Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toys R Us Review

I know you all have heard of Toys R ‘Us and there is one in every town so I was so at awe when I was able to work with them on a product review basis. I got two products in the mail to review one was Blingles Bling Studio. So you can Bling out anything it comes with over 320 gems, Gem Pen, Glue Roll, Transfer Tape, Design Template and of course instructions but who really reads them anyways? Not me I usually do things the hard way LOL.
This is great for any girl ages 6 and up to be able to make things pop first by creating your design next by pressing gems onto the glue sheet and last bling it! How easy is that? You could do your cell phone, I pod, pencil case, backpack, wallet, purse the possibilities are endless. Visit to learn more they also have a variety of themes such as Shimmering Candy, Sparkling Princess and so on.

The other product I got is called Appfinity  App Drive it is to be used with a smart phone. It comes with a steering wheel which you insert your smart phone into then you download the app and play a variety of games on using this steering wheel such as Car racing, Dirt Bike Racing, ATV Racing and so much more. This would be great to keep busy or your child busy while you are out and about at the supermarket or running errands. The Steering wheel is so lightweight and easy to take along. Visit to learn more.

My opinion these are both great products and pricing is reasonable. Both are lots of fun and keep your kids busy if not yourself for hours. Would recommend these products.
Toys R Us has so many great products on the market for ever age group. Such as video games, Barbie dolls, figures, board games and so much more visit or visit your local store to learn more. Are you expecting a baby? Sign up for the Baby Registry. Have a child under age 10? Sign them up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club  where you can get some special gift such as a gift card to use in store and when you visit the store near your birthday you will get a crown, balloon and your name broadcasted over the entire store! A phone call from Geoffrey as well.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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