Tuesday, August 17, 2021


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When a loved one gets older and they are nearing the end of their life it can be hard on what to do as they live alone and you worry about them. It becomes even harder when they get sick and end up in the emergency room and 3 months later get the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer which has no cure. My dad had rare stomach cancer which no one knows how he got it but I worry as they say it is not passed down but his mom died of stomach cancer so I make sure to get checked with an EGD every few years. When my dad got diagnosed in August it was devastating not just to him but to my mom and all 7 of his kids.

That year we had holidays like it was his last (little did we know it would be) He wanted to die at home instead of going to hospice because at that point he was doing ok and my sister Jennie was helping him with the feeding tube as he was unable to eat anything. Advanced Hospice Care  

The nurses would come out a few times a week and check on him and see how he was doing. But I know he was lucky to not go into hospice care because he did have people to take care of him but some people are not so lucky as they have no family or are just too sick to stay home and have anyone look after them and honestly the best care for them is at a hospice facility. If you put a loved one in a hospice facility make sure you find out how they do the billing and the costs for you if any out of pocket and they should tell you there.

Most hospice care is provided at home with a family member typically serving as the primary caregiver. However, hospice care is also available at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and dedicated hospice facilities. No matter where hospice care is provided, sometimes it's necessary to be admitted to a hospital. For instance, if a symptom can't be managed by the hospice care team in a home setting, a hospital stay might be needed.

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My dad died 4 months after he was diagnosed and I wish they could have found cancer sooner and did treatment earlier as he still might be alive today. We all still miss him dearly and think about him often. He was very level-headed, always had a to-do list a mile long, and stayed busy in the yard after retirement. Now my mom is missing him dearly and they were together for over 50 years! I know a lot of marriages don’t last that long today which is truly sad.

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