Friday, September 7, 2018


It is hard to believe how unsafe the world is today compared to when I was a kid I never worried I was going to be kidnapped if I went out in the neighborhood and played with my friends. Computers really were not big either so I never had to worry if who I was talking to online was really my age and not an adult along with x-rated images. Grom Social’s MamaBear is your all-in-one family safety app providing news about your child's physical and virtual activity. Encourage larger boundaries for your kids while having peace of mind knowing more about their location and social activity. Set up the MamaBear app in three steps: 

1. A parent installs MamaBear on their smartphone and registers their family account.
2. Kids install and log in to MamaBear for location monitoring.
3. Parents log in to their child's social media accounts in MamaBear settings and customize other desired notifications.
Protecting your family just got easier!
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

- Keep parents updated without a text or call and check in with emoticons. 
- Send your parents a "Come Get Me" or "Emergency" notification. 
- Customize your view of MamaBear with wallpaper selections. 
- View the most important news feed of your day with in-line previews of Instagram photos and details about twitter and Instagram followers. 
- Set up notifications to receive filtered, need-to-know content like new friends, words on your customized words list, uploaded photos and tags. 
- Know your child’s current and recent location at the tap of the app. 
- Set up arrival and departure notifications for Safe Places like school, home and practice. 

- Know when they exceed a customized driving speed
This will give parents a piece of mind knowing there child is safe out driving or just out with their cell phone doing what kids and teens do as this will track where they are. You can also send family message so everyone can see it which saves of typing the same message multiple times.  

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