Thursday, September 28, 2017

Melitta Coffee For National Coffee Day 2017

Tomorrow is National Coffee Day and Melitta wants you to reflect on how far They’ve come since Melitta Bentz invented an entirely new way of brewing coffee,” said Donna Gray, director, public relations, Melitta North America. “Melitta has led the way in coffee innovation for over 100 years. As we release the latest version of her invention, the Signature Series Pour-Over, we’re incredibly proud of how we’ve been able to continue that spirit of innovation and perfect the hand-crafted coffee experience.”

Melitta Bentz pioneered the two-part filtration system now used for drip coffee at her home in Germany in 1908. Since then, millions of people around the world have enjoyed her invention each and every day when preparing their own cup.

 The original pour-over came to life when Melitta Bentz grew tired of the bitter coffee that was full of grounds and prevalent in the early 20th century. Her search for a better coffee experience eventually led her to punch holes in a brass pot, line it with a piece of her son’s notebook paper, and invent the two-part filtration system we use in today’s pour-over and drip coffee worldwide. The company she created with her invention is still committed to that heritage and perfecting the art of pour-over coffee in the home with premium coffee and coffee accessories.

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