Thursday, February 1, 2018

User IQ

As a company, you may have just started a business or you’re looking to expand and grow your current customers and one way you can do that is with User IQ Guided Tour Software. This will make the most with every interaction you have with customers as you can set up and customize onboarding system with ease with this easy to use the platform and it makes it simple to set up and personalize programs that are relevant for you or each user. Some of the categories and segments that you can use are users job role, user or account lifecycle stage, interaction with other features, iCal type and payment status, user or account data in the sales force, login activity and so much more to choose from. This program is can be automated and offer the same personalized service level to coordinate manage valuable time as your business grows. You can analyze interaction on individual and group level, then use the data-driven insights to decide which areas use may be struggling with and how you can help. You can access any tour anytime and explore ones they haven’t yet and can be open individually with the launcher.

Product Usage Analytics you be able to understand which features are and aren’t being used by each account, segment, and user. You can also spot sticking points and productively action before a user has to ask is fish will show features that should be promoted or updated to improve each customer’s experience. You can pinpoint power users and churn risk with the comprehensive health score that considers both the user IQ’s analytics as well as data from integrations. You have the ability to prioritize and update additions based on real-time usage. User IQ understands that in product user activity is only one source of information about a customer’s experience. This is one of the reasons they’ve made it easy to integrate information from the products and services you rely on every day to provide additional context along with creating a well-rounded view of each user. Integration is available for Zendesk, Salesforce, slack, and more.
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This is a long-term focus to drive value throughout the customer’s journey. As you know the opportunity does not end with the sale but the customer continues along in a relationship with you and if treated appropriately they will then turn around and tell their friends so your business will grow.

**This is a sponsored post which I will be compensated for but just the same this is valuable information to have for any business even my own blog.**

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