Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ranger Rob & Earth Day 2018!

Tomorrow is Earth Day and Ranger Bob wants you to get outside PLAY, EXPLORE and DISCOVER! Bursting with boy-energy, Ranger Rob zip-lines, vine-swings and even snowboards his way around as he discovers new and exciting places in his own big backyard, Big Sky Park, the coolest outdoor adventure park ever! Ranger Bob also has some tips to help keep our planet clean and for other generations to come. Don’t litter! If you do see it help clean up your local park or neighborhood by getting together with your friends and family to keep it clean.  Recycle by setting up a recycling bin with your family and keep the amount of trash you make small. 

When you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands turn off the water as soon as you’re done to save water. If you see wild animals outside leave them there and do not take them home as they are happiest outside. Plant a tree or bee-friendly flowers to keep our air clean, animals and bugs a place to live.

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