Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Flaming Marshmallow's Guide to campfire cooking By Nikki Fotheringham

The Flaming Marshmallow’s Guide to campfire cooking by Nikki Fotheringham   David Shephard (Editor), Ian Fotheringham (Photographer) has over 50 recipes made fresh over the campfire of course get fired up and go way beyond the hot dog with simple, delicious campfire cooking. Ever buy a campfire cookbook only to discover it’s for people who roll with a fridge, barbeque and everything including the kitchen sink?

Well, this isn’t that kind of adventure, so buckle up buttercup.  This book is for those rare beauties that like to climb, paddle, hike or runs through the woods, play in the dirt and enjoy the great outdoors. If you have to carry your own food, then welcome to very best campfire recipes this dirty gourmet has discovered over ten years of backwoods travelling. 

Banana Boat
i used cinnamon chips instead of chocolate chips as the recipe calls for 

Impress your friends and make a few new ones with over 50 delicious recipes from all over the world to fuel your adventures. Some of the recipes inside are Popcorn Pockets, Toasted Chicken Sandwich, Breakfast Burrito, Pull Apart Pizza Bread and more.

My Opinion: As I was reading this book and imagine me camping outdoors which I will be doing in the next few months and if I would use these recipes in this book and honestly I will as they are very simple and the recipes are made with all the four foods groups. I like how the book tells you how to build a campfire along with all the tips for cooking and preparing the meal.
Navajo Fry Bread 

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review but this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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