only the light you need: 30 hours at max, 55 hours at med, 120 hours at low. If you are wondering about how durable is this let me tell you it is made with quality construction that is CE, Energy Star, and RoHS certified. It is water resistant up to IPX6 and protects from splashing or spraying from any angle.
My Opinion: I found this easy to put on my head and use weighing just 3 ounces it was not very heavy on my head. I used this to take my dog out at night to go to the bathroom and this summer I will use this for evening walks and outside camping.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

JClawTek Scorpio LED UV Flashlight

I like flashlights as they have many uses but I have never had a Scorpio LED UV Flashlight like JClawTek makes this one is made from aluminum and includes an O-ring for water resistance, has an push button which you turn on and off, has a bulb life of 100,000 hours, weights 10 ounces, with the size being 5.80 in length and 1.42 inches in diameter and the batteries it takes are 3 AA. Now because this is an ultraviolet light as well you can pretend it is your magic wand as you can see pet carpet stains, hotel room inspection, reveal rodent contamination, see bed bugs, hunt scorpions, detect leaks, hunt for valuable minerals, spot counterfeit currency and great for a forensic investigation.

My Opinion: I really like the size of this flashlight and it is brighter than the one I currently use. I think this will be perfect for camping, nighttime light to see through your house when you wake up in the night. I used it to see if my dog peed on the carpet when I went somewhere and saw she was good this time but I see where she went previously as it shines brightly.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


EarZings is an alternative for pierced ear but not a clip on like when I was a teen and wanted earrings as they just were the style back in the late 80’s I tried pierced once but got a bad infection on one of my ears and ended up at the doctors getting the back removed that somehow when in my skin I was ten years old when it happened so later in my teens I was afraid to get it pierced again and bought clip ones that really squeezed and hurt my ear I was not impress. I was very excited to try these as I think they just are a fashion statement and add style. I got three pair sent to me to review and I chose Hootie which is a green and yellow trendy owl. Squirt is an aqua sea turtle and Infinity Dangles which is the symbol of infinity in a sliver this can be worn alone or with any earZings.

My Opinion: I like them and they do feel great on my ears but I did take a long time figuring out how to position them and watched the video numerous times. I think these are great for girls as some may have an allergy to metals used in piercings and this is a safe alternative.
To see more visit

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Bump In The Night The Complete Series

Now out from Mill Creek Entertainment is Bump in the Night: The Complete Series with a MSRP $14.98. Join the hilarious stop-motion animated adventures of Mr. Bumpy, Squishington and Molly who are the “household” monsters protecting their humans from evil forces such as dirty socks and the closet monsters! Full of creativity and fantastic karaoke songs, meet Mr. Bumpy the wild green guy living under the bed gobbling up his favorite delicacy dust bunnies and rocking the night away with his best buds,

  Squshington the neat-freak bathroom monster and Molly Coddle a comfort doll who consoles anyone in need. Some of the shows are “Twas the night before Bumpy which was the Christmas special,: Sock It to Me/Comforting the Uncomfortable/Karaoke Café: You Need a Hug, Bonus Materials: Journey to the Center of Bumpy, It Sang from Beyond the Stars/Journey to the Center of the Lungfish/Karaoke Café: Find a New Neighborhood and Not a Leg to Stand On/Hide and Go Freak/Karaoke Café: You Gotta Say You’re Sorry just to name a few.
My Opinion: I had never seen this show so I am watching this for the first time and I think this is great for kids and teens it is very interesting and keeps your attention with excellent detail.
To see more visit 

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours

Monday, February 22, 2016

Winner's List


The Original Crazy Foam

What was once popular back in the 1960’s is back for a new generation to experience The Original Crazy Foam which makes bath time fun. I was sent four bottles in fun DC Comic bottles which are DC Original Batman, DC Original Superman, DC Original Wonder Woman and DC Original Joker. Crazy Foam is a 3 in 1 fun foam body wash, shampoo and conditioner and the foam comes out of the mouth of the characters. I do not remember seeing this commercial son TV in the 1980’s so maybe it was not around back then so it is all new to me.
My Opinion: If I was a kid I would have so much fun playing with this in the bathtub or shower as it is so light and airy to put on your hair and body. It can also help encourage bath time and good habits about being clean. I thought they were a lot of fun and priced reasonably.

As a child of the 1960’s do you remember these?
Where to buy? Kroger, Shop Rite, Walgreen’s and other retailers.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Sunshine & Glitter All The Sparkle SPF 30 Sunscreen Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

  Now that the weather is finally getting sunny I can test out some Sunshine & Glitter All The Sparkle SPF 30 Sunscreen. ALL NEW! The A...