Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Roy Rogers Happy Trails Collection

The Roy Rogers Happy Trails Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $19.98.  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans take you on a trip down memory lane, as they host King of the Cowboys, an exclusive collection of the best Roy Roger's movies, authorized by the Roy Rogers Estate. Each movie is introduced by Roy and Dale in a special feature, Happy Trails Theater, and are joined by a host of your favorite western stars, including Gene Autry, Iron Eyes Cody, Pat Brady, Ruth Terry, Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr., Pat Butram and more! So saddle up with Roy, Dale, Trigger, Bullet and the rest of the gang for hours of wholesome, western family entertainment.

IceCool 2

IceCool 2 is for ages 6 and up along with 2-4 players from Brain Games. In each round, one penguin is the Catcher and other penguins are the Runners. A number of rounds equal a number of players. The Runners starts from the Classroom and flick their penguin, trying to go through the doors and get the yummy fish of the same colour. By doing so, the penguin gets a Fish card with victory points on it or even extra bonus - additional turn to flick your penguin. The Catcher starts from the spot in the Kitchen and tries to catch all the rascals before all the fish is eaten by bumping into the Runners. Watch out!

Doodle Rush

Doodle Rush from Brain Games is for ages 10 and up along with 3 to 6 players. Doodle Rush can be played with easy or difficult words. Choose the yellow side of the cards for an easy game and the blue side for a hard game. Each player gets one drawing marker and six drawing boards of his color. The sand timer is played in the middle of the table. The game starts with a drawing round, which is followed by a guessing round, then a drawing round again, and so on until all six rounds have been played.

Lugz 2.0 Denim Giveaway Ends 6/6

Lugz 2.0 Denim Giveaway

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Upside

Coming to Digital on May 14, 2019, and then to Blu-Ray and DVD on May 21,019 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is The Upside. The Upside is directed by Neil Burger who brought Limitless and stars Kevin Hart ( Ride Along), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Nicole Kidman (Aquaman), Golshifteh Farahani (Paterson), Julianna Margulies (ER), Aja Naomi King (The Birth  of a Nation), and Tate Donovan (Argo).
A recently paroled ex-convict, Dell strikes up an unusual and unlikely friendship with a quadriplegic, Philip Lacasse in this “funny and warm-hearted buddy comedy”. From worlds apart, Dell and Philip form an unlikely bond, bridging their differences and gaining invaluable wisdom in the process, giving each man a renewed sense of passion for all of life’s possibilities; Inspired by a true story.

Daddy Yankee + Katy Perry ft.Snow - Con Calma Remix Music Monday

Stuff Happens Parenting Edition

Stuff Happens Parenting Edition from Goliath Games for ages 13 and up along with 2 + players. You’re going to read some really messed up stuff on these cards, and then rank them based on how bad they really are. Is a diaper rash better or worse than your kid refusing to brush their teeth? Rank the card, and if your Misery Index agrees with you, you get to keep it. Correctly rank 10 cards and you win. These painfully true cards can be played on their own, but if you’re ready for a diaper change, mix these babies in with any Stuff Happens deck! So why are you still reading this box? Buy the game and get playing! Each box contains 200 Stuff Happens Cards and complete instructions.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Guard Dog

Guard Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $19.98 and stars Oscar Limon-Zarzosa (What Were We Thinking?), Cat Johnston (Guard Dog), Rory Johnston (Post Traumatic), and Trina Colon (Sterling Silver). Nine year-old Chance Watson is lying, cheating, stealing, and flunking out of school. Then, one night, a wonderful, magical sheepdog appears and promises to make his dreams come true, if he can follow “The Rules.” Soon, with the help of his talking, sometimes invisible dog, Chance has changed his life and the lives of many of the students at his school. But there are those who are out to stop him and prove his furry friend is not real, but only a figment his imagination! Even Chance begins to wonder: is he crazy?

The Soul Team Six

The Soul Team Six retails for $14.98 from mill Creek Entertainment.
The Black Six stars Gene Washington, Carl Eller, 'Mean' Joe Greene - (1973) 85 min. - Rated R
A black high school student has been killed for dating a white girl, and his older brother with the five members of his biker gang, The Black Six , seek to avenge the young man's death; Featuring six then-current professional football stars in the first all-black biker film.

The Black Gestapo stars Rod Perry, Charles Robinson, Phil Hoover - (1975) 89 min. - Rated R
When an African-American group in Watts wants to save their neighborhood from the Mafia, they create a People's Army to protect their citizens. But a second-in-command Colonel soon becomes extremely violent and tries to take control forcing a confrontation with General Ahmed to decide the fate of the squad.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Fort Yuma Gold/ Damned Hot Day

Fort Yuma Gold/ Damned Hot Day if Fire from Mill Creek Entertainment is a western double feature Blu-ray with an MSRP of $14.98; Fort Yuma Gold stars Montgomery Wood (TV’s Pompei), Dan Vadis (Bronco Billy), Sophie Daumier (As the Moon). After the end of the Civil War, the fanatic southern Major Sanders continues to fight and plans to attack Fort Yuma, home to a gold reserve. A captured Confederate soldier agrees to lead Union soldiers to stop Sanders but their real mission and the charms of the beautiful Connie Breastfully complicates the situation and could cause more bloodshed.

Boston's Greenway Market Hosts Salonpas Patch Sampling on Salonpas Day

Push aside opioids and OTC analgesic pills, the (Salonpas) patches are coming! Hisamitsu America is proud to announce that May 18, 2019, is “Salonpas Day” which signals a day free from pain from the world leader in medicinal pain patches.  This year, employees from Hisamitsu America will distribute thousands of Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches and Salonpas Lidocaine Pain Relieving Gel-Patches at the Greenway Open Market in the Wharf District Parks, as well as key landmarks around Harvard Square. 

“Just as Paul Revere warned Bostonians that the ‘British are coming,’ Salonpas is alerting everyone that our patches are coming,” says John Incledon, President, Hisamitsu America, the marketers of Salonpas, the world’s number one pain patch brand. “Under the banner of Salonpathy, our mission is to improve the quality of life through the patch. We are excited to be delivering pain relief to the hard-working people of Boston.”

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Slammers Snacks

Recently I took a trip to Washington DC and I wanted something that would be horrible but at the same time be full of nutrition for my niece and nephew. Slammers Superfood Snack was perfect and I got the flavors Epic which has mangoes, bananas, carrots, orange, Greek yogurt, and real vanilla. Pomegranate Grape Crush as great, pomegranate, coconut, apple, banana, and purple carrots. Amped has apples, strawberries, cherries, Chia, and purple carrots. Awesome has bananas, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acai, and amaranth. All Slammers Superfood Snack are from certified organic farms, no artificial colors or flavors and high in antioxidants and protein along with no peanuts or glutens.

Chloe's Kid's Pops & Dipped Pops

Chloe's the better for you frozen fruit pop brand has launched a kid-focused line in partnership with Nickelodeon! Where you can choose from Thomas & Friends Blueberry Banana Pops or Sunny Day Strawberry Mango Pops which is made with
the same simple ingredients: fruit, water and cane sugar, the new line of 40 calories. I was able to go to my local supermarket and found Strawberry Dipped Pops, Banana Dipped Pops, and Dark Chocolate Dipped Pops all of them are dipped in dark chocolate and the dark chocolate ones have crunchy bits in it.


Neighbors was released in 1981 but now can be found on Blu-Ray from Mill Creek Entertainment with an MSRP of $14.98 and stars John Belushi (The Blues Brothers) and Dan Aykroyd (The Blues Brothers), Catherine Moriarty ( Law & Order SVU), Kathryn Walker ( TV’s Texas Ranch House), Tim Kazurinsky (Hope Springs Eternal), and Lauren Marie Taylor (Girls Nite Out). Earl Krause is a slightly overweight, fairly average guy who is approaching middle age. 

Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS Coffee Maker Giveaway (1 Winner ~ $220 RV) Ends 6/23 @CapressoTweets @SMGurusNetwork

Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS Coffee Maker Giveaway (1 Winner ~ $220 RV) Ends 6/23 @CapressoTweets @SMGurusNetwork

Welcome to the Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS Coffee Maker Giveaway!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Thames and Kosmos Rabbits Hat Magic Tricks Shocking X-Ray Vision & Unbelievable Spiked Coin

Rabbits Hat Magic Tricks from Thames and Kosmos for ages 6 and up. A magician is nothing without her hat, and with these hats, you too can become a master magician. Aspiring magicians ages six and up can take their show on the road with these portable mini magic kits. Each small top hat contains the props and instructions to perform two or three simple, unique magic tricks with different themes from shape-shifting to mind-reading to x-ray vision, and more! Astound your audience by morphing handkerchiefs into eggs. See through solid objects. Read your audience’s mind. Cut a rope and magically heal it again.  

PARA’KITO Toucan & Toy

PARA’KITO is a natural and wearable mosquito repellent wristband that keeps kids protected all day, every day. In fun colors and designs, kids will actually want to put on this bug repellent! Rather than a sticky spray, PARA’KITO uses a proven and patented formula of all-essential oils that shield your body from mosquitoes, as the oils mask the odors they’re attracted to. PARA’KITO wristbands are adjustable, waterproof, refillable and completely natural, with no DEET, GMOs or alcohol added.
Toucan is orange, yellow and green in color along with being comfortable and adjustable wristband protects your little ones through all their adventures. 

Magformers Amazing Rescue Set

Magformers Amazing Rescue Set for ages 3 and up it allows you to click and create your own adventure. Magformers are a magnetic construction toy where the possibilities are endless. Build and create your own fire adventure. Build a fire station and fire truck, add wheels and fire accessories. 8 triangles, 14 squares, 1 rectangle, 1 super square, 2 characters, 24 accessories including wheels,

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Nomadik is a premium subscription box for adventurers each box is designed for a specific adventure and contains up to$70 the worth of products starting $29.99 if you subscribe for 12 months, $31.25 month for 6 months, and $32.95 for 1 month. 

Contains up to 7 gear full-size pieces, can be customized and more. My box contains items for On the Go and I got Skratch Labs Energy Bar with chocolate chips and almonds are designed as a fuel source for when you need it most. Made with whole food ingredients that are slightly sweet having 50% less sugar than other energy bars. The Conester is the world’s strongest cup holder that is guaranteed to prevent spills! It is a one size fits all drink coaster and holder that securely holds all your favorite drinks rather it’s hot or cold on just about any surface. It has a removable snug zone EVA all insert you can attach and reattach it to hundreds of surfaces.

Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts By Angie Holden and Carolina Moore

Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts By Angie Holden and Carolina Moore from Ulysses Press. 50 Fun and Creative Decor, Fashion, Gift and Holiday Projects to Make with Your Glue Gun, You’ve used your glue gun to make some pretty nice stuff, but chances are you’ve never used it to its full potential. Bursting with over-the-top ideas, this full-color book teaches you the tricks, hacks and even 3D modeling techniques that take your projects to the next level. From holiday crafts using scented and glow-in-the-dark glue sticks to 3D objects constructed with hot glue, you’ll be amazed at how versatile a simple stick of glue can be. Including step-by-step instructions for over 50 fun crafts, this book has something for everyone. 

Micro Wheels

Micro Wheels for ages 4 and up are speedy Wheels you’ve always dreamed of have all been micro-sized! Discover a new way to race with boost up activation; the more you pump the faster they go. Race your friends through gravity-defying loops and get to your garage first to win. Too slow and you’ll be locked out! With over 30 to collect, discover the translucent, metallic and glow-in-the-dark vehicles. Collect them all!
I got 2 Stunt Packs which includes a track and 2 cars and 6 Garage Packs which includes 1 car in a mini garage.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Music Mondays Mirrors By Lil Wayne featuring Bruno Mars

Qigong for Self-Refinement by Chris Shelton

Qigong for Self-Refinement by Chris Shelton from Morning Crane Inc. Qigong empowers people to heal themselves through simple, noninvasive techniques and movements. Passed down from ancient China, Qigong is an ancient holistic health modality combining Chinese medicine with movement, breath , and visualization. This book includes practices designed to balance your physical and emotional health, improve your mood and increase your vitality.

Damages The Complete Series

Damages The Complete Series from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $99.98 and stars Glenn Close (Hoodwinked), Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids), Tate Donovan (Shooter). Glenn Close commands the courtroom and the screen as win-at-all-costs attorney Patty Hewes, staking out her turf against ambitious ex-protégé Ellen Parsons. The former legal allies battle each other in high stakes cases involving ruthless billionaires, government conspiracies, economic crises, multinational corporations, and military scandals. Throughout its remarkable run, the hit thriller also showcases brilliant guest stars and earned multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. All 5 seasons, 59 episodes are on the Blu-ray for the first time ever.

Footprints & Friends for Life Blu-Ray+ DVD+ Digital Combo

Footprints & Friends for Life Blu-Ray+ DVD+ Digital Combo with an MSRP of $14.98.: Footprints stars Susan Buttrick (The Mountain), Chris Faherty (Footprints), Alexa Cahill (Professional Marston and the Wonder Woman), Carole Geagon (Footprints), and Michael Gannt (Footprints). Is based on the true story of a man who finds the healing power of love only after he lost everything he had valued and given up, a story of a dog who learned to trust and serve only after she’d been abused and discarded as worthless, and a journey for the two of them took that neither knew would bring them together, and heal them.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fish Sandwiches The Delight of Receiving God’s Promises By Troy Schmidt

Fish Sandwiches The Delight of Receiving God’s Promises By Troy Schmidt from Tyndale Publishing. We all get hungry. Eventually, inevitably we notice that we lack something and we wonder how we’re going to get our needs met. At times others jump in and take care of us, but ultimately God is the one at work to provide for us behind the scenes. This warm and down-to-earth book invites you to sit in on one of the most miraculous moments of human history when one Man took a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread and fed an entire village. 

Hallu Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

This Mother’s Day give mom the gift of HALLU which has Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb delivers a mer-mazing experience combining mystical fragrance and rich, swirling color. Breathe in the purifying Palo Santo lightable incense, then add a bomb to your bath water for a tropical display to delight all the senses.

Mermaid Splash Bath Bomb floats, bubbles, and shimmers. Available in two varieties, the tail-shaped bombs release Sea Salt Citrus scented bubbles and streams of colorful, shimmering radiance throughout the water for the most magical tub time treat.

Mermaid Sea Salt Citrus Body Mist has the perfect combination of citrus, sea air, and floral notes, allowing you to escape to a beautiful ocean atmosphere. With peony and amber, you’re bound to feel swimmingly.

Geo-Graphic Gems Handmade Bangle Bracelet Blue & Blue Gem Necklace Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Geo-Graphic Gems One of a Kind Handmade Bangle Bracelet Blue is a lovely blue "gem" bangle bracelet may look like a stone, but it's actually made from a vintage National Geographic magazine photo. Photos are marbleized and locked in and made water resistant with a glass cabochon. Silver-plated bangle and bezel. Each piece she creates is one-of-a-kind.

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Big C: The Complete Series

The Big C: The Complete Series from Mill Creek Entertainment has an MSRP of $69.98 and stars Laura Linney (TV’s Ozark), Oliver Platt (TV’s Chicago Fire), and Gabriel Basso (Super8). Laura Linney stars in her Golden Globe-winning role as Cathy Jamison, a 42-year-old schoolteacher who has always played by the rules. That is, until she receives a life-changing diagnosis. But instead of giving up, Cathy decides to live it up! Nothing and no one is safe, including her self-absorbed family, her cantankerous neighbor, and her smart-ass students. Brutally honest, unapologetically funny and perfectly profound, The Big C is a surprisingly different comedy that reminds us that life is always worth living on our own terms.

Star Wars Chewbacca Ships Christmas Lounge Pants

Ugly Christmas Sweaters also has some nice lounge pants for me, women new to their site one pair is Star Wars Chewbacca Ships Christmas Lounge Pants comes in sizes S-2XL. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Original Trilogy, the Star Wars universe, Chewbacca then these officially-licensed Star Wars Chewbacca Ships Christmas lounge pants are perfect to wear for the holidays, the whole year, or to give as a gift to that one Star Wars fan in your life that seems to have everything Star Wars already in their collection. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Book Brush

I am not sure if you have heard of Book Brush but you can do so many things with this website and they make it simple for authors to make advertising and social media images. No more struggling with converting a book from a 2d image to a 3d image with over 30 images. Book Brush can also be used by Bloggers to easily create images for their blog posts and giveaways! Book Brush will let you choose pre-made templates for Amazon ads, BookBub ads, Facebook ads, and more. You can create with over 1 million royalty-free images and book stamps. With Video Creator you can easily create Video Effects behind a Promotional Image and more.

How To Know If You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

**This is a sponsored post which I will be compensated for**

How do I know if I need a personal injury attorney? If you sustained serious injuries in an accident such as auto accident, negligence traumatic injury (to name a couple) that will require long-term care or left you with permanent disabilities, you should hire a personal injury attorney immediately. Only an experienced attorney can calculate how much your injuries are worth. Besides, figuring out how your injuries will impact your earning capacity over time can be difficult and generally requires expert assistance. To get the most out of your personal injury claim or lawsuit, you need an attorney who can pursue all available forms of compensation for your injuries and other losses. You suffered a severe injury insurance company’s measure the severity of your injuries by the type of injuries you sustained, the amount of your medical bills you incurred, and the length of your recovery time. As the amount of your potential compensation increases, the more likely you are to reach the policy limits of the at-fault party’s insurance policy. 

iCaddy Floral By Molly Rosner

Katrina, iCaddy inventor came up with the idea when she was just seven years old as she wanted to prop up her tablet to watch her favorite YouTube videos. So he got an idea to glue together some told people rolls, add some ribbon and glitter, and she created a fun new Kindle stand. iCaddy 4-in-1 can be used as a tablet stand, smartphones stand, ear buds+ storage, and power bank dock. You can also choose from a variety of styles and patterns I got floral by Molly Rosner ADH studio iCaddy is a universal mobile device stand for tablets and smartphones perfect for school, travel and play so you can dock, charge and watch your favorite movie, all at the same time! It’s foldable and fits neatly in your backpack. Tablet battery life can be extended by up to 60% while phones can be completely recharged with the powerful 2600mAh battery pack.

Go! Gater 2 in 1 Tomahawk Toss & Archery Set

Go! Gater 2 in 1 Tomahawk Toss & Archery Set features two fun ways to play!
Test Your Accuracy and aim for the bull's eye and great for tailgating or backyard fun! Grab your tomahawk, take aim at the target, and go for the bullseye! The unique safety tomahawks and bristle target makes for great outdoor fun! Or grab your bow, pull it back, and let it fly! Master the tomahawk and the bow and become a true dual threat! Each kit contains 1 tomahawk toss target, 3 safety tomahawks, 1 bow, 3 safety arrows, 2 ground stakes, and set of game rules.

Go! Gater Battle Bags

Go! Gater Battle Bags is an all-new twist on a tailgating classic! Battle Bags is played like cornhole, but with a new target design and vertically placed, free spinning baskets to create a unique and fun game. It may take a few throws to master the perfect arching toss, but once you do, it’s baskets of fun! With an easy-fold design, it is ready to go anywhere and everywhere in a compact style. Just fold and go! Complete with eight bean bags in two team colors and one set of game rules. Made with a weather resistant construction so you can play rain or shine.

Dream Pillow Dreamimals

Dream Pillow Dreamimals was invented by a 7-year-old kidpreneur, Harper Miller to empower children to believe in themselves while sharing the warmest of snuggles. It promotes positive thinking and visualization at an early age, encouraging kids to dream up silly adventures and flex their imaginations for a good night’s sleep.
I was sent Lamby who is soft & gentle and I'm the cuddliest of all the Dreamimals. I love snuggling and sharing sweet dreams. Plus, whenever you worry, my specialty is calming your fears. It includes 60 dream pillow blank idea cards, Lamby is made from all natural 100% cotton and the size is 13” X8” X3”.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Guess How Much I Love You An Enchanted Easter

Guess How Much I Love You An Enchanted Easter from NCIRCLE Entertainment. Enjoy this Easter special adventure based on the classic picture book that has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, written by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram and published by Walker Books.
When Little Nutbrown Hare sees a pure white fawn shining and dancing in the moonlight his friends think he's making it up. They venture through the woody woods in the next valley, down the streamy stream and pass the rocky rocks to find her but as their doubt grows, she is right there hiding on the patches of white snow, thinking it's a big game of hide and seek. 

Munki and Trunk Meet the Jungle Crew

Munki and Trunk Meet the Jungle Crew from Ncircle Entertainment is out now. Munki and Trunk Ain’t no mountain high enough, river wide enough, or banana big enough to tear these two apart! Our brave, curious monkey and big-hearted elephant live together in the jungle, as children imagine it: a playground with vines to swing on, trampoline mushrooms to bounce on, and a crew of jungle buddies to share endless adventures. Munki and Trunk explore their world together, facing fears, having fun and helping friends in a comedy adventure that’s brim-full of heart, and built on a bedrock of friendship.

The Glenrothes: The Soleo Collection

The Glenrothes: The Soleo Collection comes with 4 bottles and they are The Glenrothes 10-year-old single malt Whiskey is 100 ml with 40% alcohol volume that is matured only in sherry seasoned oak casks and bottled at natural colour. With a character of vanilla, shortbread, and lemon peel. Delicate and subtle style single malt.
Whiskey Maker’s Cut 100 ml with 48.8% alcohol volume that is matured only in first fill sherry seasoned oak casks, bottled at the natural colour at a strength selected by our Master Whisky Maker. Have creamy vanilla, orange peel, and nutmeg character.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Teleflora Art Glass Treasure Bouquet Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12, 2019, and Teleflora wants to help you love out loud with an easy and simple flower bouquet to give mom. I got Art Glass Treasure Bouquet features lavender roses, pink asiatic lilies, light pink alstroemeria, lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums, lavender limonium, dusty miller, parvifolia eucalyptus, and lemon leaf carefully arranged in a high-fashion, hand-blown art glass vase with swirling iridescent finish.

Music Mondays Avicii - SOS ft. Aloe Blacc

Banish Kit 2.0

Banish Kit 2.0 makes it so ace scars don’t stay forever and fade away using this and Banish Oil. Each kit contains Banisher 2.0, Banish Oil and Banish Storage Bag. It features 24k Gold Coated Titanium Bristles which promotes collagen; gold is antibacterial, and skin firming. Features a twist off cap which protects the banisher and doubles as a smaller cleaning container where only a small amount of rubbing alcohol is used. The new design will always keep your bristles protected and suspended so the fine bristles will last longer.

Smart Ideas 4 Life Bathtub& Laptop Bed Desk Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

This Mother’s Day give mom breakfast in bed with Smart Ideas 4 Life Bathtub& Laptop Bed Desk. From bath to bedtime this is the only Tray you need. Expands up to 42.5" to fit any size tub and with height, adjustable foldable legs transform easily to a bed tray for the ultimate comfort and also has 2 removable side trays. You can choose from 2 colors for the tray Natural Bamboo or Dark.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Mother’s Apothecary 500mg CBD Tincture Peppermint

Mother’s Apothecary 500mg CBD Tincture Peppermint is a 1ounce bottle with the purest hemp oil tincture on the market and directly from Mother Nature making it 100% natural, safe for almost anyone to use. I don’t know if you heard but recently CBD oil has been used to help with chronic pain. I suffer from a lot of chronic pain one being fibromyalgia and have been really interested in CBD oil to see if it can help relieve some of the pain and let me feel like a normal person for a little while during the day.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Visionary Foods Nutola Granola Monk Fruit Sweetened & C, B, D No Pain

Visionary Foods allows you to eat healthier to lose weight or maintain your current weight. Nutola Granola Monk Fruit Sweetened brings the amazing sweet crunch back into your life.  With only 4 net carbs this oat and honey free granola makes the perfect snack right out of the bag, on greek yogurt or for breakfast with your favorite milk. Made with a few simple ingredients include superfoods such as coconut, almond, carrot, prune, monk fruit and Himalayan sea salt, so you get more bang for your "caloric buck."  This will reduce cravings for junk food, minimize blood sugar spikes, keep you full longer; all while giving your brain a satisfying treat. We eat for health or we eat for taste. Nutola is one of the rare treats that accomplish both at the same time. Totally pure it contains only 6 ingredients including Superfoods, each designed with a specific health benefit in mind.

Teton Water Ranch Uncured Beef Hotdogs & Uncured Polish Kielbasa

Teton Water Ranch is 100% grass-fed cattle live and eat the way nature meant them to only on well-managed pastures, and never on a feedlot. No hormones, No antibiotics, no nitrates or nitrates. Uncured Beef Hotdogs made with all grass-fed and grass-finished beef and juicy as all get out, we made a feel-great version of a feel-good classic. Don’t believe us? Just ask those people who give out food award; Goes perfect with a side of BBQs and ball games.
Uncured Polish Kielbasa all-beef spin on this European favorite is gently spiced with a house recipe of garlic, coriander, marjoram and ginger and lightly smoked for intensely great flavor. And to top it off, it’s nitrate-free and sugar-free.

Crazy Richards

Nut butter without the clutter is what makes Crazy Richard’s so crazy. 100% high-quality nuts and nothing else, Crazy Richard’s is known for its creamy clutter-free nut butters that are made without the usual oil, sugar, and salt, plus it tastes cleaner and better than any traditional nut butter  More than peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, Peanut Butter is making a comeback as the hero protein. Peanut butter is a great source of niacin, antioxidants, resveratrol, and manganese. Crazy Richard’s doesn’t add any extra oils to their peanut butter because they use the natural oils found in nuts to ensure consumers get all the rich nutrients and protein they need in a healthier natural way. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Hydro Strike

From Pressman Toys is Hydro Strike for ages 7 and up along with 2 players. Get ready to make a splash with Hydro Strike! In this head-to-head pinball game, you’ll need fast flipping fingers to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal.  Score and your opponent will get sprayed in the face with water!  Since a sprayer is aimed at both players, strike quick when you play, or you’ll get the spray!  The first player to score 5 times wins.  Will you win or get wet? 
You can purchase at Target or Amazon.


Wordsearch from Goliath Games is for ages 7 and up along with 2-4 players. The race is on with Wordsearch, the fast-paced, multiplayer word finding game! Find a word before your opponents, then yell out “Wordsearch!” And place your marker on the word you found. Act quickly if other players find a word that crosses yours, they’ll remove your markers. The player with the most markers on the board at the end of the game wins!

WordWorld: Fun and Games!

WordWorld: Fun and Games! Join your favorite WordWorld friends for eight exciting outdoor adventures filled with Fun and Games! First, watch as Duck and Shark play in the sand on the beach where learn all about sand castles and why the waves wash them away. Then, watch as Dog tries to play ball with his friends! Along the way, he learns all about how to communicate with others. Finally, when Frog sails away on a big kite he's built, it's up to Duck and Shark to save him! The WordFriends also play spies to uncover a mystery, play a game of cowboy, and lots more! The following 8 stories are on the DVD castles in the sea, pirate ship, playing spies, ride’em cowbear, shark’s first loose tooth, dogs wants to play ball, kite fight, and x marks the spot.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wild Kratts The Briny Blue Sea

Wild Kratts The Briny Blue Sea from PBS Kids has an MSRP of $14.99. It’s time for a swim with the Wild Kratts! Join Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt as they take Jimmy to his own personal swimming tutor, a sea otter named Coach! Then, when a rogue wave crashes into the Tortuga, the team gets operated. Jimmy and Aviva are stuck on rafts in the middle of the ocean, while Chris and Martin end up on two islands. 

Latest Bedding Azlin 8 piece Microfiber Comforter Set

Spring is here and I am looking to do a clean on my room with brighter colors and clean the clutter. I was able to review LatestBedding Azlin 8 piece Microfiber Comforter Set in the color lilac and white with a polyester filling gives just the right fluffiness to this comforter set while the bar tacking details give a more formal finished look. This set includes euro shams, decorative pillows, pillow shams, and a tailored bed skirt.

Cowcow Easter Gift Guide 2019

Just in time for Easter dinner, I was sent Cowcow which are unique designs of clothing, artwork and more. Black And White Queen Anne's Lace Hillside Quarter Sleeve Front Wrap Dress is made from 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex. Made with soft, stretchy, lightweight, and quick drying fabric. Fully customizable with fit and flare; Designs imprinted using an advance heat sublimation technique and machine washable.


When the StretchPatch is placed on the skin, it helps to increase the circulation and opens the pores to deliver all the key ingredients to aid in collagen production.  StretchPatch is a highly localized care that softens tissue and promotes skin regeneration over time. Scars are created in this deeper layer (dermis) of the skin.  When they are left to heal by themselves, they fill with thick scar tissue. They will need proper care and hydration. I got 7 large patches for sensitive skin they are lotion infused hot patches that will leave no mark on your close or bed sheets. They are easy to put on and pull off being white in color they blend on the skin along with being comfortable to wear. Each patch is 8 x 6 in you can cut the patch to the size and shape needed. For larger applications, simply add a second patch. See results in as little as one use and progressive results over 3-6 weeks.  No needles (as found in Mezotherapy or Dermarollers), lasers, artificial, or natural peeling that are all known to cause discomfort.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fyre S’mores

Fyre S’mores from the Toasted Marshmallow Co. was inspired by childhood memories around a campfire with friends and family, are ready to Eat S’mores made with the highest quality ingredients. Treat yourself with individual S’mores. Try the Original Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate packages. If our individual packages don’t have enough to share, try our Family packs with 75% more S’mores.


EcoSox Bamboo Socks offer high-quality comfort and arch support; whether you are hiking great trails, working on your feet all day, or lounging around the house. I was sent Bamboo Performance Tab in black/pink made with 80% Bamboo Viscose / 10% Polyester / 5% Nylon / 3% Spandex / 2% Rubber which has a silk-like soft and buttery feel which is ultra-soft against skin. BackTab Protects Ankle against impact (No More Unsightly Blisters/Scabs), dry - enhanced moisture control & thermo-regulation, absorbs 3-4 times more moisture than cotton to keep your feet dry, odorless as it inhibits foot odor, blister free inhibits foot friction/blisters, integrated smooth toe seam reduces friction, arch support for proper fit, fight fatigue, knitted reinforced heel and toe for an ergonomic fit, EcoSox footbed pillowed cushioning for comfort & air flow.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Aosky Professional Precision Screwdriver Set 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit

Aosky Professional Precision Screwdriver Set 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit screwdriver bits are made of premium S2 steel material which is stronger and more durable than others and doesn't worry can be used repeatedly abrasion in a long time. It is comfortable to hold even for long-time use. It also can anti-slip and static. The Press & Push design enables you to take out bits for saving hassles. A flexible shaft is included, which is great for stereo work as well as other large electronics where the screws are not on the surface.  

Tony Hawk Box Boarders

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has teamed up with Hog Wild Toys to introduce Tony Hawk Box Boarders, a brand new toy line that allows kids of all ages to easily land pro skateboarding tricks and film, edit and share videos of those tricks with the free Tony Hawk Box Boarders Studio App! Box Boarder Super Pack lets you choose from one of the 4: Kidney Bowl, Backyard Pool, Pro Park, and Eight Bowl.  Flip, ride, grind and land insane tricks with Tony Hawk Box Boarders Super Pack. Slide your phone into the phone slot located on the side of the bowl and begin filming your awesome tricks! Box Boarder Aaron Homoki and David Loy packages have 2 box boarders, 1 cam holder, and 4 mini ramps.

Music Mondays Broken & Beautiful By Kelly Clarkson

StikBot Zanimation Studio Pets

StikBot Zanimation Studio Pets has 2 in 1 screen, stikbot junior, stikbot, tripod, stikpet, and 2 prop box. Zanimation Studio and its Z-Screen technology, you can take videos anywhere that you want. Download the app which is free and create your animation. StikBot Singles blue, red, white and green clear.

The Chiller

The Chiller an ultraportable beverage cooler is a portable fridge for your drinks. And it doesn’t require ice! It’s an icy chamber filled with freezing gel that chills your drinks for hours. It’s easy to use and transport and you’ll never need to go to the store to buy ice again. It fits any standard size cans and beer bottles (3 at a time), and all standard wine and champagne bottles (1 at a time), plus many types of spirits. Water bottles, Gatorade bottles, and more drinks will fit in this. The Chiller stays frozen for 6 hours out and about in the sun. Avoid direct sunlight and you’ll get even more. But how do you get the most? Pick up the insulated Chiller’s Pack or Tote bag and chill for up to 24 hours!