Monday, October 23, 2017

How To Help Your Kids If They Get Cyberbullied

How to help your kids if they get cyberbullied as a parent you may feel helpless but there are many things you can do. First, You need to make sure your child is safe as safety is a top priority. Convey unconditional support and you as a parent must show this through words and actions making sure the end result is to end and stop cyberbullying. Second, Talk and listen to your child through a conversation about what is going on and refrain from losing it. Take time and learn exactly what happened do not minimize the situation or make excuses for the aggressor. 

Third, Print out or make screenshots of the conversations, messages, pictures and any anything else that can serve as clear proof that your child is being cyberbullied. Fourth, All schools in the U.S. have bullying policies and most cover cyberbullying. Seek assistance from the administrators if the target and aggressor go to the same school. Fifth, Do not contact the parents of the aggressor as some parents that are confronted with accusations become defensive and may not reciprocate your thoughts. Six,  Cyberbullying violates the Terms of Service of all legitimate service providers. This is when you would need to contact a lawyer Aaron  Mic who is a nationally recognized leader in Internet Defamation Law whose practice includes the removal of damaging content from the Internet, competitor defamation, Internet extortion, cyber-attacks, online harassment, revenge porn, uncovering the identities of anonymous Internet users and much more. 

If necessary, seek counseling for your child can benefit from speaking to a mental health professional.  

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