Friday, January 18, 2013

House Party Hasbro Family Game Night

I recently was able to host a Hasbro House Party for New Year’s Eve.  I was so psyched but was chosen a few weeks before New Year’s so I was like who will I invite? What if who I invite already has plans and reservations? But I set out compiling a list of people to invite along with foods we will eat. I ended up getting the games Catch Phrase, Yatzee, Draw u and Twister. I also got a bunch of coupons for game purchases and one for Orida Grillers, a trophy for the winner, paper cups, party hats and winner crown. We tried playing Draw u but it was hard for more than two people so next we played Yatzee and I ended up losing the winner of the night was Sherry who was surprised and I must say the seating for playing I blame it on as the dice were not very co-operative either LOL. Maybe I am just a sore loser. I had about four of us for New Year’s Eve and it was so much fun we drank so Sparkling Cider for the occasion.

The Winner 

The Players 

The Players again 

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