Thursday, May 26, 2016

Folgers Brunch House Party

As a member of House Party, I was able to host a Folgers Brunch party. I invited friends and family over and we had a grand time which I serve watermelon, cookie bars, coffee cake  and of course Folgers Coffee of Black Silk, ½ Caff, Classic Roast, Vanilla Biscotti along with 2 mugs. I also sent guests home with coupons and a sample four pack which they decide what flavor they want to purchase in the future. This is one great party and the guests enjoyed the ½ cafe and Classic the most. The Black Silk was not dark enough for the dark roast coffee drinker and the Vanilla Biscotti was ok as well. I have included a photo of all the guests in a college as there were so many to share.

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I enjoyed hosting this House party and trying all the different coffees and sharing them with my family and friends. Brunch is a good time of the day to just sit and talk about life and what the year will bring. My favorite was the Classic Roast and Vanilla Biscotti. 

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