Sunday, October 13, 2019

What Is Data Governance

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If you are not sure what data governance means as a business, it includes the people, processes, and technologies needed to manage and protect the company’s data assets in order to guarantee generally understandable, correct, complete, trustworthy, secure and discoverable corporate data. Data is becoming the core corporate asset that will determine the success of your business. Digital transformation is on the agenda everywhere. You can only exploit your data assets and do a successful digital transformation if you are able to govern your data. This means that it is imperative to deploy a data governance framework that fits your organization and your future business objectives and business models. 

That framework must control the data standards needed for this journey and delegate the required roles and responsibilities within your organization and in relation to the business ecosystem where your company operates.  
It is not optional and organizations today have incredible amounts of data about customers, clients, suppliers, patients, employees, and more. When this information is properly used to better understand the market and your target audience, an organization will be more successful. The same data governance will also ensure this data is trusted, well-documented, and easy to find and access within your organization, and that it is kept secure, compliant, and confidential. Make certain that your organization is positioned to maximize data governance investments and minimize the risk of data breaches.
At its core, data governance is about establishing methods, and an organization with clear responsibilities and processes to standardize, integrate, protect and store corporate data.
The key goals are to:
Minimize risks
Establish internal rules for data use
Implement compliance requirements
Improve internal and external communication
Increase the value of data
Facilitate the administration of the above
Reduce costs
Help to ensure the continued existence of the company through risk management and optimization.
Each company does things differently and may offer only one or two solutions but Profisee offers three and the way they do it is by massive data management, but focuses on helping an organization fast track its data management approach, which enables any company to, regardless of size, or where they consider themselves on their data management journey, to get started quickly and then to scale that capability across any strategic business initiative. They are based on three things
First, they need a solution that is fast to implement and deploy. It can’t take months or years to get the first solution in production.
Second, they need something that is affordable. Not just affordable to buy, but more importantly, affordable to own.
Lastly, the solution must be scalable to keep up with them over time as they grow and manage more data.
Traditional Massive Data Management tools are built using multiple technologies, some built, many acquired. This means there are many pieces you have to understand and put together. It takes a long time to get anything done.
 Profisee customers know us to be totally different. Profisee was developed together as a single solution that comes pre-assembled. Everything in Profisee is configured via Profisee’s FastApp Studio, providing a single place to point and click configure a solution.

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