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Noah's Ark

Coming to DVD and Digital HD on February 2, 2016 is Noah’s Ark from CINEDIGM. Directed by Kenneth Glenaan (Case Histories) and starring David Threlfall (UK’s Shameless), Joanne Whalley (The Borgias), Nico Mirallegro (Common) and Ashley Walters (Get Rich or Die Tryin’).

The gripping tale follows Noah a farmer and family man as he is instructed by an angel to build an ark in the middle of a desert in order to save his family and the faithful from a devastating flood; a seemingly impossible task especially when his sons refuse to believe him and lend their help. Noah risks ridicule from his loving but exasperated family and humiliation from the townsfolk in his quest to carry out his God given task. But his devoted and loving wife decides to build the ark with him in a show of unconditional support and love.

My Opinion: I really love this biblical tale and this movie is amazing at what true faith and love Noah had. I enjoy sharing this with those who may not know about Noah’s Ark and just learning for the first time.
This movie is Dove approved for ages 12 and up.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Disney Princess Crochet Kit By Jessica Ward

Disney Princess Crochet Kit by Jessica Ward will help prepare you to enter a world of happily ever after with just a few turns of your crochet hook. With more than 100 full color photographs and clear step-by-step instructions this enchanting kit will help you bring to life all 11 Disney Princesses plus Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. Create caring Snow White, Aurora, Merida and many more. This contains everything you need to create Cinderella and Ariel including nine colors of yarn, a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, embroidery floss, safety beads and stuffing.
My Opinion: This is a cute kit and I am learning a lot about crocheting I never knew. I was never taught how to sew which I wish I had as it may be easier learning as a child then an adult. This is a nice hobby to keep me relaxed and I like learning new things. This is great to teach your child how to crochet and make their favorite Disney Princess.

About the Author Jessica Ward: During her nine years as an editor for Disney Publishing, Jessica Ward edited coffee table books on classic Disney animation and modern live-action. She also worked on several books for the Disney Parks including the Birnbaum official travel guides, and several cookbooks including theDelicious Disney series. Her writing credits for Disney include Duffy, the Disney Bear, two Minnie and Daisy B.F.F. chapter books, and G-Force: The Dossier. As a freelancer, Jessie has written The Ultimate Disney Party Book for Edda and the companion book for the Frozen Paint-by-Number Kit for Sterling. Jessica lives in Connecticut.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Bauli Pandoro and Panettone Cakes

If you have never tasted authentic Italian holiday desserts let me tell you about Bauli who sent me some to try I was sent the Mini Il Pandoro Di Verona is a new twist on the traditional Veronese Christmas Cake made using the original recipe developed by the brand’s founder, Ruggero Bauli himself enjoy this delicate aromatic butter and vanilla sponge cake. IL Pandoro Di Verona Limonce which is dusted with lemon flavored powdered sugar and filled with delicate lemon liqueur flavored cream that is soft and moist and a taste of today’s Italy. When Ruggero returned home and opened his own shop, he perfected a large-scale technique to faithfully produce these artisanal recipes. In 1950, the growing family bakery refined the classic Pandoro di Verona, a star-shaped holiday cake first made in the town of Romeo & Juliet, and whose name means "golden bread”.
When the Bauli family passion led them to experiment with new variations on the Pandoro, the Pandoro Limoncé was born.  Lastly the Mini IL Pannettone Di Milano which is made with time honored raisin which is the original dating back 500 years to Milan, where its origins are surrounded with folklore.

My Opinion: I was thinking that it is a dessert which is typically rich and very sweet this was more of bread with a slightly sweet taste. I thought it would be perfect for a French toast, grilled sandwiches but not a dessert in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup From The French Connection

The French Connection LLC sent me a bottle of Lori’s Salt Caramel which is made with mineral water, Celtic seas salt, Tahitian vanilla and caramelized cane sugar with a hint of maple; this is all natural and shelf stable not to mention 100% handcrafted in the good ole’ USA of Ashland, Oregon. When I first opened the box I was thinking would this be good on waffles or pancakes like my maple syrup I currently use? I found it is used better baking and sent out to find some recipes to use it in and boy did I ever find them. From simple topping for lattes or ice cream to even making doughnut holes with a salted caramel glaze which sounds so yummy.

My Opinion: I found the syrup to be very tasty with the right amount of salty and sweetness. I will be using this in drinks and other sweet desserts including apple pie!

About Chef Lori: As a child, chef Lori Forrest was fascinated by the exotic recipes in her mother’s collection of Gourmet magazines, which marked an early foray into the culinary arts. An interest in French cuisine soon led her to volunteer at a California culinary school where she worked alongside the legendary Jacques Pépin. Amid years of study in kitchens at home and abroad, owning a pub, and doing demos in one of the original Williams-Sonoma stores, Lori crossed paths with James Beard, Paul Prudhomme and Martha Stewart. With a culinary career spanning nearly four decades, it’s okay to name-drop.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

WORDWORLD: Be My Valentine DVD

This DVD includes five stories, two of which are Valentine’s Day themed. “My Fuzzy Valentine” features Sheep working to create a valentine song for her best friend Bear. Unfortunately she has trouble finding just the right rhyme to finish her song. With help from Fly, she uncovers the perfect rhyme and makes Bear a valentine with real heart. In “Love, Bug,” Bug wants to sign a valentine for his favorite WordFriend, but doesn’t know how to write his name. With lots of encouragement from Frog he learns that with a little practice he can write his name and give his valentine.

In addition to these two great stories, this DVD also includes “Sh-Sh-Shark,” “Princess Sheep” and “There’s an Ant in Every Giant.” WORDWORLD demonstrates the connections between letters, sounds, words, and meaning in order to empower children to advance from learning letters to learning how to read. Some of the words kids will learn by watching this DVD include heart, bug, shoe and crown.

My Opinion: I thought this was a great show to teach young kids how to write and learn letters, sounds and read with confidence. The video had a great apprch to learning as well.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winner's List Big Slice and Tropical Smoothie Cafe


Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron XG Review & Giveaway

With the economy the way it is a lot of people do not want to spend the extra money on cable which can run anywhere from $50-$300 they have internet and maybe a movie streaming service. What if you can watch the local channels at home with Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron XG. This is an HD antenna the advanced design is perfect for urban areas within 50 miles of broadcast towers. The heightened gain performance of the ClearStream Micron-XG is achieved with the reflector and the in-line amplifier system. The ClearStream Micron-XG delivers TV signals from widely spaced broadcast towers. It utilizes the patented ClearStream Tapered Loop Technology, which delivers the first new and superior antenna design. The advanced technology allows the ClearStream line of antennas to be smaller and more powerful across today’s DTV spectrum. In a compact 11" x 10" form, the ClearStream Micron-XG is the first broad spectrum antenna without the performance compromises typically seen in the outdated designs of legacy antennas. The sleek, compact design can be painted to blend in with your home decor. The ClearStream Micron-XG comes with 6 ft. of coaxial cable, a set of base stands, in-line amplifier system, which consists of a 20 dB gain amplifier, power inserter, power supply, and 3 dt. coaxial cable.
My Opinion: I live in rural Maine deep in the woods and I found to set up hard as I was 

getting sound but no picture and then I got nothing at all. I am going to try again after I figure out where exactly I need to be for a signal but moving around and reading the directions further.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Try The World Thailand Box

If you like to try foods from other countries but have a fear of flying or maybe you are like me and do not have the extra money or luxury of traveling why not subscribe to Try The World a monthly subscription box that is curated by expert chefs. I got the Thailand Box which included 8 specialty foods to start my culinary journey with chef Jet Tila. 

Tom Yum Soup Set which is a perfect balance of sour and spicy which is known for medicinal properties. The spices included in this set are harvested from a small village in northern Thailand and make it easy to cook your own at home. 

Coconut Flour Syrup is a common sweetener that is hand harvested and made by collecting the nectar that flows from coconut blossoms when they are cut in western Thailand. 

Taro Chips which is a starchy root vegetable that tastes like a potato but richer and milky in flavor. In Thai markets it is generally sold fresh, cooked and fried.  

Curry Paste long ago, Thai gooks took inspiration from Indian curry to create a distinct variation with fresh herbs. Based on their traditional family recipe, Nittaya is known for its quality and as a staple ingredient in Thai home kitchen.  

Coconut Crisp Rolls in Thai, these crumbly cookies are called thong muan. Thong means gold so giving these cookies to someone as a gift is interpreted as a wish for wealth. 

Jasberry Rice this new strain of rice is packed with antioxidants and fiber, making it one of the most healthful varieties.

Eros Soft Dried Jackfruit Thai families generally buy fruit and vegetables from trucks in the street that announces their daily selection. This produce forms an important part of the diet. Locals eat the fresh or the dried variety as a snack during the day.  

Thai Iced Tea the milky and grassy flavors of Thai iced tea make it one of Thailand’s best loved beverages. This kit is made by a company that was built on the site of Bangkok’s old royal palace and strives to preserve Thai culinary culture.

My Opinion: This is a great box to try different items from around the world and the price is comparable to other like boxes. I enjoyed the coconut crisp rolls and coconut flour nectar both very tasty. The jasberry rice was interesting. 
Is you would like to try it yourself the prices are $39/every 2 months, $105/every 6 months and $198/1 year as this ships every two months. Visit  to learn more.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Super Daniel Out 2/2/2016

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood from PBS Kids has a new DVD out called Super Daniel which features 8 Grr-ific tales plus a bonus story. Zoom! Super Daniel is always ready to save the day! There are lots of ways for a young tiger like Daniel to be brave and adventurous such as using his “super powers” to help out friends and solving problems by coming up with his own solutions. Daniel soon discovers that trying new things and being proud of oneself can make anyone feel like a superhero.  Whether Daniel Tiger is playing with friends, riding on Trolley or spending the day with his Grandpere life in the neighborhood is always an adventure.

The DVD Has the following shows
Super Daniel: Daniel and Grandpère are at home pretending to be superheroes when Daniel notices that Dad has forgotten to take his lunch to work with him. He and Grandpère take Dad’s lunchbox to the Clock Factory, and Daniel uses his imagination to have several super adventures along the way.
 Daniel Doesn’t Want to Stop Playing: Daniel is playing “Trolley” with Mom and Dad in the living room. When Mom tells him that it’s time to work on his school project, Daniel doesn’t want to stop playing. Mom helps Daniel move on by allowing him to pick one more thing to do with his toy Trolley. Daniel makes one last stop and then he’s ready to work on his project.
 Daniel Fixes Trolley: Daniel accidentally breaks one of his toy trolley’s wheels while playing. When Mom is too busy to help Daniel put the wheel back on she urges him to try to figure it out on his own and explains that fixing it on his own will make him feel good about himself.
 Daniel Tries a New Food: Miss Elaina is having dinner with the Tiger family, and she encourages Daniel to try some new foods: Veggie Spaghetti and Banana Swirl. Daniel is convinced he won’t like Veggie Spaghetti, even though he’s never tried it before. Miss Elaina encourages him to be adventurous and try it. She does the same herself, and even though she doesn’t like all of it, she’s proud of herself for trying.
 Daniel is Big Enough to Help Dad: Dad Tiger is building a playhouse, and Daniel wants to help out. Daniel is frustrated that he is not big enough to use the grown-up tools. Dad Tiger shows Daniel that he is just the right size for doing many things to help
 Daniel’s New Friend: Daniel and Miss Elaina meet Prince Wednesday’s cousin Chrissie during a playdate at the castle. As they play “knights,” they discover that, although Chrissie needs some help walking, they are the same in many ways.
Daniel’s Friend Say No When Daniel gets to school; he approaches Miss Elaina to play with her, but is frustrated when he finds that she would rather read alone. Daniel learns that sometimes his friends might not want to play with him and that’s OK because he can find fun things to do on his own.

 Prince Wednesday Doesn’t Want to Play When Daniel gets to the park, Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday are playing together. Daniel wants to join in, but is upset because Prince Wednesday only wants to play with his brother. Soon O arrives, and they both figure out that they can play together since Wednesday and Tuesday are having “brother time”.
Bonus episode Goodnight Daniel: Tonight, Daniel is pretending to be Super Daniel! But after dinner, he has to follow his nighttime routine even though he would rather play. Young viewers follow Daniel as he gets ready for bed and eventually learns that even superheroes get sleepy.

My Opinion: This is a cute movie for ages 2 to 4 year olds with great adventure sin learning about people and trying new things.

To see more visit

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crayola Color Alive

Every since I was a child Crayola has been a big part of my life from crayon to coloring books but today Crayola has so much more. I was recently sent Color Alive which are coloring books that become interactive with your tablet. So you color the picture, scan to your tablet then watch it come to life right before your eyes complete with motion and sound. You can take photos with your virtual colored picture and share with your friends. I was sent Enchanted Forest which has fairies, dragons, witches and more. Skylanders which has all your favorite characters chop chop, Eruptor Eon’s Elite and more. Mythical Creatures which has those you would like including dragons, griffins, gargoyles and more. Barbie that all girls like and the scenes and Barbie’s are sitting on a car, laying a guitar, walking with your puppy, at the pool and so much more.

My Opinion: These are great 4D scenes to color and have hours of endless play. I found the app was easy to download and create hours of endless play as you can take photos with it for hours until the battery on the tablet runs out LOL.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Neuhaus History Collection Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2016

Neuhaus has been around for over 150 years and started in 1857 when Jean Neuhaus who was an owner of a bustling pharmacy in Brussels lays down the foundations for the esteemed reputation of Neuhaus. His grandson, Jean Nauhaus Jr. is the mind behind the Belgian praline and his wife is the inventor of the luxury ballotin. I was recently sent The Neuhaus History Collection The gift box contains 28 delicious masterpieces and a brochure explaining the rich history of Neuhaus, presented in an elegant luxury shopping bag.

   Let me tell you about the chocolates which started in 1857 with Galerie which has praline in a dark chocolate and a range of flavours based on the delicate ganache with caramel finished with a fine note of Fleur de Sel from Guerande on a thin layer of praline. 1912 brought the Jean this exceptional prailine has a rich flavor thanks to the ganache of 64% dark chocolate made with cocoa from Peru.1915 Louise this praline has a tender character with its delicious ganache made from soft milk chocolate from Java. 1942 Suzanne is a melodic fusion of the intensely dark ganache with fresh raspberries on a layer of refined filing of praline.

1958 Caprice is a nougatine shell filled with vanilla from Madagascar covered with an intensely dark chocolate. Tentation is filled with a characteristic ganache of coffee made from Arabica beans covered in a soft milk chocolate. 1959 Albert is a luxurious combination of flavours combining dark chocolate a filling of hazelnut praline and a carmelised hazelnut. 1970 Cornet Dore is a graceful golden cone filled with delicious gianduja a famous Italian blend of hazelnuts and chocolate with a smooth, velvety texture making the praline melt in your mouth. 1990 Manon Noir is a dark chocolate filled with a smooth chocolate mousse. Manon Lait is a milk chocolate combing light butter cream, praline and caramelized pieces of hazelnut.

 Manon ChocoVanille is white chocolate surrounded in butter cream with vanilla from Madagascar and is finished with a pecan nut. 2010 Plaisir is one of the three latest irresistible and combines a crispy nougatine shell with a ganache based on roasted hazelnuts in a coat of milk chocolate. 2012 Divine combines the divine flavours of soft caramel and pieces of hazelnut. 2014 Cornet Crunchy is a soft and smooth gianduja enriched with crispy pieces of hazelnut.

My Opinion: When you open the box the smell of chocolate hits you like a ton of bricks and they are all very delicious and you can taste the quality chocolate used to make them and I like them all. The ones with the nougatine makes it a little chewy which I enjoyed very much.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Bear Blitz Iversoft Game

I like to play games to pass the time at the doctor’s office or at home. It gives me something to do and I know I am one of many who do this. Iversoft Games recently introduced me to Bear Blitz: if you have never played this game, it is rapid action where you quickly match three or more objects to create new, more powerful objects and can string together combos for huge damage. You can challenge other players all over the world using the quick-match system, or play against your circle of friends for bragging rights and heaps of gold coins. Try using power-ups to tip the match in your favour. You can also play offline as well with single-player mode. In single-player, you rush against the clock to post the highest score possible and earn coins.

So the complete list of features with Bear Blitz is:
Two Game Modes: Face off against world-wide opponents and your friends in online mode. Or take it offline in single-player mode to rack up the highest score possible.
Battle Players: You match up with players from all over the world, from any iOS device. Connect quickly, with Game Center integration, and begin battling now
Customize your profile: With all new Bearatars and titles, your profile will always look great. Bearatars are available in all sorts of outfits and costumes, with more added all the time. There are even secret Bearatars that can only be unlocked through achievements. Can you get them all?
Achievements: With loads of achievements being continuously added, there will always be new challenges for you to take on. Some achievements come with unique titles and Bearatars for you to show off to other players.
Power-ups: Take control of the puzzle board like never before with all-new power-ups. Scramble the board, activate all special leaves, add 

Cloud saving: You can play Bear Blitz anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Just sign in using your Game Center account and all progress will be loaded to whatever you are playing on.
My Opinion: I warn you this is a highly addictive game and ever since I started playing I play every chance I get and just can’t put it down. I play a lot of matching games anyways so with this I was able to keep my mind challenged.
If you would like to play Bear Blitz or any other game visit 


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mrs Renfro's For Super Bowl 50

I have a great idea for the upcoming super bowl it is Mrs. Renfro’s they make Gourmet Salsas and more since 1940. Salsa is a versatile item as you can have chips and dip, nachos, mini tacos, burritos etc; not to mention easy to prepare. Let me tell you about the Mrs. Renfro’s products I got I love Nacho Cheese Sauce and use it to dip chips, 
drizzle on tacos, nachos, hot dogs and burritos this one is medium with a little kick not to mention deliciously creamy and satisfying, this classic cheese sauce is downright irresistible. Pour over nachos or enchiladas, serve warm with chips and raw veggies or enjoy right out of the jar!

Pineapple Salsa Medium which has pineapple chunks, crushed pineapple and pineapple juice. Add a bit of cilantro, a hint of heat and this salsa delivers a real taste treat.
Pomegranate Salsa medium which is one I have never had before this one is a blend of sweet and spicy, the bright flavor of pomegranate is tempered by smoky chipotle. 

Corn Relish which can be used on hot dogs, burgers, chicken and a sweet concoction of corn, onion, sweet pepper and cabbage is a welcome guest at any gathering.

My Opinion: I am going to be using these at my super bowl party and gathering as I can serve something that tastes homemade and made with quality ingredients but is not and your guests will be raving about these. I love, love Mrs. Renfro’s the salsa’s do not give me heartburn like some on the market and for so long I had to give up salsa just to avoid heartburn or suffer. I like the chunks of pineapple in the pineapple salsa it can be used on turkey burgers as well that is where I used it for after the taco ring I had one night. The pomegranate salsa is tasty too. The corn relish is a great addition to my hot dog and smokes sausages very tasty. The nacho cheese sauce is amazing.

To see more visit

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

Planet Pop-Up Tiger Takes Off By Jonathan Litton

Silver Dolphin Books recently sent me great books for kids called Planet Pop-Up Tiger Takes Off by Jonathan Litton and illustrated by Nicola Anderson. The fun-loving animals of Tiger Takes Off are putting on a spectacularly wild circus performance in this rhyming pop-up book. Open up the pages to discover a fearless flying tiger, a roller-skating octopus, and other acrobatic performers under the big top! The animals’ antics will bring smiles to the faces of young readers, and the colorful, high-quality interactive pop-ups with moving elements will entertain for hours on end.

My Opinion: I found this to be a great book for all kids with the bright pop-up pictures inside and an easy read.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

HBO Original True Detective: Night Country

  ** Warner Brothers Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy which I reviewed in this blog post. The opinions I share are my own”. *...