Saturday, May 10, 2014


How often do you change your shower head? How do you feel about aromatherapy in the shower? These are questions I asked myself when I found AromaSense shower head. I was intrigued by it as I realized I have not changed a shower head in over 3 years and aromatherapy sounds like it would help in many ways such as waking you up in the am but I recently read it can do much more than that like Replenish vitamin C, uplift your mood, reduce stress, remove chlorine from water, increase blood flow from the negative ions produced. I live in Maine so my winter months are long, cold and dry also living the Lakes Region there are a lot of metals in the water so using this will be helpful. The Vitamin C cartridge is changeable inside the shower head and should be changed when it becomes transparent or clear average every 30-60 days.

I got the Lemon scent they also have Lavender and Eucalyptus all great scents.
My Opinion: This shower head is easy to install, I love the relaxing scent as I am showering and will help with the winter depression that people suffer from around here. I definitely recommend this to anyone. The price of the cartridges is reasonable but wish were a bit less for three ($34.99).
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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