Sunday, March 25, 2018

Shopping Locally Is More Important Than Some Might Think

As convenient as they may be, and as low as the prices that they give us, don’t you just feel a bit bad after shopping or eating at some huge chain brand? Don’t you just think to yourself “Wow, I could’ve used that money some other way” ? With huge corporations of all sorts, from Nike to Starbucks, getting more heat in the media than ever within the past few years, like Starbucks dodging taxes, it’s a bit hard to be sympathetic for them as of late. People are starting to become more aware of the soulless cash-grab nature of bigger businesses, and more and more people are actively trying to shop or eat in more independent places. Of course, this is rarely the case 100% of the time, mostly because huge chain brands are just too convenient, be it Subway or any huge supermarket, but people are definitely at least trying to make an effort. If you have so far not cared about this issue at all, then hopefully the following reasons will change your mind.

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Online is not always the best
 Shopping online, whether it’s for some random tech or the now more often popular online grocery shopping, has its downsides. Sure it definitely can be convenient, but it’s one of those situations where you’re always buying a cat in a bag. You don’t personally see the product, and something can always go wrong with buying it. Perhaps they will send you the wrong thing, perhaps the thing you ordered is not anywhere near as great as it seemed like from some photos online, or maybe you’re just going to get annoyed by the delayed shipping. Buying locally, from whatever independent business which may be around your end of the woods, might not be as cheap initially, but it sure does allow you to get to interact with real people. You get to know the staff, the owner, you might get a bit friendlier with them after a few purchases, and at that point they will probably help you out with various things if you just ask nicely. Various discounts, insider advice, quick tips n trips, info about any upcoming stock, all by virtue of actually interacting with the people selling it, 
Image source: Pexels
Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes
When people think “small business”, they often just think of a tiny convenience store in the corner of a side street. While that is probably not wrong and you can find a lot of these as well, keep in mind that others still most definitely exist. From dry cleaners to an independent jewelry store, to a small family-owned cafe independent shops most definitely deserve at least a little bit of your attention. You might not only find something different than usual, but you are also going to be helping the local economy. Unlike with big franchises, every single employee within smaller companies all actually make a noticeable difference, not to mention, you might even be creating more decent jobs sometime soon. It’s always nice knowing that you’re helping to diversify the streetscape rather than just waiting for another McDonalds to be opened in place of another cosy local cafe.

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