Monday, November 30, 2020

Learn with Mochi Mochi Robotic Kit Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Learn with Mochi Mochi Robotic Kit is for ages 3 to 9. The Mochi Computer, your programmable Rover, Mochi Bear, 1 book, 1 map, and 1 set of craft pieces for Rover. As well as 12 coding blocks for all your coding adventures! 

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 3.0 #US Family Guide


MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 3.0 welcome to the newest and latest in below-the-waist trimming. The Lawn Mower 3.0 from MANSCAPED is the only trimmer you need to keep your manhood looking trim, neat, and clean. Soft ceramic blades featuring advanced SkinSafe Technology ensures confidence while trimming below-the-waist. This next-level male trimmer is cordless, waterproof, and can be charged with a rapid charging USB dock for the utmost convenience.

Wind Passion Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Wind Passion unisex bracelets and other nautical accessories cover it all with a broad color and size range, ready to match your unique style, even if you’re not really into surfing, sailing, or any other water-related activity. 

Wanderings Refillable Leather Travelers Notebook


Wanderings Refillable Leather Travelers Notebook is made with a high-quality full-grain 100% leather journal that looks, smells, and feels beautiful. Naturally tanned leather will age with a character or simply rub away your markings if you choose. A lifelong keepsake for your thoughts and expressions; 

The Right Kind of Fool By Sarah Loudin Thomas


The Right Kind of Fool By Sarah Loudin Thomas from Bethany House Publishing. 

Thirteen-year-old Loyal Raines is supposed to stay close to home on a hot summer day in 1934. When he slips away for a quick swim in the river and finds a dead body, he wishes he'd obeyed his mother. Desperate for help, he runs to the mountain cabin of his mostly absentee father, frantically trying to communicate the news with his hands. Driven away by fear and guilt over his son's deafness, Creed has played a distant part in Loyal's life and language. 

Love Sun Body Mineral Face Sunscreen & SPF 50 Body Sun Screen Gift Set Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Love Sun Body is America’s FIRST100% natural broad-spectrum mineral sunscreens for face and body that are certified by Ecocert Cosmos Natural. Reef-safe, kid-safe, vegan, and hypoallergenic. I was sent the Mineral Face Sunscreen & SPF 50 Body Sun Screen Gift Set which comes all in a cotton makeup bag in the color yellow. America's First Cosmos Natural certified sunscreens, no synthetics or chemicals, non-GMO ingredients, each sustainable ingredient is traceable to the source, broad spectrum with UVA protection = 1/3 the total SPF, water-resistant up to 80 mins.

Waterdrop Pink Pitcher Filter Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Waterdrop Pink Pitcher Filter for Home this filter comes with 7-layer filtration to reduce contaminants. The gravity induction indicator reminds you to replace the filter for better water quality. It ensures an easy refill of the pitcher without the need to remove the cover. It suits most fridge doors and keeps water cold for a very long time.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Axol and Friends Weighted Axol the Axolotl Plush

 Just in time for Christmas is Axol and Friends Weighted Axol the Axolotl Plush. Axol The Axolotl is a plush designed in the image of the endangered salamander native to Mexico. These little creatures are quirky, silly, and have amazing regenerative abilities. Axol is adventure-ready, fun for all ages, soft and cuddly, and even meets all governmental regulations for cute plush toys!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

GUJO Adventure Mars Space Base Holiday Gift Guide 2020


GUJO Adventure Mars Space Base for ages 6 and up. Send your young explorers on a deep space adventure with Gujo, Shelly, and Philip. Blast off in the Mission Mars Rocket and travel to the Mission Mars Space Base! A clear step by step color instruction manual ensures a fun assembly experience. Mission Mars building sets are constructed using high-quality sturdy plastic connectors and durable plastic panels. All pieces are waterproof and washable.

Delilah Home 6pc 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels Giveaway Ends12/31

Welcome to the Delilah Home 6pc 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels Giveaway!

Clixo Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Clixo, a building toy with a modern twist that combines the magic of origami with the ease of classic block building. Clixo is also outdoor-friendly. Where traditional building blocks are rigid, heavy, and can only be built on an even surface, Clixo's pieces are magnetic and can be built anywhere- on the ground, outside, in the air, or on the go. It's designed to be a simple, intuitive play system that can be a ball, a hat for your teddy bear, a plane, or even a snake - whatever it is, Clixo allows kids to be in charge of whatever creation they want. And what might be best is that Clixo easy for parents. 

Clean Age Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Clean Age was launched by a 12-year-old who wanted a deodorant option that was good for the environment, smelled good but not overwhelming, and with sweet-looking packaging. Now there's a toiletry kid's will like getting in their stocking!  This isn’t an afterthought of an adult product line. At home or on the go, Clean Age products are made to specifically meet the needs of pre-teens and teens.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Back To The Roots Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Back To The Roots is America's #1 Organic Gardening Company with winter coming I wanted something I could grow inside and I settled on Organic Sunflower Windowsill Grow Kit these sunny blooms will bring joy and happiness to your windowsill just add water! They provide everything you need for your new garden: nutrient-rich organic soil, organic sunflower seeds, and an eco-friendly, stylish mason jar planter that will add style to any home. The Back to the Roots Sunflower Windowsill Planter is the perfect Spring gardening activity, gift, and learning project for the whole family. 

Brillia Health Cough Control & Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery


For the upcoming cold/flu season that is here or about to arrive I want to tell you about Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery breakthrough science is clinically proven to work with your body’s natural immune response to shorten the duration of your cold-flu and quickly reduce the symptoms for a healthier recovery. It also helps to reduce sinus pressure, inflammation, and congestion. Fights against influenza and upper respiratory infections. Similar anti-viral effects as prescription flu treatments.

Pause, Breathe, and Reflect T-Shirt Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 This has been one heck of a year with so many uncertain things happening from the coronavirus, black lives matter protests, the election, homeschooling and it has been stressful. Michael O'Brien's new Pause, Breathe, and Reflect T-Shirt  has three essential messages: 

1. On the Front - Pause, Breathe, and Reflect so we can be thoughtful and calm as we go forward.

Spokester Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Spokester makes bike accessories to make your bike sound like a motorcycle, these are great stocking stuffers for kids. They easily attach to the frame of the bike and hit the spokes of the wheel to make the sound. They’ve been really popular this year as more families are spending time together and trying to be healthier and more active. It’s also a great way to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors. They come in the colors black, blue, green, and red. 

PenSilly Holiday Gift Guide 2020


PenSilly for ages 6 and up along with 2 or more players. PenSilly is the super, silly drawing and guessing game! It takes creativity, teamwork, and imagination to play! Grab your friends, select your cards, and sketch out the clues. The team who collects the most points, 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Holiday Gift Guide 2020


This holiday season Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has things for the man on your list including Stand By Me Socks in Black Now you may think you are all set and only have to say I Do now. But, you're wrong you need to ask a few more questions before the I Do. Time to send out some gifts and some gifts to recruit a clan of guys to stand by your side. 

Pinxies Unicorn Ice Cream Truck Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Pinxies Unicorn Ice Cream Truck for ages 6 and up. The Pinxies Unicorn Ice Cream Truck sparks imaginations and lets girls explore the magic of serving delicious frozen treats to their unicorns for endless build-and-play fun! Each Pinxies who visit the Ice Cream Truck brings a story and the opportunity for girls to create new friendships. Koral’s interchangeable expressions and interlocking hands inspire deeper storytelling. Stem Authenticated by, the foremost Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics credentialing organization. Combining problem-solving skills and narrative abilities, Pinxies sets the stage for young minds to excel at STEM.

Music Mondays WAP Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion


VTech Myla's Sparkling Friends Riley Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Vtech Myla's Sparkling Friends Riley the Unicorn for ages 4 and up. Riley talks sing and light up with a kaleidoscope of colors. Touch her necklace, horn, eyes, and wings to change their color. Interact with Riley to hear 100+ responses about feelings, colors, and more and sing a duet with her! It requires 2 AAA batteries to operated when the ones inserted run out as they are for demo purposes. Riley comes with a comb for her mane and tail, plus two shareable hair clips to add more flair. Accessory colors may vary. Press Riley's magical necklace to choose a color, then touches her horn, eyes, and wings to decorate with that color. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

BeaverCraft Wizard Carving Kit Holiday Gift Guide 2020


If you are looking to start a new hobby or you know someone who already does wood carving this Wizard Carving Kit by BeaverCraft is a great gift this Christmas season. BeaverCraft wood carving tools always come sharp right out of the box. And this time is not an exception. All wood carving knives are made with love in a country overflowing with beautiful landscapes - Ukraine.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

My London Souvenirs Big Ben Metal Spinner Keyring & Heart-Shaped Magnet"I Love London" Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 My London Souvenirs Big Ben Metal Spinner Keyring remember when you first saw London? Big Ben truly stands above the rest! The newest teen craze is to collect keyrings! Collect all of our souvenir keyrings!

Little Justice Leaders Holiday Gift Guide 2020


When you sign up for Little Justice Leaders, each month you will receive a box of carefully selected resources to help your learners understand a social justice issue. We use arts and crafts, projects, books, and other activities to help your child or students understand complex issues. This box is made specifically for kids in grades K-6, so the content is fun, educational, and age-appropriate. Talking about social justice issues can be hard. We want to make it easier. With conversation starters, activities, and other goodies, you can make these tough conversations fun and interesting for your learners. 

Imaginal Hemp Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Imaginal Hemp is the world’s premier line of family-friendly CBD products. They aim to take charge of the CBD industry with radical transparency and the highest quality hemp oil products. Care in every step equals a difference you can feel. I suffer from anxiety, chronic pain including fibromyalgia which as you have read CBD and hemp help alleviate pain for people with chronic pain. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Kwik Stix Thin Stix Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Kwik Stix Thin Stix allows you to paint with finer detail using these new solid tempera paint sticks without the mess. No cups, smocks, water or brushes required. Kwik Stix has a fast-drying formula that will allow them to dry in 90 seconds while still leaving a paint-like finish! Kwik Stix comes in assorted vibrant colors with coverage that won't crack. Great on the poster, paper, cardboard, wood, and canvas. For ages 3 and up, non-toxic. 

The Pencil Grip Hair Chalk Holiday Gift Guide 2020


New to The Pencil Grip lineup is Hair Chalk which comes in 6 or 12 packs for ages 3 and up.  Hair Coloring Chalk is a great way to add beautiful, vibrant colors to your hair! The chalk applies instant color to dry hair and works on both light and dark hair shades. The hair chalk results in a soft color that is easy to brush and style after applying. The stick is designed to fit perfectly into your hand to make for a super easy application. 

Electric Balloon Pump Kit Giveaway Ends 12/20


The Chef's Garden


Skip the crowded lines and let Farmer Jones Farm be your personal shopper. You’ll receive the same high-quality vegetables, bursting with flavor and nutrition as world-class chefs use in their kitchens every day. Order one of their vegetable boxes and get fresh harvested, nutritious, antioxidant-rich vegetables and herbs delivered to your door. The Chef's Garden allows you to choose from an introduction box $59, seasonal vegetable box $59, leafy greens box $59, Thanksgiving vegetable box $175,  and gourmet vegetables $200.

Studio L Jewelry Earrings Giveaway Ends 12/9

Studio L Jewelry Earrings Giveaway

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Paw Patrol Marshall Cubee Craft

Magic Stix Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Magic Stix 12 pack comes in a carry case that is easy to clean and sanitize. Magic Stix are GUARANTEED to bring long-lasting color to the page with the cap off for up to 7 DAYS without drying out! They have a new, triangular shape to promote proper grip and help develop fine motor skills.

WORX 4V Max Lithium Screwdriver

 WORX 4V Max Lithium Screwdriver has three, digital, pushbutton settings that enable the user to match the cordless tool’s torque or turning force, to the job at hand. Unlike a bulky drill-driver, the WORX 4V Screwdriver weighs only 1.5 lbs. with a compact, circular, lean body. The power screwdriver’s internal 4V Max lithium 1.5 Ah battery recharges in 1.5 hours, has a (no-load) run time of 45 minutes, and holds a charge up to 18 months.  It is conveniently charged via USB cable and does not need a dedicated charger. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

Dave’s Gourmet


Dave’s Gourmet Aged White Cheddar Alfredo this delicious combination of light cream, aged American white cheddar, and a touch of butter is the result of over eight years of cooking, tasting, and experimenting. It is a gluten-free pasta sauce.

60 Pieces Earring Posts Stud Earring Kit


I love Christmas and I recently discovered some cute earrings on Amazon they are 60 Pieces Earring Posts Stud Earring Kit which go for $10.39. The stud earring kit includes 20 pieces of stud earring cabochon setting post cup, 20 pieces rubber backs, and 20 pieces Christmas Earrings. You can use these stud earrings kit for DIY earring making. stud earring blanks are made in stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic, no fade and no tarnish. Backs are made in rubber, very comfortable for use. Cabochons are made in good quality glass. durable trays blank settings for jewelry making. 12 mm inner base, fit for 12 mm glass cabochons included. Cabochons are Christmas holiday designs. This is a wonderful earring making kit. 

Music Mondays Holiday By Little NAS X


MantraBand The Best Is Yet To Come Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Even though 2020 was a rough year let's start by improving it with inspirational quotes and one you can wear on your wrist every day from MantraBand The Best Is Yet To Come let these words be your reminder to believe in a better tomorrow and to believe in miracles. The best is yet to come as you learn, grow, and become the best version of yourself. Expect good things in your life express gratitude for what you have. And look forward with hope for the best to come. 

The Floral Preservation Co. Floral Preservation Kit Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 The Floral Preservation Co. Floral Preservation Kit introducing a fast, fun, and simple way to preserve your flowers with our Floral Preservation Kit! From adorable dance recitals, prom night, and awkward first dates to the day you said “I Do!”, 30-40-and-50ish birthdays, and other remarkable celebrations, the best moments of your life can now be preserved in moments!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Marc Zboch

* This is a sponsored post which I will be compensated for* 

With the colder weather here in Maine where I am visiting for the month, I wanted to find some recipes to make that will be hearty and warm me up inside. One recipe is a Lasagna Toss is a simple version of lasagna when you are in a rush and have a limited amount of time. 

Fire Dept. Coffee $25 E-Gift Card Giveaway Ends 12/25


Welcome to the $25 Fire Dept Coffee e-gift Card Giveaway!

Bring on the Holidays Grand Prize Giveaway Ends 11/30


Win This awesome Christmas Wish List Prize Pack! 

November is here and it's time to Bring on the Holidays! Those of us who are BIG Christmas fans have already put up our Christmas tree and we're ready to drag you over to the jolly side a little early this year! Yes! I want to see you smile today, tomorrow, and daily for the rest of the year! The winner of this year's Bring on the Holidays Giveaway is going to have an amazing Christmas! Do you know how I know that? Because of the prizes below! Enter to win on the easy giveaway form below! Good luck to all who enter!

YuMe Batman Voice Activated Batmobile

Friday, November 13, 2020

Pilot Pen Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Christmas will be here before you know it and it is hard to believe another year is coming to an end. I have some great pens from Pilot that will make great gifts along with writing letters to Santa. 

FriXion Clickers allows you to write letters to Santa as they come in packages of 8 and had gel ink with a 0.7mm point, refillable, and writes smooth but erases clean! After you write your Christmas to make sure Santa has it you can place in the microwave for 1 minute the ink disappears so you know Santa got your list.

Thursday, November 12, 2020


 *This is a sponsored post which I will be compensated for*

With the cold weather coming and the economy the way it is you might be wondering how to stay warm without spending a lot of money with Prestarrs they have cheap jackets that are stylish. 

Faeries Dance Black Bamboo Boxers Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 With Christmas around the corner, I wanted to find something different and unique and I found some Black Bamboo Boxers at Faerie’s Dance. Simply the most comfortable boxer you'll ever find. You'll think you have nothing on! These single-button fly boxers are made from soft and luxurious bamboo. Elastic waistband is fully covered.  They come in sizes (they also run slightly larger than other boxes) Small: 28"-31" waist

Medium: 32"-35" waist
Large: 36"-38" waist
X-Large: 39"-42" waist

Vital You Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Vital You are dedicated to changing your everyday routine into a healing experience. I suffer from fibromyalgia along with chronic pain which is annoying so I am looking for ways to relax and stay calm. I also suffer from low self-esteem and I never take care of myself and always others but it is not supposed to be that way. I decided on reviewing the Goddess Mini Bundle includes a mini Goddess bath bomb & Wax Crescent's mini Goddess candle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Lena & Snowball


A heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship between a girl and a lion cub, Lena & Snowball will arrive on DVD, Digital, and On Demand January 12 from Lionsgate. The Lena & Snowball DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.   Bullied at school and lonely at home, Lena keeps hoping she’ll have a true friend someday. One afternoon, her dreams come true in the shape of a cuddly white lion cub! 

Razor MX125 Dirt Rocket Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Christmas will be here before you know it and to get the kids outside and be active how about Razor MX125 Dirt Rocket for ages 7 and up, for weight up to 110 pounds, gets 8 mph, and the battery lasts 40 minutes of continuous use.  

Goodtimer Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Goodtimer is the hottest new educational toy of 2020! Developed for kids ages 3-10, this five-time award-winning product is all about encouraging kids to do their best every day! Goodtimer is an interactive and friendly clock-like companion that glows with soothing green lights and encouraging sounds that motivate kids to earn Good Time. What's Good Time? Unlike "time outs" that punish bad behavior, Goodtimer helps kids earn Good Time when they're following your family's house rules. What's great about Goodtimer is it's customizable to meet your family's unique values. 


 **This is a sponsored post which I will be compensated for**

The weather is getting colder so you will need to go shopping for clothing to keep warm but also be stylish with Charmwish. You are going to need the most comfortable hoodies  Christmas Snowman Print Long Sleeve Sweatshirt comes in white, blue, red, and yellow. The sizes range from Small-5XL it has a round neck, long-sleeved, with a snowman on it. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

iPhone XR (2 Pack) Screen Protector


Speira iPhone XR (2 Pack) Screen Protector has 2 HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Installation Guide, Stickers, Wet Wipes, Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth that you may also use later for your screen and glasses. Advanced polymer adhesive prevents the forming of air bubbles to ensure easy installation. Life-time discoloration resistance. You get the highest visibility on your screen. 99.9% transparency with an anti-fingerprint layer. Thin yet protective with 0.2 mm thick with 2.5D round edge & 9H surface hardness. Designed to leave a clearance from the round edges of the screen to allow for hassle-free installation of cases. Gift Basket

 I like to drink coffee and one cup a day to warm up on the cold days and as a morning drink with breakfast. I received a gift basket from with so many different varieties in it. All Day Gourmet  Classic single-serve cup is medium roasted for a smooth, silky taste.

All Day Gourmet Bolder Brew 100% premium grade Colombian blended coffee roasted deeper and darker for those of you who truly appreciate a full-tasting cup of joe that's not harsh or bitter.

All Day Gourmet 100% Columbian is made from the finest varietal Colombian coffee beans.

Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey by Todd M. Zimmermann and illustrated by Kyle Hernandez


Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey by Todd M. Zimmermann and illustrated by Kyle Hernandez. Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey is the third in our seven-book series. This book tells the story of how Marley & Joan and Abbey entered the family’s collection of ornaments. This time, it’s little Holly who tells the story of how her Grandparents gave her both of these beautiful ornaments. Grandparents are such an important part of the tradition of Christmas ornaments, so we’re excited to introduce them in this story. 

1 Tree Mission

 1 Tree Mission is committed to reforesting our earth by planting one tree for each bracelet purchased. I was to review a bunch of bracelets and I wanted to share them with you. Red Maple Tree Bracelet this is to represent the tree which is believed to exist on Earth for over 100 million years, is prized for its sweet syrup and beautiful hardwood used for making musical instruments, furniture, and paper. They can live up to 200 years. Each bead color and meaning is Translucent Glass - Water - clarity of life. Red Carnelian – Earth – creativity. Orange Amber – fire – alleviates stress. Emperor Jasper – Tree – ecological awareness. Turquoise Agate – Sky – positive thinking. Blue Sodalite – Ocean – emotional 

Monday, November 9, 2020

BraveHoods Holiday Gift Guide 2020


BraveHoods is a pediatric cancer organization that gift hoodies to kids with cancer and their siblings. They also sell their hoodies and for each one sold, one is gifted. I got Spiral Hoodie Ladies’ Zip-Up in black it comes in sizes small-4XL. This spiral design is one of our originals. It was inspired by their spirograph addiction. 

Plankton Paper Roll Craft


Music Mondays Remember That Night? By Sara Kays


Oliver Doodle Dandy Written by Todd M. Zimmerman and illustrated by Kyle Hernandez


Oliver Doodle Dandy Written by Todd M. Zimmerman and illustrated by Kyle Hernandez.  Oliver Doodle Dandy is a celebration of America. From the freedoms we cherish to the opportunities we have, to the accomplishments of legendary Americans, Oliver Doodle Dandy shows that even in difficult times the American Dream is very much alive. What a better way to teach children about the resolve of America than through a new book and companion activity book celebrating America, designed to help teachers and parents during this challenging time.

Paw Patrol: Pup-tastic! 8 DVD Collection Limited Edition Marshall’s Fire Truck Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Paw Patrol: Pup-tastic! 8 DVD Collection Limited Edition Marshall’s Fire Truck comes out November 10, 2020, with an MSRP of $59.99. Produced by Spin Master Entertainment with fan-favorite pup Marshall who lends his fire truck theme to this gift set and invites viewers to join him in over 12 hours of heroic rescues. 

Winning Moves Giveaway Ends 11/30


Winning Moves Life First Edition 1960 Classic Reproduction Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Winning Moves Life First Edition 1960 Classic Reproduction for ages 10 an dup along with 2-6 players along with playing time 45-60 minutes. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Game of Life with this wonderful classic edition. Everything you adored about the original 1960 game will be found inside. Good fortune is always around the corner. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Leap Frog Blue’s Clues & You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook Holiday Gift Guide 2020

 Blue’s Clues & You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook from Leap Frog for ages 2 -5. Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook with non-removable crayon looks like Josh’s Handy Dandy Notebook from the show. Learn through pretend to play with 11 light-up app icons that introduce toddlers and preschoolers to colors, counting, shapes, weather, health, and hygiene. Touch the buttons and count along. Press the buttons to play a search-and-find game, learn about healthy habits and identify colors. Move and exercise in playful ways with Magenta.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Shalofer Women Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt Adult Turkey Matching Tops


Shalofer Women Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt Adult Turkey Matching Tops are great to give a couple who are expecting. When parents wear this couple outfit on Thanksgiving Day,it can reflect the love between husband and wife.