Monday, May 16, 2016

TAT Towels

If you have a tattoo you know that over years it gets faded and needs to be redone and honestly I have seen some that really could use a good redone from being so old. Tat Towels are tattoo towelettes that are specifically formulated to instantly moisturize and enhance older tattoos and keep newer tattoos looking fresh. Tat Towels provide an easy non-greasy way to maintain your tattoo or tattoos as compared to applying messy creams and pastes. Tat Towels are unscented and recommended for single use. Tat Towels are not intended to be used as an immediate after tattoo placement care product. These towelettes are not antibacterial or anti-inflammatory. This product is not an antiseptic. Tat Towels formulation will not stain or become sticky after application. They are safe to use on any tattoo!

My Opinion: I think these work well I do not have any tattoos so I gave them to a friend to try and they stated the look was brighter, sharper and looked brand new which they were impressed with.
The sizes of the towelettes are 7” by 10” and unscented.
 About Body Wipe Company:
Co-founders, Joel Saban, and Jim Bahcall took their previous company, Paper Shower, LLC, that started in 2010 with a single Paper Shower product and over the years significantly expanded its personal care wipes product line. With this expansion into various wipe markets, the company needed a new name that best represented this growth and diversity of personal care wipes.  So in 2016, Paper Shower, LLC was renamed Body Wipe Company, while still keeping their popular Paper Shower product line.  Joel and Jim continue to bring innovative and quality personal care to their customers…one wipe at a time!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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