Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How To Promote Your Business Online

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How to promote your business online to generate sales there are many different ways you can go starting with social media Facebook as over a billion people are on there; you would need a business page as it gives you a way to communicate directly with your target audience. Your fans are there because they are aware of your company and want to learn more. While they certainly are expecting to receive useful information from your Facebook page, you can also collect helpful details from them through their participation. Facebook Insights also provide useful information about your fans and their interactions on your page.

As a microcosm of your target market, your Facebook fans can tell you a lot about what they want through their interaction, comments, and feedback.  Facebook groups offer another way to engage your audience.  Facebook can be an effective way to direct traffic to your business website and blog. Your posts, links, and other actions that are contained on your public Facebook page also can give you an SEO boost if they are indexed by search engines. With the speed of social media and new weight being added to information shared through social channels, having a Facebook page filled with rich content relevant to your business can help you boost your search engine rankings.

Instagram has over 1 billion million monthly users if you post the right images, consumers soak up your marketing message without any hard sales pitches from you. All your Instagramming will be for nothing if the pieces don’t easily fit together to show what your brand actually is. The key is to stay recognizable! Choose an Instagram name that’s the same as, or related to, your business’s name across other social media channels. Keep your profile image consistent as well. All your interactions and engagement on Instagram will be accompanied by the little thumbnail of your profile pic. Make sure it’s something recognizable and professional!
Email influencers that are in your field and see if they will review your product and leave a testimonial on your website. You can also do the same email businesses and leave your testimonial on their website with a link to you.
 Google my business page this listing will get your business on Google Search, Maps and Google+ and enable customers to review your business. Local business reviews tend to receive high rankings in the search results, giving you some great (free!) real estate. Google+ Local reviews also influence the search rankings of people you’re connected to, meaning your business’ reviews may also appear when your connections perform relevant searches on Google
You will want a blog to talk about various products or services you offer. You could also co-sponsor a contest with another business giving you access to one another’s audience maximizing your audience. You can use Facebook sweepstake groups and online sweepstake websites to post it beside your Facebook business page.  You could also leave comments on other blogs in your same niche with a link back to your website. Create a business logo or badge with Canva, Piczap or other free photo sites.

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