Monday, January 27, 2014


Digipals are designed with teens in mind it is an easy carrying case for your mobile device, cameras, MP3 players and more. Digipals is a washable pouch as it is made with microfiber suede material, fits all types and sizes of smartphones, IPhone, IPod; Keeps your device free of fingerprints and scratches, has an extra zipper for ear buds, money, ids, lip-gloss and more. It comes in 4 characters Penguin, Monkey, Turtle and Owl. To learn more visit

My Opinion: I think these are so cute and adorable and great for keeping germs off them when not in use and easy to clean. I think these are great to teen girls to keep the phone protected when you have it in your back pack and easy to find instead of it falling down and having to take everything out of your backpack. I think make another design that teen boys will like such as snowboarding, camo and video game related.
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