Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What To Buy The Fashionista For Christmas ?

Do you know a fussy fashionista? Are you panicking about what to buy them this Christmas? Worry no more. I’ve got your back! We all know somebody who loves fashion and never seems to stop shopping, but we don’t always know what to buy them when it’s time to get them a gift. These ideas should be a big help...

A Book on the History of Fashion

What could be a better gift for a fashionista than a book on the history of fashion? Not only will they get a fun history lesson, they’ll be able to take inspiration from all of the different eras. Knowing all about the different shapes, materials, and textures that were used and why is very interesting. It may help them to refine their style.

A Subscription to a Fashion Magazine

Having a magazine drop through the door each month is always nice; like a little gift every few weeks. Get them a subscription and they’ll always have something to draw inspiration from, and take with them on long train journeys. A very thoughtful gift.

Something Vintage

Vintage items have already lived a life or two, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given another chance. A real fashionista will appreciate a quality vintage item, as they’ll know that nobody else will have what you’ve given them. It might smell a little musty, but you know that it’s lived.

A Faux Leather Jacket

The faux leather jackets on the market right now look so real that they could fool anybody. If you know the fashionista’s size, there are all kinds of styles you can choose from. Fringed jackets, jackets with a big colorful collar, and more. Faux leather jackets go with all outfits, so they’re a wardrobe staple.

Pretty Jewelry

Pretty jewelry can always be appreciated, as there’s always a use for it. It may not get worn all the time, but it’ll be the perfect piece to set off particular outfits and make them pop.

A Sassy Jewelry Holder

If you’re not sure what jewelry to buy and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can always buy a sassy jewelry holder. Think ring dishes in the shape of unicorns, and ring holders in the shape of fingers held up in a peace sign. A thoughtful gift that will keep their jewelry collection safe and sound.

A Gift Card

If all else fails, you can always buy them a gift card. This may seem like a slapdash gift to some, but it’s always welcome to the fashionista. If they love shopping, they’ll be able to buy themselves something brand new with your card. A better idea than simply giving them the money. This way you know it’s been spent on something good!

So, what will you buy the fashionista for Christmas? You’ve got plenty of choice, and there’s something here for all budgets. You don’t need to buy them the fanciest dress or the latest pair of shoes, just pick a thoughtful gift from this list. Happy shopping!

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