Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Surviving A Tooth Infection How To Beat The Battle

 Not until you get sick or ill, do you realize how you should have done things differently with your eating habits, exercise, and vitamins. I recently got sick with something that really scared me. I was at the ER three times with no resolution. They thought I had gastritis which, if you don't know, is a medical condition that causes irritation and inflammation of the stomach lining. In severe cases, gastritis can lead to erosion of the stomach lining as well. The condition may be either acute or chronic, and it can affect individuals of any age. Recognized causes of gastritis include excessive alcohol consumption and overuse of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. But before I went to the dentist, I tried following a gastritis diet which included probiotics from kefir, mild foods like fish, rice, broccoli, eggs, cranberry juice, milk, but then my body changed again. I could not tolerate some of those foods and had to try other foods.

 I was tested for covid, which was negative, hepatitis which was negative, and it left me frustrated as my spleen was enlarged and my bilirubin was elevated to 1.25.

 Even though I had a peptic ulcer which if you do not know what it is, the doctors have open sores that develop on the inside of the stomach lining and upper portion of the small intestine.

I was unable to eat, drink much, and puking up. Finally, on day 12, I noticed I had tooth pain, and my ear was swollen and sore.

 So, I scheduled a dental appointment for the day 16, and I felt my ear hurting at the same time. When I finally went to the dentist, I was dehydrated, sick, and very weak. The dentist told me your tooth is badly infected, and it caused all these issues in your body. Who knew? I started the antibiotics, and it flipped a switch in my stomach, and I can eat again, which I was so happy for. I was so happy to eat as I had lost at least 10 pounds in the days I was unable to eat.

Now that I got my tooth pulled, I am still suffering from a lack of energy, and my legs are weak, so I have decided to start an exercise program that I built up to, which is highly suggested by Dr. Ryan Shelton. It includes short walks as I can't even walk through the grocery store without getting tired. I also plan on stretches as I had severe leg cramps when I was sick. Yoga will be another exercise to help deal with my stress, anxiety, and just become more relaxed. Vegetables will be a bigger part of my diet as I do not get enough and healthier food choices.


Not until you are sick for three weeks, do you realize how precious life is as there were times I wanted to die as I felt so bad.  I am sharing this personal story as you might relate to my experience. Maybe you have gone through a similar ordeal or have even sought advice from a medical professional or naturalist professional like Dr.Ryan Shelton

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