Monday, February 3, 2014

Bear Bottom Candles

I know we all like to lite candles weather it is for ambiance or to cover up odors. When you look for a candle sometimes you find some that look so detailed and pretty you wonder wow how did they do that and it is to pretty to burn. I found this with Bear Bottom Candles, if you want a soy based candle that is what this company is all about based out of San Antonio, Texas. I got to review a few of their candles Pina Colda Candle and yes it does smell like a Pine Colda and comes in a glass that if you ordered it at bar. The next candle I got was a birthday cupcake and it has a yellow cupcake liner with sprinkles, cherry and the frosting is also detailed. Cherry Pie Candle which is shaped and looks like a mini pie and also includes its own pie box. Crisp Cotton Spa Candle was the last one I got in a glass container and smells like fresh cleaned sheets. Bear Bottom Candle has so many more unique candles Leather Spa Candle, Banana Split Candle, Blueberry Pie, Beer-a-rita and so much more visit .

My Opinion: I really love my candles and my favorite is the cute cupcake and I my least favorite is the Crisp Cotton Spa Candle as that is not a scent I would normally buy and smells soapy to me. I really love the imagination and detail behind each candle and find these will make great gifts and or get a bunch of the drink candles for the super bowl party coming up for looks on the food table or put throughout the house where I will be entertaining.

Stared by best friends Kym Rapier and Vanessa Lucio with combined innovative and talents to create their own line of candles ranging from whimsical to elegant.  Hand poured and made from soy wax, these unique candles are eco-friendly as well as gorgeous.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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