Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bridgton Farmer's Market

 On Saturday I went to my local Farmer’s Market in Bridgton, ME it is located off Main Street near Reny’s Department store it is small but well worth the visit. There were a total of maybe 10 booths set up and I just enjoyed seeing the vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables also homemade jams, pastries and breads, organic meats and plants. I had to try the goat milk cranberry and walnut spread and it was very tasty but the cracker it was served with was over powering the taste of the cheese spread. I also tried the Blueberry Jam Homemade and very tasty I noticed she had jam made with wine which I thought was interesting and unlike anything I had seen before. I bought some Zucchini Bread which was fresh but lacking flavor but I like to help the locals in my community whenever I can, One of the of the last booths I browsed was  Chase Street Soap Company and I was impressed with their homemade soaps, cologne, laundry detergent. I purchased the Laundry detergent sample and soap sample to see if I would like it and in my next post I will let you know about it. Yesterday had the feeling of fall in the air here as it was very breezy and the leaves have started to turn and fall to the ground but so muggy also. Check out your local Farmer’s Market and see what finds you can get

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