Saturday, March 12, 2016

Single Cup Club March Box #USFG

This is my third month reviewing Single Cup Club so I hope by now  my readers have seen the posts. I like coffee but can you believe I only started liking it in my 30’s before then I never drank it only water and tea were my drink of choice. Now I have to have 1 cup a day and my husband he is a fanatic of coffee drinking way too much a day in my opinion but some would say no such thing. Single Cup Club has monthly subscription boxes which you customize to receiving a month to month costs $5.99 for the first time you sign up then after that month to month is $14.99, 6 month subscription is $12.99 a month and 3 month subscription is $13.99 a month. 

I got 15 single serve cups five of the three coffee profiles for March 2016. Twisted Pine Hawaiian Blend medium roast which is perfectly balanced the 10% Kona coffee beans in this blend produce those special Kona sweet notes with a mellow finish. Door Country Coffee & Tea Highlander Grogg medium roast which starts with the highest quality coffee bean you can find than you infuse the beans with just the right amount of Irish Cream and caramel flavor. Gas Station Coffee Route 66 Blend is a medium roast that is all-around brew will stand the test of time and flavor.
My Opinion: This is a great price for your money as you can try different blends of coffee that you would never find locally and something new and different. I enjoyed the smell when they brewed and the flavors of each had their own special taste.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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  1. My mom only had instant in the 70s but I got into that as a teen. Still will use instant if I can't get a cup of brewed. Is that an addiction? No, I love tea too!


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