Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BROO Review

I recently was able to review Broo shampoo each scent in a six pack and travel sized. These shampoos are made with beer and are all natural, cruelty free and vegan free. I tried the smoothing shampoo yesterday which is made with micro brewed India Pale Ale and has cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. It made my hair very shiny but the beer smell was overpowering and that is all I could smell and anyone that got near me that is all they could smell so word of caution do not wear it to work as people may think you are under the influence and we do not want that. The other shampoos and conditioners they have are Hydrating and Volumizing, Craft Beer and body washes. Started by Sara and Brad looking for a shampoo that was all natural and would lather and the answer from his mom was beer. To learn more visit . Did you know Jackie Kennedy got her hair rinsed in beer in 1960 by her hairdresser in Hyannis,MA.
My Opinion: Works great but needs less beer smell.


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.


  1. That's funny I picked up BROO at a whole foods store and didn't get that at all... I smelt the cinnamon scent not beer!! lol I think this is a cool product

  2. I actually love the scent that BROO has to offer. It didn't smell anything like beer to me...

  3. Bröö: This stuff is the real deal and then some. I, too, recently discovered the line at Whole Foods and was blown away by the quality and modern take on the ancient practice of using beer for enhancing hair’s shine and health. The last “beer” shampoo I used was Body on Tap, and I seriously doubt there was any real beer in it, plus it was super harsh. I even tried pouring flat beer on my hair as a rinse, but then you smell like a brewery all day.

    I’ve tried some other newer versions over the years, but they all have drawbacks. They either smell awful and/or they are full of chems that I don’t want. Bröö has done more than bring beer shampoo out of the 80s….like NO sulfates, no synthetics, and no silicones. The three things that impress me the most personally? Even though there are no sulfates, it lathers like mad. And it smells fresh and clean. And it’s from an independent company. I use the Pale Ale (Volumizing) set on my longish, fine hair and I look like I’ve got almost twice as much hair. lol I tried the Porter (moisturizing) but that was too much for my hair, too much moisture. But it smelled like rich vanilla. The volumizing has a faint beer scent with a louder citrus overtone. Especially nice to use during these hot summer months. They better never stop making this stuff. My only complaint is that I cannot find the body washes anywhere…WF doesn’t stock them. But there’s always :) Go Bröö!