Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I'd Never Put THAT In My Online Shopping Basket.

Not that long ago, we would hit the high street whenever we needed to buy something. Now, things couldn’t be more different. Forget the days of waiting until you have enough money for a big shopping trip. You can head online and buy anything at the click of a button.

Fantastic news all around, right? That said, there are still items some people prefer to head out and get. In fact, there are some things that we’re told we should never buy online. Included on this list are:

• Clothes
• Many household items (including big furniture purchases, pillows, and even mattresses)
• Footwear
• Cars
• Pets

You get the idea. And, for the most part, it’s easy to see why we’re given such advice. These are, after all, items you need to see before buying. Or, do you? It is possible that, if you get online shopper savvy, you could get these purchases right online, too. Okay, perhaps not the pets. But, everything else should be fair game. And, here’s how to make sure your purchases stay sensible.

Know your sizes

When it comes to buying clothes and footwear, knowing your sizes is essential. And, we’re not talking your standard sizes here, either. Everyone knows that these vary from company to company. Instead, you should know exact measurements, as these are always given. Get a tape measure out before putting that dress in your basket. Taking a few seconds out to do this could, after all, save you having to send that item back down the line. It’s also important to do the same for your feet. Again, the standard sizes vary between companies. So, take millimeter measurements, and always double-check these!

Do your research

When it comes to big purchases, it’s also worth doing your research, and checking reviews before you buy. By taking the time to find out more about mattresses and other big buys, you stand a better chance of getting it right. When there’s a lot of money involved, this is essential. What’s more, you should head to at least three or four review sites. That way, you can be sure you aren’t fooled into buying something by a company with questionable review policies. Make sure, instead, that you hear the same plus points from at least a few different sources.

Check the returns policy

Even after your best efforts, it may be necessary to return items. That shouldn’t be enough to put you off. After all, we’ve all taken one or two things back to a shop after reflection. But, when it comes to shopping online, returns policies can be a little harder to handle. As such, you should take time to check this before you buy. Due to the postal nature of these services, you’ll often have to pay for return postage and wait to get the money back. On big items, this could set you back a fair amount. As such, you may want to search for a company who would pay the amount upfront instead.

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