Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wett Giggles

Does your child like to take baths? Do you need a unique way to get your child to wash more or learn more hygiene? Well, I have a great product for you it is called Wett Giggles! What Wett Giggles is scented soap with animal shaped brushes inside so they have a cute “toy” and a scented soap! I picked the dog brush which is called Cupid with coconut banana scented soap. What a yummy scent! The brush can be used to clean your nails and whatever you want to clean. Learn more by visiting, where you can see all the animals and scents some they have are Beatrice a cow with a blackberry scent also Hamlet a frog with a watermelon scent and so many more. The soaps are made with Natural Glycerin and each made one at a time with Essential Oils and Shea Butter. The price for the soaps is starting at $6.50. Here is a little history about the company This product was inspired for my then six year old son’s dirty little finger nails. I’m into good hygiene and giving my son a fun tool to help with that was my goal. The Soap and toy concept has been done before but I wanted to re- create that concept. So my thinking was to add a nail brush to the soap thus giving a new look to an old idea. All of the Wett Giggles animals have Shakespearian theme names. Why? I loved reading Shakespeare during my school years. There are nine Wett Giggles in total. All but two come with the manicure nail brush. The two without are geared for the 2-3 year olds. I named the product Wett Giggles because of the wet smiles children often get when washing their hands. Enjoy the product and thank you for visiting the site. Karen St. Clair
Try them today and find a new favorite.

Disclaimer: I wa sin no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours

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