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Ultimate Goliath Games Easter Basket Giveaway Ends 4/14

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BrainTap creator Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., began his journey into the science of calming the brain at age 12 when his father taught a relaxation method to him and his eight siblings. Porter soon recorded his first visualization on a cassette recorder and used it to transform himself from a self-professed “struggling student and storied troublemaker” into a three-sport athletic captain as well as an honor roll student. The science behind BrainTap relies on four key elements that enable the sessions to induce brainwave entrainment. Binaural Beats When two different tones, separated in frequency by only a few Hertz, are introduced one in each ear the brain perceives a third, unique tone.

Wake Up With Two Rivers Bold Roast Giveaway! Ends 4/15

Wake Up With Two Rivers Bold Roast Giveaway

Welcome to the Wake Up With Two Rivers Bold Roast Giveaway!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Dazonge Easter Burlap Banner

Pack of 2 Easter Bunting Garlands Dazonge Easter Burlap Banner has Easter written in pastel colors along with bunnies on each end and the banner measures approx. 2.8m/9.2ft in total length the other banner has rabbits and carrots patterns and measures 13*18cm / 5*7 inches. They are made of high-quality natural burlap, durable and reusable for years of use. Excellent Indoor/Outdoor Decorations Banners are pre-assembled with adjustable flags and ready to hang on the wall, windows, tree branches, around or above the mantel, dessert table, etc.  Combine with other bunny decorations will add a more festive touch to Easter celebration. Also a great photo prop for Easter & Spring photos.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot from RLJE Films comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on April 2, 2019. The film was written and directed by Robert D. Krzykowski starring Sam Elliott (A Star is Born), Aiden Turner (Poldark), Ron Livingston (Tully), Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex), Larry Miller (Pretty Woman), and Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood). Since World War II, Calvin Barr has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to the general population. Relying on the same skills that he honed during the war, Calvin must set up to save the free world yet again.

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Gravies

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Gravies a menu of delectable tastes and textures to satisfy the most demanding palate. With taste in mind, but health at heart, they slow-cook chicken, turkey, and skipjack tuna into tender shreds all served in a delicious sauce. Without artificial colors or flavors, this is the Wellness way to enjoy life’s everyday indulgences. Their favorite Shreds Variety Pack includes 8 pouches featuring two delicious recipes: Chicken & Turkey in Light Sauce and Skipjack Tuna & Shrimp in Light Sauce. These are grain-free complete meals come balanced, everyday nutrients for your cat. All-Natural, slow-cooked meals are made with real morsels of chicken, turkey, tuna, and mackerel in gravies. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Travel Backgammon Set Detachable Portable Roll Up Design

Travel Backgammon Set is beautifully handmade, and the travel backgammon set has roll-up and detachable design make the leather backgammon set novelty, attractive and much more portable than the other box backgammon board. The travel backgammon set also has roll zippered pouch holds all the pieces and dices when after played backgammon game. The travel backgammon set has a good size that is not too large for traveling or small to play at home, and the leather backgammon set is lightweight and compact. 

Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase Review & Giveaway Ends 4/10

**“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”**
Available on DVD, Digital and Blu-ray on April 2,2019 from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase. Executive Produced by Ellen DeGeneres, the film stars Sophia Lillis (IT and “Sharp Objects”), Sam Trammell (“True Blood” and “This is Us”), and Linda Lavin (“The Good Wife” and“Alice”) and follows Nancy Drew in her new town, making new friends and on a mission to solve the case! The film carries a suggested retail price of $19.99 for the Digital, $19.98 for the DVD and $28.98 for the Blu-ray Combo Pack. 

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark soft red winter wheat is the Maker's Mark flavoring grain and star of its mash bill. In a day when distiller's rye which can have an unwanted bite was the go-to grain for whiskey makers, Bill Samuels, Sr., set out for a flavor that would let his new bourbon stand out in the crowd. After some trial and error, he discovered exactly what he was thirsting for. The limestone shelf where the distillery is located is key to crafting the unique taste of Maker's Mark the only distillery with its own water source and watershed. Kentucky limestone filters out iron from water, which is unpleasant in bourbon. The pure calcium- and magnesium-rich water surrounding the distillery makes better drinking water and a better sour mash in which yeast can flourish.

In Focus Reiki Your Personal Guide By Des Hynes

In Focus Reiki Your Personal Guide By Des Hynes from Quatro Publishing Group. Combined from the Japanese words Rei, meaning “God’s wisdom, universal life, or higher power” and Ki, meaning “life force or energy,” reiki is the healing practice of balancing our “universal life energy” around our bodies. Founded in the early twentieth century by Japanese Buddhist monk Mikao Usui with the underlying belief that our bodies have the natural ability to heal, reiki transfers healing energy by using the placement of hands to blocked areas. The In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind, and spirit subjects, using expert authors in their respective fields and featuring relevant visual material to smartly and purposely illustrate key topics within each subject. 

In Focus Chakra Healing Your Personal Guide By Roberta Vernon

In Focus Chakra Healing Your Personal Guide By Roberta Vernon from Quarto Knows Publishing. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies whose flow monitor our internal functions, such as health, state of mind, and body functions, as well as our external environments, like alerting us when a place feels right for us or when it makes us feel uncomfortable. However, the six major chakras base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown are many times blocked or misaligned, bringing about a host of negative ailments, feelings, and emotions. Thankfully, chakras can be corrected through various healing practices.

Scarlett Mini-Series

Scarlett Mini-Series from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $14.98 and stars Joanne Whalley-Kilmer (Muse), Timothy Dalton (James Bond 007), Annabeth Gish(TV’s The X-Files),  Julie Harris( The Light Keepers), Ann-Margret (Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause)  , Sean Bean(TV’s World on Fire), Jean Smart (TV’s Legion), and George Grizzard (TV’s Law & Order).
Scarlett, the mini-series is based on the Alexandra Ripley’s best-selling sequel to Gone With the Wind, takes up precisely where the story left off, in see Scarlett O’Hara off on a journey from Atlanta to Charleston and Savannah, to London, into her ancestral home of Ballyhara in Ireland.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Village Naturals Aromatherapy Fiji and Iceland

Escape to the world’s most intriguing destinations with Village Naturals Aromatherapy and the new launch of Fiji and Iceland bath products! Take your skin and senses on an exotic voyage with the Fiji Epsom Bath Soak and Natural Artisan Soap. The enchanted airs of fauna and florals mingled with heavy ocean wind will soothe your mind while ultra-nourishing ingredients like coconut and pineapple oils and antioxidant-rich wild fern extract will leave your skin refreshed and radiant.
Refresh in Nordic nourishment and transport yourself to the Westfjords Alps as you breathe in a powerful gust of wind that lifts notes of snow, mountain flower, and fresh moss. 

Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Body Wash with Arnica & Epsom Salt helps return energy, strength, and joy.  Formulated to soothe sore muscles and painful inflammation;  Infused with Blueberry and Flaxseed Oil to nourish the skin and 4 uplifting essential oils to provide balance and fight fatigue, the wash can be added to running water for a bath or used in the shower with a washcloth or loofah.
Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Body Soak with Arnica & Epsom Salt to help soothe muscles, joints, and nerves. Infused with Blueberry and Flaxseed Oil to nourish the skin, D-ribose to improve skin elasticity and essential oils to provide balance and fight fatigue, just a 15-minute soak is all it takes to help relax and rejuvenate both body and mind.

Endo Water

Endo Water starts off with premium water and from there; the base is structured for optimal delivery and bioavailability of their hemp oil. Derived from natural essential oils, their flavors are extracted from their named fruit with no added sugars. I was sent Watermelon, Cucumber, and Pure.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Health Snacks from Protein Toppers & Oh Snap! Pickles

With kids being in school and must be wondering what healthy snack options do I have for me and my whole family one is Protein Toppers which has 15-17 grams of plant protein that is portable, great for grab-n-go and ready-to-eat. You can choose from Garbanzo & Soy Medley, Tri-soy Medley, and Pepita & Soy-Pea Medley these can add these to pasta, soup, and salads when you’re looking to add texture and vegan protein in your meals. See more at


JAVAMELTS are flavored sweeteners, just drop one or two in an 8-ounce cup of coffee, tea, or cappuccino. You can use half for espresso and stir well also enjoy. They have only 20 cal each, nondairy and 5/6G of real sugar, shelf stable for 24 months, the king, dairy/lactose-free, Trans fat-free, no artificial sweeteners, and non-GMO.  They come in four flavors hazelnut, caramel, French vanilla, and mocha.

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Flavor Noire February 2019 Box

Flavor Noire has authentic from a different country every month, the box ships the first week of the month delivered in the USA only with free shipping. The box costs $54.99 if you want a onetime box or $49.99 for a subscription and auto renews on the 15th of the month. I got the France Box which is the most romantic places on earth. You get the game 421 which is a French dice game and is played with three dice, chips, or cards. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your chips into rounds. How you play is all players take three chips each you then put another 11 chips in the middle of the table, before the game starts. All players must make one roll each with a three dice highest becomes the starting player; the others follow in clockwise order. There were three recipes included at as well Sweetheart Crapes, Garlic Butter 

Music Mondays - I Love You By Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign

California Tea House

California Tea House Sleek Steep Tea Brewing System makes the tea brewing process easier, cleaner and more fun. All you have to do is place your tea leaves inside the tea steeper, pour in hot water, then place Sleek Steep tea infuser on top of your mug and your delicious tea pours straight in your cup. The built-in teapot filter is far superior to all others we have used. Sleek Steep tea infuser is dishwasher safe and BPA free!
Violet Moon Blooming Tea a romantic display of Silver Needle white tea and a bold 
Violet bloom. Blooming teas make a perfect wedding favor and a party gift. Email us for information about private labeling for a personal touch on wedding gift tea blooms.

Maine Maple Sunday

Sunday I got to experience the Maine Maples Sunday although now they do it the whole weekend. It was rather crowded but I did get some great pictures

Apollo 11

8 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Summer

As the summer season approaches, it’s a great time to prep your home for warm weather. While it may sound like a daunting task to remove everything that reminds you of a harsh winter, it’s not that difficult to give your home a cheerful summer vibe if you start early enough before the weather gets too hot to get things done.
To get you started, here are eight tips to help you make your home summer-ready well in time.
Cool down the interiors
You can cool down the temperature inside your home a few notches by improving the flow of air around the house. Open up the windows, run the ceiling fan counter-clockwise at low speed during the day and have your air-conditioning serviced for optimum output.
The idea is to use a combination of nature and machine to cool your home as much as you can. This will also help control your power bills to some extent.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks?

Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks? From University Games is for ages 12 and up along with 2 or more players. Draw a card, pick a category, shake the box and open the top. Who has the correct answer, you or the rocks? This quick play trivia race asked the obnoxious question: Are you dumber than a box of rocks? Each box contains 100 cards with 300 questions, 3 fake rocks (2 numbered & 1 blank), wooden human player pawn, game board, and instructions.
How to play the reader selects a card and randomly reads aloud one of the three questions shown. The answer to every question is 0, 1, or 2. After you or your group has called out an answer, the reader shakes the box and opens the lid. The rocks’ answer is the total of the white marks (1s) shown on the rocks. The reader then turns over the card and announces the correct answer. 

14 Keys to Lasting Love How to Have the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted by Kim Kimberling Ph.D

14 Keys to Lasting Love How to Have the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted by Kim Kimberling, Ph.D. from Hachette Book Group. In this insightful marriage book, Dr. Kim talks directly to couples, showing you that marriage isn’t just meant to make you happy but also to make you holy. Dr. Kim knows what you struggle with and what areas of marriage that scares you. By looking at 14 major areas of marriage, Dr. Kim shows you and your spouse how to stay on the right track. Through chapters on empathy, personal health, conflict behavior, communication, intimacy, sex, and more, you learn how to have the happy, connected marriage you’ve always dreamed of.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Stories For My Grandchild A Grandmother’s Journal From Honey Good

Stories For My Grandchild A Grandmother’s Journal From Honey Good 
 It is a keepsake journal for the twenty-first-century grandmother. It contains writing prompts that that are tailored to capture a contemporary woman’s life: her family history, memories, values, and personality. Conceived by Honey Good, grandmother to a blended family of twenty-five grandchildren, the prompts in this journal are written from the perspective that every woman follows her own path in life. Her grandchildren will love knowing how she amused herself as a child, what dating was like when she was a teenager, and how she navigated challenges and opportunities throughout adulthood. Stories for My Grandchild is a hardcover with a cloth spine, foil-stamped case, and features stylish watercolor artwork throughout.

Lonesome Dove Mini-Series

Lonesome Dove Mini-Series from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $14.98 and stars Diane Lane (Disney’s Inside Out), Robert Duval (Widows), Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Tommy Lee Jones (Jason Bourne), and Robert Urich (TV’s Emeril). Augustus McCrea (Duvall) and Woodrow F. Call (Jones), former Texas Rangers, our partners and friends who have shared hardship and danger. Gus is the romantic, a reluctant rancher who has a way with women and the sense to leave well enough alone. 

Tips to Buy Gold or Silver Jewelry Online Safely

Online shopping is all the rage these days. Today anything and everything can be purchased from the comforts of home without the need of stepping outside. No matter whether it is a fashion or lifestyle product or life insurance and mutual fund, the world of the Internet has made everything easy. Nowadays many people also invest in gold or silver jewelry through online platforms. Simply visit an online jewelry store, select the piece of your choice, add it to the shopping cart, pay for it and your favorite jewelry piece will be with you in no time.
Well, with several online jewelry websites been in operation, buying gold or silver jewelry is just a click away. However, this hassle-free and quickest way of shopping involves risk if not done from the right seller. To avoid online scams while investing in gold/silver, there are some things one should keep in mind. And these are:

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tenergy Life 70” Torchiere Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

I was in a need for a floor lamp in my room and I found Tenergy Life 70” Torchiere Dimmable LED Floor Lamp which has built-in LED provides full brightness immediately when powered on, illuminates light equivalent to 150-Watt incandescent bulbs while only consuming 30W of power, and it is dimmable down to 5% of brightness. The designated remote has a range of up to 60 feet with a 360-degree control. Built-in magnet allows the remote stick on the lamp itself, the fridge, or anything with a magnetic-receptive surface. 

Owl Figurine Solar Garden Decoration

Owl Figurine Solar Garden Decoration this cute and chill owl garden figurine reclines in its own log chair, rock in its shade, and he mentioned a beautiful glow from its eyes at sundown. It is designed to last through rain or shine as it’s made views and rust resistant residents and hand-painted for you in touch also given a protective coating the weather at all. This is solar powered so you have to worry about running up your electric bill for changing batteries all you have to do is slide the switch underneath on you and leave it out in the sun and watch it automatically come to life at dusk. It has a 100% lifetime guarantee which they’ll replace it or give you a refund it does not last a lifetime.

Connect How to Love and Accept Yourself After Divorce By Dawn Burnett

Connect How to Love and Accept Yourself After Divorce By Dawn Burnett. Transformational and Wellness Expert Dawn Burnett has an impressive track record for helping people heal their pasts so they can transform from victim to victor. Like all of us, however, she has had a life filled with trials. The child of divorced parents and a survivor of abuse, she was in a toxic marriage that nearly took her life. These events, and the discovery that thought patterns and experiences are linked to health conditions which were revealed during her studies as an alternative medical practitioner-led her to a wake-up call. She left everything she knew, took her two kids, dog and belongings and drove seven states across the country for a fresh start, a beautiful journey of accepting and loving self. Along the way, she charted a course to ultimate transformation and wellness on a path filled with valuable insight on personal relationships.

Valiant Hearts The Cold War

Out now from UbiSoft is Valiant Hearts The Cold War for PC, PlayStation 3 system, PlayStation 4 system, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This is the story of crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart. Although most of I the horror of the trenches following the faithful canine companion. In this game, the lives of all the characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game. Friendship, love, sacrifice, and tragedy befall each one as they help each other to retain the humanity against the horrors of war. This is an animated comic book adventure from the green forest of the French countryside, to dank trenches in snowy fields, go back through history in this emotional adventure game delivered with a unique tone and art style. 

Maine Maple Sunday is March 24 & Maple Cream Cheese Spread Recipe

The Maine Maple Producers Association (MMPA) takes great pride in their members' product and this month, right before Maine Maple Sunday, they have launched a new website -

Maine Maple Sunday is held each March on the 4th Sunday and lots of sugarhouses offer activities and samples on the 4th Saturday, as well.
Visitors to the new website can search Maine Maple Sunday events by county or farm name on an interactive map of the state. The member directory is a great way to find local maple syrup farms and visit their websites.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How Do You Know If You've Found The Right Home

If you’re looking for a house and found it, you may still be second-guessing yourself. The decision to buy a house isn’t simple after all.  But if you wait, remember there are others looking for houses too. If you feel that the house is just right, don’t sleep on it and close the deal. You’d get a gut feeling that the house is just right. If you find yourself doing most of these things, then go ahead and buy the house!

1.      You picture yourself in it

The moment you step in the house and go around the room, you can see yourself making a home out of it. You can visualize your life in the house and you know that this is the house for you. Some houses are constructed really well, with the buyers’ preference is mind. Hannah Weston from says that winter is a great time to go apartment hunting because, with slower apartment turnover, you can get a better deal. These houses are comfortable and a good buy for the additional perks that come with them.

Nadine West March 2019

March 2019 Nadine West has some awesome clothing inside and I know you are as excited as I am about clothes and jewelry! Nadine West is a monthly style box that based on your style and taste profile they determine what to send you.
 Sabrina Top retails for $22.99 it has flowers on it in multiple colors, half zip on the back and made with polyester and spandex blend.

Other Bodies By Joel Ohman

Other Bodies By Joel Ohman; In a world where immersive VR suits distort what is real from what is not, and the AI Personhood Act blurs the lines between body and bot, the choices sixteen-year-old Hattie Martins faces are very personal. Welcome to Hattie Martins' dystopian Philadelphia, where everything is not as it seems. Just as her life is looking up--a new job, new friends, a new date; Hattie discovers not all progress in her beloved, futuristic Philadelphia is for the best. Societal regrets can become personal regrets in an instant. Choices don't always come with second chances, and when they do the cost can be unimaginable. How far will she go to undo her greatest regret? And worse yet, what will she become if it's too late? 
In a world where bots are equal to bodies, what does it mean to be alive? 
What is real? Which bodies matter? What about the other bodies?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Paper Foldables

10 Ways To Prevent Your Teeth From Decay

Whenever you meet a new person, the second thing they notice about you after your clothes is your white teeth. Even if you don’t smile, they can see it while you are talking to them. That’s the reason it is important for you to take care of your oral hygiene and teeth. You use your mouth to eat, smile and speak, and poor oral health can affect all of them.

When your tooth starts to decay, it damages the outer layer of your tooth as well as it can destruct it from inside too. The most common health disorder in the world is tooth decay or cavity. There are several reasons why a tooth starts decaying but it usually occurs due to the build-up of plaque. But you can counteract the damage by opting below methods for keeping your teeth healthy and maintain mouth hygiene.

Cartoon Network Craig of the Creek Itch to Explore

Cartoon Network Craig of the Creek Itch to Explore comes to DVD on March 19, 2019. Join Craig, Kelsey, and JP across 13 adventurous episodes, as they explore the untamed wilderness of the Creek, a kid utopia in their own backyards. Craig leads his besties on imaginative missions to map every corner of this inspired world full of tree forts, paintball battles, and resident Creek kids such as the daredevil 10 speeds and mysterious Sewer Kids. Down the Creek, everyday afternoons are transformed into thrilling expeditions where Craig and his friends can become legends before dinnertime. 

3 Effective Ways To Treat Candida

Candidiasis remains as one of the most annoying but underrated fungal infections. The infection can occur due to a species of yeast which is known as Candida Albicans. Not many are aware of the fact that Candida is basically beneficial for the body and it is one of the numerous gut bacteria that play a huge role in the process of digestion. However, when the population of yeast begins to increase, it will start attacking the body for food and will lead to a fungal infection. This is the reason it is important to watch out for the signs of your body and notice the changes in your health. You will have to take the necessary steps to decrease the population of Candida to overcome the infection. It might not be easy but it is extremely necessary. Here is how you can treat candida infection.


Coming to DVD, Digital and On Demand on March 19, 2019 is PawParazzi from Lionsgate films stars Sara Fletcher ( iCrime), Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Jay Mohr (Go). The Cushy Hollywood life of Latte the dog is turned upside down when his owner, superstar actress London Bridges, heads to the boonies to make a new film. The pampered pooch tries to stop thieves from stealing London’s diamond necklace from a farmhouse, but the escape with the jewels. With the help of hunky farmer Tom, can London tracked down the priceless stones before a scandal breaks out?

6 Ways To Optimize Skin Care

Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, we have to take more care of it. If you’re a fashionista, you already know the best ways to take care of your skin. Even if you’re not, the process may be tedious but necessary. But don’t worry there are a few lifestyle changes that you can make that will work wonders for your skin, we guarantee that.

1.           Exercise
We can’t emphasize exercise enough. Even doing cardio for 30 minutes a day can help with your complexion. Exercise boosts your metabolism and absorbs the necessary nutrients needed by the skin more effectively. It also repairs cells better which makes your skin glow. When you exercise, the body expels the toxins from the skins in the form of sweat and cleanses your body. If you’re new to working out, you can start with fifteen minutes of exercise a day and slowly increase it to an hour of vigorous workout.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Music Mondays Needy By Ariana Grande

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply the juice of fantastically healthy olives. And that juice can’t be processed using any freaky chemicals or funky additives. Industry standards require that extra virgin olive oil must have an acidity below 0.8% and taste like (you guessed it) fresh olives. Our olive oil has acidity below 0.3% and kills it in the taste department and industry standards. I use olive oil so many things but mainly cooking.

The Karate Kid Part III and The Next Karate Kid Blu-Ray Double Feature

The Karate Kid Part III and The Next Karate Kid Blu-Ray Double Feature from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $14.98. Starring Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio, Hilary Swank, Robyn Lively, Thomas Ian Griffith, Michael Ironside, and Constance Towers. 

Karate Kid III - Daniel and Mr. Miyagi take up where they left off, returning from Okinawa and hoping for a peaceful life in their bonsai shop. But their serenity is shattered when Daniel is blackmailed into competing against the vicious “Bad Boy of Karate,” Mike Barnes.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

BoldSOCKS St.Patrick's Day Gift Guide 2019

Just in time for St.Patrick’s Day I can wear boldSOCKS which include Men’s Green Irish Leprechaun Dress Socks is made with 75% combed cotton, 23% nylon, and 2% spandex. Feel lucky in our crazy green Irish leprechaun men's dress socks. Statement Sockwear with every purchase provides 100 days of clean water for someone in Africa.
Women’s K Bell Green Shamrock Clovers are made with 60% cotton, 37 % nylon, and 3% spandex. These are knee-high; K. Bell Socks built a reputation for great designs 
and high-quality socks.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Obliviscar Felt Letter Board Set

Obliviscar Felt Letter Board Set has been upgraded to add more Emojis and cursive letters! Your letterboard comes with 600 3⁄4” White Alphabet Letters, Numbers, Punctuation, and Emojis! Imagine that you need a lot of time to cut off 600 hundred letters so they Pre-cut all the letters, and arrange them in order according to A~Z, 0~9, symbols, Emojis Into the free sorting tray saves you the time to cut letters, and solve the trouble of finding letters. The Obliviscar letter board features high quality and compact felt, ensuring that the 3/4 inch letter remains the same and does not fall out of its position. Even if you flip the board 180° and tap it, the letters won't fall off!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Rebel Gardens Organic Herb Seeds

Rebel Gardens Organic Herb Seeds include fragrant sweet basil, slow bolt cilantro, bright fennel, Italian flat leaf parsley, spicy garlicy-sweet chives, tangy dill, sultry oregano, aromatic sage, lemony minty thyme, and Thai basil. If you’re looking for organic herb seeds that love life anywhere you plant them you’ll revel in how easy these grow. Simply plant according to directions in delicious soil herbs love, and enjoy how they make even those easy weeknight dishes feel special! Don’t plant disappointment! 

The Blazin' Fireball

The Blazin' Fireball  Brightest Lantern Battery Powered Lights Ultra Bright has
1000 lumen lantern with a new Cool Frosted White cover has 360 degrees of wonderfully soft illumination. This is a long lasting lantern with over 20 hours of power on three D batteries (not incl). Last minute battery runs are a thing of the past. Has 4 modes High (1000 lumen), Med (700 Lumen), Low (300 Lumen) or SOS blinking.  Variable settings allows for adjusting brightness between modes. Portable & Lightweight! At 7 x 4 x 4 inches and 14 oz., take the light with you. Brighten up dim evening dinners on the patio and scary dog walks in the dark.

Boy Jumbo Scented Strawberry Fruit Squishies by Mega Squishy

Boy Jumbo Scented Strawberry Fruit Squishies by Mega Squishy will allow you to squish the stress away in squeeze out the anxiety. Unlike other squishies, this is made using premium Pu foam making it supremely soft and causes it to rise super slowly for truly effective stress relief. It has a pleasing, non-toxic strawberry scent that seduces the senses with every squish and you can experience a smile-inducing fruity scent you’ll simply relish. This giant 17-ounce strawberry squeeze toy measures 9.8” x 7.9” allowing you to squeeze it with both hands to really vent out your frustrations. With adorable peepers and a cute little smile, this large fruit squishy is a treat for the eyes. It makes a great decoration for your home or classroom, an awesome party favor, and a fun gift for girls and boys. Also comes in a version with eyelashes.

Mega Squishies Panda, Cat, Unicorn, Ice Cream Squishy Pens / Pencil Grips Set 4 Pack

Mega Squishies Panda, Cat, Unicorn, Ice Cream Squishy Pens / Pencil Grips Set 4 Pack. Each one is made using satisfyingly squishy material, with fruity strawberry, watermelon, vanilla, and peach scents. So unlike other pencil toppers that just look cute, ours are a treat for the eyes, can be used as stress relief squishies, and smell amazing to really spruce up writing. Looking to make your little one’s day? Looking for squeeze toys for children to help them melt the anxiety away? These unique pen/ pencil wraps are great for this. They make effective fidget toys for use in the classroom and are fun school supplies to get the kiddos excited about the new school year.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

SonicAlert Sonic Shaker Pink Camo Digital Alarm Clock & Amplidect 350

SonicAlert Sonic Shaker Pink Camo Digital Alarm Clock is portable that shakes you awake with powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsated alarm. It is guaranteed to wake even the deepest sleeper! You have another appointment, work, or school; The alarm clock features a pop-up display with a light and to.75’ display.

Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute step-by-step drawing for characters and personality by Heegyum Kim

Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute step-by-step drawing for characters and personality by Heegyum Kim from Quarto Knows Publishing comes out March 26, 2019. Beloved illustrator and Instagrammer Heegyum Kim takes you on a fun journey to expand your character building skills as she shows you how to draw 62 animals and make them cute! On the left-hand page, follow along with the steps as each animal moves from their simple shapes to identify and marks. On the right-hand page, find several other unique options for varying your character design. You might change the view of the animal’s posture, its accessories, or its expression. Grab your pending use the open space throughout the book to create your own version and variations of each cute creature.

Ultimate Soap Carving by Makiko Sone

Ultimate Soap Carving by Makiko Sone creator of Mizutama.soap Quatro Knows Publishing will be out on March 26, 2019, with an MSRP of $19.99. Makiko Sone creator of Mizutama.soap YouTube channel shares her secrets for designing and hand carving beautiful soap designs by cutting, shredding, shaping, sculpting, and other oddly satisfying techniques. Essential supplies, allow you to discover which knives and soaps are best for carving. Learn how to prepare soap for carving, hold a knife correctly, and make grooves, incisions, triangles, waves, and other basic cuts through 11 designs and eight step-by-step lessons. 

Chibi Art Class A Complete Course in Drawing Chibi Cuties and Beasties by Yoai

Chibi Art Class A Complete Course in Drawing Chibi Cuties and Beasties by Yoai from Race Point Publishing can be found March 26, 2019. Chibi is Japanese slang for “short” in popular Instagram anime artists Yoai shows you how to draw this adorable doll like characters in Chibi art class. Chibis are many versions of Japanese anime and manga characters and are defined by their large heads and tiny bodies, both of which contribute to their kawaii, or cuteness, factor.
In this book, you will learn how to create chibis’ signature bodies, facial features, and props, which include dreamy eyes, and clothing, shoes, vibrant hair, colorful accessories, and lively backgrounds. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Women, Rise Up! By Cindy Jacobs

Women, Rise Up! By Cindy Jacobs from Baker Publishing Group. God has placed a unique call on every woman's life. Yet too often, doubt, discrimination, and fear hinder women from fulfilling those plans. In a world laden with gender bias and relationship struggles, there is no better time for women to step forward than now.
  Bestselling author and speaker Cindy Jacobs invites all women to discover the significant roles God has designed for them in ministry, leadership and daily life. Speaking from her own experiences, and drawing on many inspiring modern-day and biblical accounts, she explores difficult passages of Scripture and outlines the principles that will help women brave through discouragement with grace and confidence. It is time to discover the bold future God has for you. 

Hudz Kidz First Emoji Washcloth

Hudz Kidz my First Emoji Washcloth are made with 100% Cotton Washcloth is just like Goldilocks would have liked it! Not too big, not too small, not too thick, not too thin! Combines stylish and traditional looks together with the feel of soft fabrics and delicate colors fit for kids for a gentle start to life. HUDZ KIDZ is committed to bringing you the perfect combination of quality, style & value. This 100% Cotton Washcloth is just like Goldilocks would have liked it! Not too big, not too small, not too thick, not too thin!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

100 Inspirational Quotes By Joyce Meyer

100 Inspirational Quotes By Joyce Meyer from FirstWords a division of Hachette book group. Those who know and love Joyce Meyer often say it’s her straightforward tell it like it is an approach to teaching the Bible that resonates with them so strongly. For more than 40 years now, God has given her the ability to take biblical principles and express them in ways that make them stick with you.
In this book, you’ll find many of her most familiar sayings along with scriptures that inspired them, that will help you keep your mind focused on God’s word so that you can live with more peace and joy in your day to day routine. The truth is “where the mind goes, the man follows,” in these godly practical words of wisdom can make a positive impact that improves or literally turns your day around! 

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  Many thanks to Lifeway Christian Resources for providing The Old Testament Handbook for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT infl...