Friday, May 30, 2014


MunchPak is a subscription box where you can try snacks from around the world rather it be a new snack or a familiar favorite. I recently got a box to review and it contained lots of interesting snacks.
Yokozuna Wheat Snacks which are rice cake snack crackers which are slow-roasted over low heat using charcoal and briquettes and then thoroughly dried to create a soft yet crispy texture that you'll love.
Iwamoto Tamago Boro Baby Soft Egg Biscuit Japanese Snack Confectionery which I could not find out what exactly they are made with.
Pocky Wheat Crackers which are tasty biscuit-like cookies coated in sweet chocolate frosting
Lotte Koala’s March Strawberry Crème filled cookies in the tradition of wholesome and delicious fun for the entire family, Koala's March takes your taste buds for a delightful spin with Koala's March Strawberry! Deliciously crunchy biscuit that's baked to perfection wrapped around deliciously fruity strawberry cream filling! It's a fruity twist that fun for all!
Ginbis Dream Animals Seaweed Biscuits which has 46 thin and unique animal-shaped biscuits and are low in fat and calories
Hi Chew Green Apple Get ready for a rush of juicy flavor you can really sink your teeth into! The perfect blend of crisp and tart ripe and ready to go. The zesty Green Apple flavor is amazingly sweet with just enough sour to keep your mouth asking for more.
Chewits Black Currant this came in a stick pack and is a chewy candy which is in a square.
Haribo Gold Bears they come in five fruity flavors.
Mini Pampa Cream Cookies these were the chocolate cream cookies and came in a pack of four.
Rowntree Fruit Gums were first introduced in 1893, and are a seriously fruity chew. These sophisticated sweets come in delicious orange, blackcurrant, strawberry, lemon and lime flavours. They contain 25% fruit juice and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are available in Individual Tubes, Sharing Bags, Multipacks and Cartons.

Lemon Fruit Slice which was individually wrapped.
Candy Farm three color Coconut slice which is in the flavors vanilla, chocolate and strawberry this is always moist.
Jolly Rancher Crunch N’ Chew you can HAVE YOUR CRUNCH AND CHEW IT TOO! It has a chewy inside, with a crunchy candy shell — available in cherry, green apple, watermelon and blue raspberry flavors.
MunchPak comes in three options Munchpak mini, MunchPak  Originial and MunchPak Family Pak and can be monthly or Bi-weekly and starts at $7.95 and goes up from there.
My Opinion: I really enjoyed this MunchPak and the snacks were interesting some I liked better than others. It is nice to also see what other people across the world like which can be different then what we like in the US, great subscription service.
To learn more visit   . Tell them Missy’s Product Review Sent you if you sign up! This is a great Candy Subscription box.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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