Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Summer time is here and you know what that means outdoor fun with swimming and parties. I was recently introduced to Corkcicle and this product is amazing! Did you know it is just basically a cork attached to a freezable icicle and will keep your wine colder longer! This is an ingenious idea as it fits right inside the wine bottle and when the heat is on the wine will still be chilled no more warm wine. I got the basic Corkcicle which means just a cork they also have Colors, Chillsner, Stoppers and Caps. I really like the caps as they can be custom made and any of these can be given as a gift for weddings, anniversary, and house warming; any wine lover will want one of these. To learn more visit . Started in 2011Ben Hewitt was tinkering in his garage creating this. This can work in not only wine bottles but any larger liquor bottles you want to keep cold.
My Honest Opinion: I Love it, Unique and Great.

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  1. As an avid wine drinker, I LOVE this idea! What a great way to keep your wine cool AND keep the bugs out of it!


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