Sunday, August 15, 2021


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I wear my hair in a ponytail when I work out, take walks, hike, and stay cool on these hot summer days but also to make my hair look longer for special occasions. Uniwigs has a variety of ponytail pieces you can choose from like Lilac 21" Beach Wave Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension achieve your color potential with Lilac, a dazzling pink and purple synthetic ponytail hair extension. Lilac possesses permanent smooth curls made from soft synthetic fiber which will add body to your ponytail instantly. Lilac’s unique color is its key defining feature, with gorgeous pastel pink and purple highlights placed throughout.

Easy to apply, Lilac can be wrapped and secured around your existing ponytail, with some extra hair provided on the strap to conceal the ponytail base. 

Colorful 18" Clip-in Synthetic Ponytail Extension TBGRAY, give yourself a brand-new look this season with this colorful ponytail. This ponytail extension is the perfect option for the woman that is on the go, yet still wants to experiment with style. This wavy 18” piece is made from quality synthetic fiber which gives off a realistic look and remains incredibly durable. This ponytail can be heated and curled safely up to 400 degrees! Available in a variety of pastel colors, you can match your hair perfectly with your unique style.

 Hair thinning on top can result from many things from fibromyalgia, and more. You might be losing your confidence with thinning hair so using crown wigs will help you feel confident again. You can match your hair color which is great and you can get a Megan silk topper that has four strategically placed, pressure-sensitive clips for easy application, as well as an optional halo wire to fit around your head for extra security. It is a premium quality hair topper that will look and feel exquisite!

Courtney has a large 7” x 8” base size which can provide you with plenty of coverage and volume. Made from 100% human hair, Courtney can be styled with heat styling tools into any hairstyle you desire. Various colors will also be available on Courtney soon, so stay tuned.

Uniwigs is a hair websites to find the perfect style that you are looking for or maybe you want to see a wig on you in a different color for a party, role-playing, or everyday use. You can consider Snow Queen Wig will control the wind and snow with you in Winter.

This sophisticated ivory white-blonde wig possesses waist-length hair and long layered loose waves, which give off a bright and lustrous hue under the light. The Snow Queen wig features a lace front and a wefted back wig cap, for a natural hairline and parting line. This style is perfect for any social occasion. Whether you want to get dressed up for a party or go and read your book in a coffee shop, Snow Queen will brighten up your whole look. 

Star is silver and cool-toned beauty to give you the ultimate modern look. Star is named Star because she is a bright wig that will make you stand out! Star is super versatile and can be worn literally anywhere. Wear her to a festival, a concert, a night out, a party, to work, school, a wedding, cosplay, the world is yours with Star.

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