Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Simply Earth Essential Oils

Lately I have been getting into essential oils and currently have a diffuser in my living room that I put 4-6 drops in with water and it makes my house smell amazing but they have many other uses including making shampoo, rubs and skin care which I want to learn all about. Simply Earth sent me some essential oils to share with you that you can get and add to your own collection and use for your needs. The Essential Oils are 100% Pure with no additives and undiluted.  Cedarwood Essential Oil has a warm woody, rich, balsamic; “it is slightly sweeter and has stronger middle notes than the Cedarwood -Atlas” scent.Can be used for  aromatherapy-diffuse for emotional wellness, astringent, to improve circulation, use in massage oil/lotion, for acne, skin eruptions, dandruff, hair loss, arthritis, natural perfumery, to enhance sleep.
Fennel Sweet Essential Oil is powerful, sweet, earthy and peppery-spicy clean scent. It can be used for t has different emotional benefits such as motivation booster, improves focus and strengthens stamina. It is also known to influence and aid digestive health.
Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) has a fresh, sweet citrus smell that is very characteristic of the fruit. You can use for aromatherapy oil, ingredient for skin and hair care, air deodorizer and more.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has a clean, camphoraceous scent with nostril opening intensity scent. You can used to relieve allergies and asthma. It can also be used as a fragrance in cosmetics, perfumes, toothpastes and ointments. There are different ways to use this oil including internally, aromatically or by application (with carrier oil).
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is sweet, spicy with warm and woodsy undertones. This has medicinal uses; it can give an insulin-like effect, act as a disinfectant and many other health benefits. It can also be used as flavoring, freshener and perfume ingredient.
My Opinion: All these oils have their own uses and all smell amazing I can’t wait to try them in my living room and make things with them. The digestive rub is on I could use right now with the Cinnamon Leaf in it.
Each month Simply Earth donates a portion of sales to a worthy cause this month it iSanctuary which helps victims of human trafficking with a holistic approach.
To see more about Simply Earth visit

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Kidz Bop Greatest Hits Plus A 2016 Tour

Make sure to check out the Kidz Bop Tour with over 50 dates running May to September and sponsored by Friendly’s you can check it out at . I was sent Kidz Bop Greatest Hits! To review where you can hear Happy, Uptown Funk, Party Rock Anthem, Shake it Off, Roar, Call Me Maybe, Best Day of my Life, Gangnam Style, Moves Like Jagger, All About That Bass, The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?), Bills and Make Some Noise.

Now these are all songs you like and listen to but without the provocative language and lyrics that kids will repeat and ask questions about.
My Opinion: This is a real good CD and I will be sharing this album with my young nieces and nephews and I like all the songs on this that they currently play on the radio.
To see more about the music visit

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The 1990’s Coloring Book All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons not included) By James Grange from Ulysses Press

The 1990’s I was a teenager and so much happened during that are from the birth of grunge music, Britney Spears had a hit with Hit Me Baby One More Time, Chuck Norris was Walker Texas Ranger. Furby was big and so on. When I saw The 1990’s Coloring Book All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons not included) By James Grange from Ulysses Press I knew I wanted to see a copy and share  with you my readers as I am sure you remember the 1990’s like me. This is a hilarious celebration of everything 1990’s including movies, music, television, fashion and technology. Who said coloring books are just for children?

With The 1990s, Coloring Book, fans of that epic era can grab their neon crayons and start shaking in their favorite moments. A colorful decade full of intriguing characters, memorable slang, and regrettable fashion, the 1990s loom large in today’s pop-culture consciousness. With a variety of illustrations from gigantic Zack Morris cell phones, flamboyant Bill Cosby sweaters, and mesmerizing Lisa Frank folders to Ross and Rachel kissing at Central Perk, the Spice Girls donning super-tall platform shoes, and Biggie and Tupac rapping East Coast/West Coast, the pages of The 1990s Coloring Book are a Rollerblade down memory lane. This pop-culture collage provides endless fun for anyone who is artistically inclined or just nostalgic for the days of Doc Martens and Daria. It truly is all that and a bag of chips.

My Opinion: I was nostalgic looking through this coloring book and remembered virtual everything inside. The drawings are alright hard to color with so many small lines. I would keep this as a collector item for years to come as it pretty much sums up the 1990’s

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Club Memt Reebok Shoes only $26 !

Club MEMT Only $26 plus Free Shipping the original price is $64.99 Save 50% 

3/29 until 4/1 with code CLUB  click the link below to order 

Alisa Knows What to Do the Mystery of The Last Truenox

NCIRCLE ENTERTAINMENT Alisa Knows What to Do the Mystery of The Last Truenox is out now on DVD and based on the hit novel series by Kir Bulychov which is extremely popular Russian science fiction novel about Alise Seleznyova, a young girl from the future. This animated series weaves a tale of the adventure of a group of teenagers living at the end of the 21st century. The world has changed yet the burning questions that occupied people at the beginning of the century are still pertinent today. Alisa and her friends not only battle evil and injustice but they also concerned with global problems like the natural balance and a clean environment both on the planet and in space.

          From the far-off planet Verum, Alisa’s father Professor Salazar brings back a truenox a mysterious creature that is able to predict the future, Without warning Professor Salazar’s colleague Doctor Gilliam kidnaps the truenox who Alisa and her friends have grown very fond of , Alisa rushes to the aid of her new friend will she save him from Doctor Gilliam? Find out and then embark on three more exciting adventures with Alisa and her friends. You will also see the episodes A Singing Showdown, Sunday Cloning and Wipeout Creativity with a total run time of 110 minutes. 
My Opinion: This is a very interesting cartoon and my nieces enjoyed watching and the theme song reminded me of the classic spy movie sound. It is great to get kids interested in Science and learn about the world around us.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours

Chuck E Cheese Giveaway Sponsored

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E Cheese and National Volunteer Month Giveaway

Chuck E Cheese wants to help you teach your children and grandchildren about giving back to society and they have a fun way to do it.  They have teamed up with Big Brothers and Big Sisters!  Big Brothers and Big Sisters matches kids,  who might be having a hard time, with really nice, smart grown-ups to help them make good choices.  This is something children can relate to easier than some other charities.

To make it fun, Chuck E. Cheese's across the country will donate 15% of sales from 3 - 9 PM on 3/31 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters when guests mention the organization!  So make it a fun night out and don't forget to mention Big Brothers and Big Sisters!

Also throughout April, families can donate $1, $5 or any amount of their choice to help Big Brothers and Big Sisters match “Littles” with “Big” mentors.

Chuck E Cheese

When kids donate, they get to write their name on a Pin-Up ticket, pictured above, and stick it on the wall to show their support.

So let's have some fun and teach our children about a charity they can easily relate to!  Find a location closest to you, click on locations top right!

Now for the giveaway!

Chuck E Cheese

Sponsor:  Chuck E. Cheese

Prize:  Guest pass (good for a large pizza, 4 drinks + 30 tokens) + 1,000 tickets

Host:  Michigan Saving and More

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Monday, March 28, 2016

TaoTronics Clip-On Lens Set

In my world I love to take pictures rather it is for traveling, capturing family moments or blogging. I seem to always have a reason to take pictures. I wanted to try something new for my cell phone camera which led me to TaoTronics Clip-On Lens Set which includes 3 different lens options fisheye, 0.4 wide angle lens and macro. It also has the finest lens made with sleek aluminum circled lens made of high clarity optical glass guarantees photos without glare or reflection giving you the best shots each and every time. It protects the phone on the top and bottom caps cushion the lens against outside forces or from accidental drops & knocks.
Clip and Clamp: Detachable clip works with a wide range of phones so everyone can take amazing photos. TaoTronics Certified it is the most reliable brand with a 3-year pro seller record.

My Opinion: I had no problem using the fisheye lens and the super wide lens but the macro lens I could not get it to focus and very hard to unscrew from the fisheye lens it was attached to. I do like how the photos came up but wish I could try the macro one and see how up close and personal the pictures were. This is a great lens set for the price and works extremely well and very easy to use-I used these on my LG Optimus Fuel.
To see more visit

Disclaimer: This is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours and I was not compensated in any way for this review.

Circle B Ranch

\Located in Southwest Missouri is Circle B Ranch which is family-owned and operated farm specializing in naturally, sustainably and humanely raised pork with no added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Circle B Ranch raises their hogs the “old-fashioned” way, outside 100% on pasture where the hogs can run and exercise their instincts, the way nature intended. That is what makes Circle B Ranch meat redder and more succulent. If you’re looking for the best pork available on the market, look no further than Circle B Ranch. I was sent some items to review and sample which I was so excited to do as I am a big fan of natural foods.

 I got Marina’s Italian Style Tomato Sauce which is inspired by the Old World Italian tastes with fresh ripe tomatoes and olive oil. Big John’s BBQ Sauce is thick, rich spicy and sweet homemade with natural ingredients which you can use for burgers, ribs and more. Marina’s Cranberry Chutney real, whole cranberries and oranges go into this renowned chutney, with the perfect addition of spice to complete this perfect recipe. Marina’s Homemade Ketchup that is made in small batches with simple ingredients including tomatoes, organic garlic and onion powder. That is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, low in sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, low in calories and more. Big John’s Chop and Steak Sauce that is used for dipping, marinades for pork, chicken or beef; that is made with tomatoes sauce, tomato puree, olive oil, vinegar, molasses and more.

My Opinion: I love the Cranberry Chutney and use on my turkey burgers and mix with cream cheese for cheese and crackers. The Big John’s Chop and steak sauce is ok too many tomatoes for me but my husband loves. The ketchup is very good with the right amount of ingredients. The Italian Style Tomato sauce is great on meatball subs or over pasta and great flavor. The BBQ Sauce is good just a bit spicy and I am more of a mild BBQ sauce girl but has lots of flavors.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Music Mondays Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance

Today's Music Mondays song takes us back to the 80's for Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance which is also in the new EXPRESS commercial. Enjoy! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Kobrand Wine and Spirits Easter Gift Guide 2016

Easter is on the way and Kobrand has some great wines to have with Easter dinner The Seeker Riesling which is a fresh and crisp wine that features vibrant fruit including citrus, peach and pineapple just enough sweetness to balance out the ham dinner as it can be salty. The Seeker Malbec is a well-round red wine that is acidic and fruity taste can handle the robust flavors of the lamb but not overpower it. St. Francis Chardonnay goes well with the vegetables and potatoes which go with the main dish this rich and ripe California Chardonnay has fresh melon, citrus and pineapple flavors making it a versatile medium-bodied Chardonnay that compliment vegetables like Brussels sprouts and a creamy potato salad. The last wine for Easter is the Caposaldo Moscato which goes with desserts like lemon pie or tart. The Caposaldo Moscato wine is a refreshing, light in alcohol taste with just enough sugar to match the gentle sweetness of desserts with apricot and peach aromas that highlight the honey cream.
My Opinion: These are a great pairing for your Easter dinner with friends and family to enjoy at the dinner table. My favorite so far is the Caposaldo Moscato as it is refreshing and light on the tongue. The others have a great flavor body to have with the meal and sides whichever you prefer.
To see more about Kobrand visit if you are over the age of 18.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

BRIO Countryside Horse Set Easter Gift Guide 2016

With Easter coming very soon if you are still looking for a great gift to get your child who is over the age of three let me tell you about BRIO. BRIO sent me Countryside Horse Set that is part of a train set with a ride through the country! The wooden railway brings you over the rocks to a hidden countryside pasture. When your horse is up for a field trip away from its beautiful shed, give it a shower and lead it to the train. The wagon has a perfect design for horse transport, complete with a foldout ramp that includes 28 pieces in all. It is a great toy of discovery and stimulation for a child that age teaching hand-eye coordination becomes refined, and fine motor skills are improving through handling small objects.  This is a period where children will play alongside each other, but cannot share toys or play actively together.  Since their hand coordination is at a pretty high level, children this age like to help out in the kitchen; scrubbing vegetables, snapping peas, tearing salad, and peeling bananas. Cutting with safety scissors is also fun.  This is also a period when children’s imagination truly blossoms, and where they’ll start enjoying all types of pretend play: such as “playing house” with imaginary friends, dolls and stuffed animals.

My Opinion: I have seen train sets but none as detailed and simple for kids to grasp and hold with lots of different play options that can be played with for hours. It would make a great gift for any boy as you know boys love trains.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Ravensburger Science X Smartscope Easter Gift Guide 2016

Ravensburger Science X Smartscope for ages 8 and up will let you use your smartphone or tablet to explore the amazing world of microscopics with Smartscope! Magnify your own finds, including water, sand, feathers, leaves, insects, and more, or study the objects on the included poster and follow along in the manual for fun facts about each. With a removable light source and sliding object tray with two levels of magnification, you’ll be able to scope out all kinds of objects in minute detail.  The kit includes Base Plate, Housing, 2 Dials, Dial Shaft, Lens Holder, Object Tray, 2Magnifying Lenses, 2 Object Tray Rails, Lighting Window, Foam Plate, Lighting Unit, Screwdriver, 4 Screws, Tweezers, Petri Dish, Pipette, ObjectHolder, Cover Plate, Tablet Support, Pouch, 33” x 23” Poster, 2 Stickers, Detailed Instruction Manual.

My Opinion: This is a great discover kit for kids to see bugs features up close and personal and really learn more about Science and get them interested in nature around them.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

MAM Baby Learn To Drink Cup and Pferd Sports Cup

MAM Baby makes a wide variety of products that is the best solution for the babies start in this world from pacifiers, Sippy cups, bottles and more. I was sent two items to share with you Learn to Drink Cup is 6.5 ounces for ages 6 months and up that is BPA Free, ideal for the transition from breast or bottle feeding to training cup, valve inside spout prevents liquid from spilling out when cup is not in use, easy for child to hold due to innovative shape and removable plastic cap helps keep spout clean when not in use. Sports Cup is 11 ounces and for ages 12 months and up that is in the color pink called Pferd with a girl on it; it is also BPA Free, opens automatically so no hands needed, spill proof due to patented valve system, unique curved shape and eye-catching due to the design.

My Opinion: These are perfect for toddlers and babies as they are spill proof and have a unique design perfect for little hands to hold.
 Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Throwback Thursday Deer Peeing

This Photo was taken in 2009 in Colorado and i am not sure if you can this but the deer is peeing in the water. I thought this would be a ncie Throwback Thursday Pic .

BRIO RC Travel Train Easter Gift Guide 2016

Another great Easter gift idea is BRIO RC Travel Train for ages 3 and up in the color white and has a remote controlled travel train the child is the train driver. The poseable figure fits inside the passenger wagon. The unique controller has easy to use reverse and stop functions as well as two different forward speeds. Press the buttons for light and sound effects using A & B frequencies make it possible for 2 RC trains to run on the tracks at the same time. This comes with 4 total pieces to play with and requires four AA batteries.

My Opinion: For kids to use it is very simple with no complicated handle to control the pieces are very sturdy and durable for kids to play with no matter how rough they get but obviously as a parent we would want them to be respectful of toys and others.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Prepper’s Communication Handbook by Jim Cobb

I got this book for my dad as he goes to a prepper’s meeting twice a month and figured he will enjoy reading this book it is called Prepper’s Communication Handbook Lifesaving Strategies for Staying in Contact during and after a Disaster by Jim Cobb. This is the ultimate guide to acquiring, assembling and utilizing life-saving emergency communication systems including in-depth coverage of using HAM radios, walkie talkies, shortwave radios and CB radios.
When disaster strikes, calls, texts and emails don’t work, after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy, cell phones were rendered useless when transmission towers were destroyed and networks became overloaded. Having an alternative way of reaching family and loved ones at these critical moments is essential. With this in-depth guide, you learn the best tips, tricks and expert secrets for surviving when phones and the internet fail.

This comprehensive guide covers everything needed to be fully prepared for when the grid goes down, including the best types of radio for every disaster scenario from HAM radios (used by most search and rescue groups) to walkie talkies (small and easy to use, ideal for children). And since survival communication goes beyond the short term, there are also instructions for longer term solutions like hand-cranked or solar powered batteries.
My Opinion: This book gave me tons of information and I learned a thing or two as well with the meaning of each type of radio, the codes used by the military, aviation and law enforcement. How to communicate online and by radio to get help.My dad is going to love this book and what it has to offer as he feels in the near future we will be having a disaster and he will be prepared.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

BuggaLoop Easter Gift Guide 2016

Ravensburger has a game out called BuggaLoop for ages 6 and up; Look out! There’s an HEXBUG in the yard and it’s coming after you! Players take turns rolling the die and moving their bugs peacefully across the yard until the HEXBUG emerges from the tunnel and tries to bump them off. Stay standing and continue down your path get bumped and you’ll have to start from the beginning again! The first player to transport all of their bugs to safety wins this surprising buggy scramble!
How to Play: 1. Roll the die and move one of your bugs the corresponding number of spaces. 2. Watch out for the HEXBUG! If he bumps your bug off of space, return to start. 3. The first player to move all of his bugs to safety wins the game!

My Opinion: This is a great family fun filled game and I know boys may like this more than girls since it has to do with bugs and not many girls like bugs.  You could even give this as a gift on Easter Sunday coming.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Double Bunny Easter Basket from Easter Gift Guide 2016

Easter will be here before you know it and you still have a little bit of time to order a beautiful basket from I was sent a Double Bunny Easter Basket that is valued at $119.99 and has free shipping inside you will find:
(2) Bunnies with Ribbon Bow Ties - Two beautiful, ribbon-adorned bunnies that are handcrafted using the softest imaginable fabrics. 
Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettle Corn by - 1.4 oz. - Handcrafted gourmet popcorn that's dusted with sweet brown sugar and freshly ground cinnamon.
(2) Solid Double Crisp Chocolate Bunnies by Palmer - 4.25 oz. - Two delicious bunnies made of solid milk chocolate that is handcrafted by artisans in accordance with a centuries-old tradition.
(2 Packages) Peeps by Just Born - Assorted Colors - Brilliantly hued sugary confections of sweet, gooey marshmallows that are pressed into fun, festive Easter shapes.

(2) Jelly Beans by Buttercup Candy Shoppe - 3.5 oz. - Plump, oversized jelly beans in a vast array of rainbow colors that offer gourmet flavors created using the finest ingredients.
Blue Raspberry Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - This unique taffy will give you an explosion of tantalizing raspberry flavor with every bite. 
Sugar Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 4 oz. - Delectable sugar cookies that are baked to crispy perfection to create a scrumptious bite-sized treat.
Watermelon Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - Sweet chewy candy that explodes with tangy watermelon flavor.
Peanut M&Ms by Mars - 1.69 oz. - The perfect combination of sweet and salty, these rich, bite-sized confections are created by drenching premium peanuts in creamy milk chocolate.
(2) Candy Necklaces by KOKO's - Multicolored necklaces in a variety of rainbow flavors are a must-have accessory for candy lovers.
Plain M&Ms by Mars - 1.69 oz. – The classic. Delicious chocolate center that is coated by a crunchy candy shell. 
Wild Berry Skittles by Wrigley - 2.17oz - Unique wild berry flavored center encased in a crunchy candy coating. 
Sour Patch Kids by Kraft Foods - 2 oz. - Soft and chewy candies with a perfect blend of sour and sweet, in a variety of flavors. 
Pocket Travel Tic Tac Toe - Classic tic tac toe game that comes in a convenient, easy to use size. 

Ring Flyer - This brightly colored frisbee disk will fly through the air with ease.
My Opinion: This arrived at my door and I was surprised at how quick arrived and the pretty blue bow on the basket is just a nice touch and matched the bow on the two bunnies inside. This is a great value for the money and the contents inside will make any child smile. My niece loves bunnies, sour patch kids, Skittles, M&M’s and will enjoy this gift basket and split it up and gave to multiple kids in my family. 

About Them: was founded with family values and the desire to provide exceptional gifts for all of the life’s special occasions. Through years of working in his family’s flower shop in New Hampshire, President & CEO Ryan Abood naturally realized an opportunity to provide handmade, high-quality gift baskets. What began with two family members in the basement of a flower shop has exploded into a multi-million dollar company recognized multiple times by Inc.500, Internet Retailer, Enterprise Bank, and more, while still remaining true to its core values of exceptional gourmet ingredients handcrafted with care. As this entrepreneurial family spirit continues in the next generation with the birth of the youngest Abood last spring, this proud family business will continue to exceed gourmet gifting expectations.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

The Pop Culture Timeline Game by Smith Street Books and Illustrated by George Saad Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

  The Pop Culture Timeline  Game by Smith Street Books and Illustrated by George Saad. Test your knowledge of when pop cultural events happ...