Monday, August 26, 2013

teespring -What are you passionate about?

Have you ever thought I would like to find a way to drive more traffic to my store or website? Well, I found a company called Teespring that lets you customize your own t-shirts they offer a variety of colors and styles to fit your need and budget as there is no upfront cost to you . How it works is you design a tee which you can upload your own logo or use any of their over 10,00 custom clip arts then add your text which as there is over 50 fonts in a variety of sizes and styles . Set a goal of how many t-shirts you want to sell and lastly set a title and description of your shirt which can include a link to your website and explain your cause. What cause do you fell passionate about?  What about Breast Cancer, Autism, diabetes, politics, homeless and so many more options. Below are some shirts I have designed to give you an idea of what you can expect. Another thing you may think about after designing your shirt is how am I to meet my goal of selling my shirts? The best way it to promote with Facebook, Blog, Twitter, email supporters any way you feel you can. To learn more visit .

Twitter: @teespring

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