Sunday, April 5, 2020


**this is a post where I got to try the product for free but it in no way swayed me to give a positive or negative review and a small payment**
Even though we are not physically seeing our doctor or wellness coach in person you can still stay connected online and now more than ever with COVID-19 people are looking for ways to stay healthy and require input from a wellness coach so do not be afraid as a business owner or client that no one will be there for you as they will be. As a business owner, you can subscribe to Nutri-IQ to help clients get a natural balance assessment provides immediate solutions to make sure they do not suffer from malnutrition and find out if your body can absorb good stuff rather in pill form or liquid form and do you know where you stand in the nutritional balance?

 Nutri-IQ method allows you to answer these questions and assess the balance of essential nutrients. It is a FACT (not assumption or hype) that the human body is self-regulated by dynamic balancing the homeostatic parameters. When one or more parameters go out of balance to bring the body to a different balanced state, others may follow suit. The process of self-regulating manifests in symptoms, sometimes vaguely noticeable, but sometimes unpleasant and dangerous, like very high fever while expelling a virus, or broken bones of a person suffering from malnutrition, when calcium is leached from the skeleton to compensate for a poor diet. And unless the disrupting factor is handled properly, the body will try to restore the balance until it expires.
Nutri-IQ empowers you to assess the client’s nutritional gaps based on the symptoms and supplementation profile, right on the spot. No expensive blood panels needed! COVID-19 update: sufficient immune support to ward off infection can only be provided with adequate nutritional balance. Remember: for the foreseeable future, clients cannot go to the doctor’s office or access blood testing services. Nutri-IQ is the solution!
I was able to do a nutritional balance assessment and it gives you a list of supplements that you choose then you chose a symptom type, body/system process and finally your imbalance severity. Then it will tell you to stop, increase or stick to it. As a business owner in the wellness field, it allows you to build a bigger client base and get more referrals as word of mouth from clients helps grow your business along with advertising.

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