Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year 2022

I can't believe another year has passed 2021 was such a roller coaster and I am filled with so many mixed emotions. I made changes that I think are not good and some changes I am sad about. Although I am disabled with fibromyalgia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, chronic pain. I always make resolutions to see what I can accomplish. 


I have accomplished things concerning my blog in 2021 and hoping to grow even more this year but it is hard as I am shy and people unfriend you because political views are different which is sad as I am not so I decided to do more posts on mental health and how society does not know how to handle it regardless if you rent, go to the doctors and more. How to make more money online in 2022 is one of my goals. Finding the man who will love me for me and remember I exist is important as well. 

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