Monday, August 31, 2020

Baby Brezza Ultimate Changing Station Diaper Bag Backpack Bay Shower Gift Guide 2020

Baby Brezza Ultimate Changing Station Diaper Bag Backpack is a must for any new mom as it has 17 pockets to keep organized, drop-down changing station has sidewalls and a padded changing pad for hygienic & comfortable diaper changes. It detaches too for easy cleaning, large top opening offers easy access to spacious interior compartment, 2 insulated side pockets keep bottles and food fresh. Interior zippered pockets are perfect for diapers, wipes & lotions. Large, drop-down zippered mesh compartment offers additional storage. Front zippered pockets offer quick access to personal items. It has a padded back, adjustable backpack straps & stroller loops for carrying comfort and stylish design in grey with black trim and silver hardware.

Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

Baby Brezza Instant Warmer dispenses warm water on demand 24-7 and maintains warm temperature all day and night. Just add formula & mix. Customize with 3 temperature settings: Body temperature, Warmer than body temperature, Room temperature. The airtight tank holds 50 oz of water to make a day’s worth of formula. Works with all brands and types of bottles and has an 18-month limited warranty (exclusive to buyers) or 1 year if you buy from other retailers along with being BPA-FREE.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Meet Champ The Starting Lineup

If you are someone who likes to get sex stuff through the mail then going to the drug store then Meet Champ is for you. I was sent The Starting Lineup it comes with 3 Ultra-This Condoms lubricated latex, 3 Ribbed Condoms, and 1-ounce bottle of Personal Lubricant it is water-based. Quality Guaranteed, all Champ products are produced in state-of-the-art facilities by trusted manufacturers. Every Champ condom is electronically tested for safety and reliability. Champ lubricants are safe to use with condoms and toys.

Velobar CBD

Velobar CBD Roasted Nuts, Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt Protein Bar has 25 mg of CBD organic almonds, organic dates, Organic semi-sweet dark chocolate, organic pumpkin seeds, and more.  Peanut Butter Protein Bar has 25 MG of CBD Organic chia seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, Organic Flaxseeds, hemp hearts, and more.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

BTGIN Korean Red Panax Ginseng 200mg

BTGIN Store GIN-HONGSAM 200mg red ginseng capsules have high Ginsenosides for Natural Energy and help boost energy levels, enhance memory, improve stamina, increases blood flow, and nutrient absorption. The capsules contain 100% pure ginseng without any additives & fillers in vegetable capsules. These are one of the strongest red ginseng capsules  containing above 8% Ginsenosides with Rare Ginsenosides Rg3 20mg/g, Compound-K 5mg/g, & Rb1, Rb2, Rg1, Rg2, Rg5, Rh1, Rh2, Rh3, Rh4, Rk1, Rk2, Rk3, Rk4, Rd, Re, Rc, aPPT, aPPD. Normal Ginsenosides converted to rare 

Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Vibrator

Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Vibrator features a finger-shaped with sleek silicone texture to precisely target those sweet spots, Pecker serves as a rechargeable & waterproof G spot vibrator with an ergonomic loop handle to easily seek and pleasure G spot, A spot, clitoris, nipple, prostate, etc. Pecker is equipped with 2 motors for insane sensations; its wand tip pulsates and stimulates your happiness points just like a woodpecker pecking the wood. 5 pulsating modes and 10 vibration modes in the waist for extra fun, all combined to create a whopping 50 settings.

Tracy’s Dog Craybit

Right now is not an ideal time to be dating the coronavirus so for women you might be thinking of ways to get satisfied discreetly. Craybit from Tracy’s Dog is a rabbit vibrator which has 3 motors- 2 for the shaft and 1 for the clit attachment, which makes sure all the spots, including the clitoris, G-Spot, and A-Spot, are getting strong and steady stimulation. 15 different vibration patterns and intensity levels; It will take you to an ultra-intense orgasm that you might have never experienced before with all your spots getting deeply stimulated at the same time!  

Friday, August 28, 2020


Coolibar sun protective clothing is all you need this summer so you do not get skin cancer. I was sent a variety of clothing to review Women’s Shorebreak Skorted Swim Tights UPF 50+ combine a versatile four-way stretch with a sleek, contoured fit and an elegant touch of ruche on the skirt. Grip elastic in back prevents garment slipping. A pocket on the inside front is great for keys.

Don’t F*** This Up! By Fred Stuvek Jr. Review & Giveaway Ends 9/16 #DontFThisUp

Don’t F*** This Up! By Fred Stuvek Jr. from Triumvirate Press. Has the new normal just f***ed up your future? Did you get your degree in the mail instead of crossing a stage? You're not alone. You did everything you were supposed to do. You worked hard, got the grades, and you're ready to start your next phase of life. 
Then the floor caved in. Thanks to a global pandemic, you're entering adulthood, your new career, your college career, or the workforce during record unemployment, a terrifying economy, and social guidelines that have all but eliminated life as you knew it. Like it or not, this is your sink or swim moment.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Winning Moves Giveaway Ends 9/14

Win these 4 games from Winning Moves! The entry form is below 

Winning Moves Scrabble Slam!

Scrabble Slam! From Winning Moves retail for $6.95 and for ages 8 and up along with 2-4 players. Scrabble Slam is the best-selling, fast-paced and easy to play card game version of Scrabble. Start with any 4-letter word on the table like “CAKE” and yell out “Ready, Set, Slam!” and the race is on. Quickly change the existing word, 1 letter card at a time, to create a new word like “BAKE” then change it to “BIKE” and so on. The first player to play out all their cards wins! Each deck contains 55 cards and instructions.

Winning Moves Rubik’s Christmas Tree

Rubik’s Christmas Tree from Winning Moves retails for $9.95 and for ages 6 and up. The Rubik’s Christmas Tree is a festive twisty puzzle and an ideal stocking stuffer. Featuring a string and molded plastic loop on the top of the tree, turning this fully functional puzzle into the perfect ornament, making it the perfect decoration for your Christmas tree!

Winning Moves Husker Du?

Winning Moves Husker Du? retails for $12.95 for ages 4 and up along with 2 plus players, the run time is 15-25 minutes. This classic picture matching memory game for young children has been updated with vibrant new images. The Husker Du game engages kids while they search for matching objects. Kids will learn memory skills, matching skills, turn-taking, color, shape, and object recognition. The player with the most pegs at the end of the game wins!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Erika’s Tea Room Baby Shower Gift Guide 2020

Located in Clermont, FL is Erika’s Tea Room which has the best scones in Florida. You can stop by if you are local or order online, they make perfect Baby Shower snack; I got a couple for review and they were Lemon Blueberry which has real pieces of blueberries inside and Orange Cranberry real piece of oranges and cranberries inside which is made from scratch the day they are shipped.

Take Back Your Life: A 40-Day Interactive Journey to Thinking Right So You Can Live Right By Levi Lusko Review & Giveaway Ends 9/11

Take Back Your Life: A 40-Day Interactive Journey to Thinking Right So You Can Live Right By Levi Lusko. A forty-day interactive journey, that will help you identify and fight your internal battles so you can take back your life. 
Every person has a mission and a God-given potential to impact the world, whether they recognize it or not. But life presents challenges and traps us in a helpless, hopeless loop of anxiety and fear. In Take Back Your Life, a blend of bestselling books Through the Eyes of a Lion and I Declare War, join Levi Lusko on an interactive journey to take back your life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Nadine West July 2020

Nadine West sent me some great clothing for July 2020 which I can choose to keep or send what I do not like back with the prepaid label.
Marsha Top in light mustard retails for $19.49 has a v-neck and on each sleeve white stripes.

Aslaylme Baby Boy Girl Halloween Costume Outfit Infant Ghost Romper

Aslaylme Baby Boy/ Girl Halloween Costume Outfit Infant Mummy Romper is for ages 0-24 months. The package includes a romper and hat.  This romper is made with cotton which is gentle on a baby’s skin and won’t cause harmful irritations. This is perfect for Halloween photos, trick or treating, haunts, making Halloween videos and so much more.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump Giveaway Ends 8/31

NEW Medela Pump in Style
Here is a great giveaway to end 2020’s National Breastfeeding Month celebrations! 

Mrs. Freshley’s Deluxe Oreo Mini Brownies Back To School Gift Guide 2020

Just in time for back to school Mrs. Freshley’s  has new Deluxe Oreo Mini Brownies which are soft, fudge brownies made with real oreo cookie pieces in a package of three. You can find them at most Walmart locations nationwide. Mrs. Freshley’s also has cupcakes, muffins, honeybuns, and more.

Tastykake New Family Pack of Pecan Swirls Back To School Gift Guide 2020

Tastykake has New Family Pack of Pecan Swirls has 16 in the package and has a combination of rich brown sugar and crunchy pecans and can be found at nationwide at grocery and convenience store retailers. As you know Tastykake is great to have for breakfast or place in lunchboxes, backpacks, and on the go snack. They also offer a wide variety of other snacks like krimpets, cupcakes, donuts, pies and so much more.

Music Mondays Feel By Fletcher

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Winning Moves Scattergories 30th Anniversary Edition

Scattergories 30th Anniversary Edition from Winning Moves are for ages 12 and up along with 2-6 players. The run time is about 25-35 minutes and retails for $40.95. The game of Scattergories took the country by storm when it was first launched in 1989. This classic reproduction features the components and categories found in that original Scattergories game. The mechanical timer has 3 different settings so players can set it for more time (for an easier round) roles time when they want more of a challenge. Right off the top of your head…. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

KeaBabies EZEE Diaper Mat Black Geo Baby Shower Gift Guide 2020

When you have a baby you need to make sure you have all you need for your newborn and KeaBabies has some great things and unique for the mom to be. One is EZEE Diaper Mat Black Geo it allows you to be hands-free all day as you just clip the 2 metal clasps on one side or over the Diaper Mat. Wear it any way you want it, on your shoulder, around your arm, as a clutch, or strap it around your stroller handle. Simply clip the 2 metal clasps on one side or over the Diaper Mat to change styles. This mat is light-weight and slim at only 1.2" thick when closed. Easily fit into any diaper bags without taking up too much space. You may detach the diaper changing pad for use at home or grandparents' place. 

KeaBabies Organic Soft Burp Cloths Grayscape Baby Shower Gift Guide 2020

Another baby shower gift for the mom to be is KeaBabies Organic Soft Burp Cloths Grayscape this is a 5 pack that is unisex with patterns of stars, arrows, triangles, bird, and not sure of the symbol but an arrow that is a pattern and thick.The burp cloths are made to be ultra-soft and absorbent, which makes it your best everyday essential! Made with 100% organic cotton on both sides of the burp cloth, it is safe for your newborn baby's sensitive skin. Perfectly sized for full shoulder coverage: 21" by 10.5", 3-layers of absorbency to prevent staining your clothes, and unique figure-8 design: weight distribution & comfort for users.

Draft Top

Draft Top is a bar tool designed to remove the top of an aluminum beverage can which is patent pended. You can drink topless to experience the full aroma of your drink straight from the can. Creates an incredibly smooth edge that safely turns your can into a cup, perfect for adding garnishes or mixing drinks and this is “the beer can opener”.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Stuckey’s Super Candy Sampler

Being a tradition when you are traveling on the road since 1937 is Stuckey’s and right off the top of my head I know where there is two; when I take 95 to Maine I typically stop at Stuckey’s in Rhode Island and also in Virginia is the other one but there are many more across the USA. The slogan is to “Relax, Refresh, Refuel” which is exactly what I do! 

KeaBabies Baby Hooded Towel Baby Shower Gift Guide 2020

KeaBabies Baby Hooded Towel with Cute Bear Ears made with 100% organic bamboo fibers along with being ultra-soft, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic for your precious little one’s delicate skin. Machines wash in cold and tumble dry low. Babies grow up too fast, don't you think? We understand the growing needs of your little angel, we made sure that our Hooded Towel is sized perfectly at 35" X 35". Let our KeaBabies Hooded Towel be the best companion for your little one anywhere. Take it to the pool, beach, bathtime, bedtime routine, and traveling.

Cursed Films

Coming to DVD, Digital HD, and Blu-Ray from RLJE Films & Shudder is Cursed Films with an MSRP of $27.97 DVD, $28.97 Blu-Ray on August 18, 2020.This five-episode documentary series was written, edited, and directed by Jay Cheel and stars Phil Nobile Jr (Fangoria Editor-in-Chief), Linda Blair (The Exorcist), Gary Sherman (Poltergeist III), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13Th franchise), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Mitch Horowitz (As a Man Thinketh), Ryan Turek (VP of Development, Blumhouse Pictures), and Richard Donner (The Omen).

Sunday, August 16, 2020

FLUIDSTANCE Plane Cloud Graphite

With 2020 is the year where the normal routine has changed since COVID 19 we had to adapt to change with working more from home in doing so your home office maybe a bit smaller and movement might be what you are lacking as you don’t have to go as far as things. FLUIDSTANCE believes movement and balance are key as you go from working in a sedentary desk environment to flowing on The Plane Cloud Graphite balance board, comes in the color Slate as well. It features the same carefully engineered, 360-degree-tilt geometry of their pioneering Level deck, but with a smaller (and softer) footprint.

Friday, August 14, 2020

DC Kids FanDome 8/22

House of Spells

House of Spells has all you need for fans of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Vikings, and more. I was sent a variety of things which were  Harry Potter Jelly Slugs Jelly Belly has whipped up its candy making magic to bring you Harry Potter Jelly Slugs! Fun-to-eat Jelly Slugs are as delicious as they entertaining! Packed with 5 intense fruit flavors, these gummies make the perfect treat.

Falling Star Naturals

Based in Texas is Falling Star Naturals Lemon Sugar Scrub Bar will rejuvenate dry cracked skin, moisturize and exfoliate, along with containing a wonderful natural scent. Won’t dry out your skin! These are great for a general body scrub or use on your feet! Each bar is 3.5× 1 full-size bars Ingredients: sugar, coconut oil, glycerin soap, vitamin E. Directions: Use in the shower or bathtub with warm water then gently scrub on your skin. These are great to use with their shower gels. Purchase one or a 6 piece set. Each bar comes shrink-wrapped to keep the scent in.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Thames Kosmos Kids First Crystals, Rocks & Minerals

Thames Kosmos Kids First Crystals, Rocks & Minerals for ages 8 and up is perfect STEM Experiment Kit. Unearth the secrets of geology as you dig deep into the science of rocks and minerals and the crystals that form them. Through 18 hands-on experiments, kids ages eight and up will discover some pretty amazing things about geology, mineralogy, and crystal growing. Become a geologist-in-training as you mold your own crystal geode and grow three different types of crystals that vary in color and shape.

Ooze Labs Colorful Crystal Labs

Ooze Labs Colorful Crystal Labs for ages 6 and up from Thames & Kosmos. Explore the natural beauty and wonder of crystals by growing them yourself in many different shapes and colors. Set up your lab base station the headquarters for all your crystal growing experiments, complete with beakers, test tubes, petri dish, tweezers, centrifuge, display dome, and more. Then conduct more than ten experiments in crystal formation, using safe, non-toxic crystal salt.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Groovy Guy Gifts Military TacPack & Ace of Spades Gift Set Back To School 2020

For Back to School Groovy Guy Gifts have some great ideas for high school and college. I got some great gifts for the college students which are a Military TacPack can be personalized but I choose not to personalize it.  It features a main zippered compartment with interior mesh great for storing essential gear and tools. The pack also features a front zipper pouch and two side zipper pouches, MOLLE straps, exterior pen/tool holder, D-Rings, and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap with a quick-release buckle that allows the pack to transform into a tactical fanny pack.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Midnight Society S'Mores Recipe

The Mountain and The Goat by Siamak Taghaddos

The Mountain and The Goat by Siamak Taghaddos from Poetti. Growing up, my father taught me an old Persian poem that had a profound impact on my life. It taught me to seize the opportunities that life throws at us and to always be resourceful. It inspired me to write this story to plant the seed of entrepreneurship and take-action mentality in children, and to help them understand that it’s every day, small actions that lead to bigger and better results.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Music Mondays Smile By Juice WRLD ft. The Weekend

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Review & Giveaway Ends 8/20

Coming to DVD on August 11, 2020, from Nickelodeon/ Paramount Pictures, is Are You Afraid of the Dark? Re-imagined for a new generation with an MSRP of $13.99 and starring Lyliana Wray (Balck-ish), Sam Ashe Arnold (Best.Worse.Weekend.Ever.) Miya Cech (Rim of the World), Jeremy Taylor (It: Chapter Two), and Tamara Smart (The Worst Witch).

Magic Leaf Hemp Tea Sampler

I recently got to review Magic Leaf Hemp Tea Sampler lets you choose which one you want to try and they have 60 MG of CBD per cup and 1 serving each. Healer’s Heart allows you to reduce stress with the natural healing power of hemp, hibiscus, and elderberry with the sweet flavors of raspberry, coconut, and cherry.
Snake Charmer allows you to increase focus and concentration with the sweet and spicy caffeine-free blend of hemp, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice root, coriander, fennel, ginger, and rose.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Nursing Queen $40 Gift card Giveaway Ends 8/16

Breastfeeding Giveaway
It's National Breastfeeding Month!
Here is a great giveaway for some trendy breastfeeding clothing!
Breastfeeding support comes from many directions and having clothing that helps make breastfeeding easier for you can help build confidence. Wearing new and stylish clothes can be a form of self-care.  It's important to feel good about yourself!

Friday, August 7, 2020

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case Necklace Sunset Black Back To School 2020

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case Necklace Sunset Black for iPhone XS Max is great for Back to School as it has a premium cord is made with a strong, reinforced core so you never have to worry about it tearing apart. The smooth, luxurious feel of the plush fibers is comfortable even on sensitive skin. Wear your phone Case Crossbody or as a Necklace. The cord is connected to two strong connector rings that keep your phone safe at all times.  Keebos comes with an easily adjustable cord. You can choose the perfect size based on how you’d like to style it: classic crossbody or as an edgy necklace!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Luminiser Thermoelectric Oil Lantern

Rather you are staying close to home or spending the summer outdoors camping I want to tell you about Luminiser Thermoelectric Oil Lantern is a heat powered LED Lantern which is portable. It converts heat from the oil unit into electricity to power 3 / 200 Lumen LED light strips and amplifies the light by 200 times. Unfold the legs and switch to room mode to brighten the area with 2 LED strips on each side of the lantern. No more working in the dark during a power outage. You can also use the handle on top to hang the lantern on a hook. Contains a 200-lumen front LED light strip great for nature walks, camping, and exploring during power outages.

Paw Patrol Dino Dirt Cups Recipe

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Milk Money from Million Stories

Premiering in August 6, 2020, is Milk Money gets real with millennial families raising kids in today’s economy. The series explores the true price of parenthood and dives deeper on family finances. With a diverse group of families, Milk Money profiles the lives of single parents, new parents, and many more! Some episodes are: 
A single dad and his strong bond with his son from Inglewood, CA.
A family of four with one more on the way prepares for a military deployment from San Diego, CA.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Fashion Secrets Back To School Giveaway Ends 8/18

Fashion Secrets Back to School Giveaway

Paw Patrol Dino Rescue Review & Giveaway Ends 8/ 14

Coming to DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon on August 4, 2020, is Paw Patrol Dino Rescue with an MSRP of $10.99. ROAR into a prehistoric land with the Paw Patrol in these 6 dino-mite tales, including 2 double-length missions! Join the pups as they roll into Dino Wilds to keep their new friends safe from an erupting volcano and a scheming dino egg thief. Then, the team gears up for a robotic dinosaur adventure!

Pilot Back To School 2020

This year the school year may look different for some parents as you wonder if you should home school your kids because of the whole Coronavirus thing or send to school to get the social interaction kids so need to have. Whatever you choose you will still need Pilot Pens which offers some great things one for a whiteboard is Pilot V Board Master these are refillable and made from 91% recycled materials. They come in black, blue, yellow, green, & red ink & feature a visible ink supply so you'll never run dry! You can also find them in medium chisel or bullet points.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Shimmer & Shine Maze Pack

Music Mondays Ava Max Who's Laughing Now

Glow Upp

I recently decided I needed to try a social media scheduling app so I can have more time to do things and Glow Upp is one that I had never heard of but wanted to give a try. It can be used with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest the pricing is $9.97 for Just Gram, $19.97 for The Big 3 and $29 for Business Plan. The information is stored by because they use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram official API to post, this means when you connect your account you are sent to Facebook or Twitter server & then automatically bought back to us. This means we never see your login credentials & there not stored on their servers.