Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Winning Moves Giveaway Ends 11/30


Check Out my reviews for these games below then enter the giveaway 

Winning Moves Large Print Tile Locks Scrabble https://www.missysproductreviews.com/2021/10/winning-moves-large-print-tile-locks.html 

Winning Moves Risk Europe https://www.missysproductreviews.com/2021/11/winning-moves-risk-europe-holiday-gift.html 

Winning Moves Deluxe Pit https://www.missysproductreviews.com/2021/11/winning-moves-deluxe-pit-holiday-gift.html

 Winning Moves The Mermaid Jewels https://www.missysproductreviews.com/2021/11/winning-moves-mermaid-jewels-holiday.html

1 comment:

  1. Scrabble is my favorite. I used to play it all the time but haven't played it in years. Now I definitely need to have a Scrabble game night!


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