Monday, June 19, 2023

Superior Source Vitamins National Men’s Health Month Review & Giveaway Ends 6/30

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June is National Men’s Health Month to encourage the men in your life (including you, men out there!) to take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and working to prevent disease.

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ALL Superior Source Vitamins are Clean, Pure, and Simple with NO chemicals, preservatives, fillers or artificial colors. These tiny fast-dissolve tablets for quick absorption with NO pills to swallow or water needed. Available at and Amazon

No Shot Methylcobalamin B12 instant Dissolve MicroLingual Tablets go to work fast, under the tongue. This concept is critical for B-12 supplementation. With regular B-12 supplements, as much as 50% of the B-12 potency is lost in the high-acid environment of the stomach.


Vitamin A 3,000 is a group of compounds that support eye health and the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, and surface linings for the respiratory, urinary, and intestinal tracts. Vitamin A also plays a vital role in the promotion of immune system health.


100% Daily Value Multi-Vitamin contains 100% of 11 vitamins and nutrients your body needs for optimal health, including B vitamins for energy metabolism as well as Vitamin C and A for antioxidant protection and immune support.


C Tangy Orange Melts utilizes sodium ascorbate, which is a buffered (non-acidic) form of C that does not contribute to gastric irritation. Although each MicroLingual tablet contains very little sodium (only 1% of the Daily Requirement), it is helpful in offsetting the natural acidity of Vitamin C, creating a smoother, less acidic taste. Sodium ascorbate is a fully reacted, truly buffered form of vitamin C. The sodium in this product differs from common table salt in that it is not combined with chloride like the “salt” most often associated with hypertension.


Extra Strength D3 5,000 works in conjunction with calcium to promote the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Our Vitamin D products are D3, the finest source of Vitamin D available.


Zinc Plus is an essential mineral required by more than 300 enzymes for the support of multiple systems and functions in the human body. In addition, studies have indicated that zinc promotes recovery from the common cold and related symptoms. Our Zinc Lozenjets are formulated with vitamin D3 as added protection for your health.


About Them: Ron Beckenfeld – CEO started selling vitamins out of the trunk of his car in 1964 and in 1969 he started Continental Vitamin Company; it became a lifelong passion to establish a supplement company that cares about health. In 1998 he started Superior Source MicroLingual due to his concern about his father’s Parkinson’s condition.  “When my father developed Parkinson’s, he already had a heart condition.  I realized he had problems swallowing traditional large tablets, which inspired me to find a way to help my dad and others who had similar problems swallowing the vitamins they needed.”




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