Monday, August 11, 2014

Parties Before and After Kids

As a parent you wonder if you should continue partying since when you were younger and not very responsible you use to party all the time with your friends and now that you are older and a parent you want to set an example for your kids.But where is your release? I can see both ends of this dilemma as i work in a detox center so i see those who become addicted and can't get the handle on becoming a dad and the other end that is wondering where is my stress reliever and how can i unwind from a busy day at work ? So with that in mind do you find when you have a party what type of beverages to have along with themes?  What is your whole opinion on Party before and after having kids? Should you or should you not?
Well if you are a parent who decides to party with kids remember Mike's Hard Lemonade has many flavors to choose from such as Hard Lemonade, Hard Black Cherry Lemonade and more at if you are over age 21 .

Disclaimer This is a post from One2One to let you know about this product and i was not compansated in any way for this post. 

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