Saturday, May 16, 2015

Miracle Corp Stewart Pets and Hamilton Pixie Pet Collar

I have a lovely yorkie named Fiona and she is such a diva but I love her so much and she is spoiled rotten I have to say. I recently got to review Stewart Pets and was sent some products to review I wanted to share with and they are Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats are made in the USA without additives or preservatives in a USDA inspection facility. Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver maintains the aroma, full-flavor and nutritional value of 100% raw liver.

 I also got a Hamilton Pixie Pet collar which is Brown/Pewter  which has paw prints on it in size 7-12” for a small breed dog which is made of quality, style and comfort which is the company slogan. This collar also adjusts a little bit.
My Opinion: My dog Fiona liked the freeze dried liver treats ok and the collar fit just fine I just had a hard time with the clip where it opens and closes to put it on so I may not use it for that fact alone.
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About Them:  We are proud of our 40 year heritage of equipping our customers with visionary, premium products available at a fair value.  MiracleCorp is a leading provider of premium products uniquely tailored for pets and their owners. Our commitment to innovation, quality, care and continued growth are key elements on which we are grounded. With a combined offering of over 7,000 SKUs, MiracleCorp and its wholly owned subsidiaries’ offer an array of products including health and beauty aids, grooming tools, collars, leashes, halters, leads, food,  functional treats, supplements, safety and agility flooring, and other innovative products. Our brands include, among others, Miracle Care, Hamilton, Stewart, ARC veterinary products and Group Summit flooring products. Each year, our products are purchased by millions of consumers and are sold worldwide through major pet store chains, catalogs, web-stores and primary distributors.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

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