Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Crafts

Corny Party Favors
When it comes to Halloween handouts, there's perhaps nothing more iconic than candy corn. These sweet burlap gift bags (7" x 11.5") inspired by the tricolored confection make for charming (and reusable!) takeaways at Halloween get-togethers. (Sugar high not included.)
Get the the tags at

Step 2: Adhere the tags to the burlap gift bags with twine.

Broomstick Drink Stirrers
Step 1: Cut eight 7" strips of raffia. Bend all eight pieces in half. Lay four folded strands vertically, then lay the other four horizontally, forming a plus sign. Bring the ends of the vertical four together around the horizontal four. Then bring the remain-ing ends together and secure the entire bundle with black twine 1/2" from the bottom. Snip folded ends to form broom shape.
Step 2:  Push a wooden skewer into the bristles until end is hidden. Spread bristles apart so you can see where skewer and raffia meet. Apply glue at that spot to secure. Repeat to make additional stirrers.
Jack-O'-Lantern Candlesticks
Mix 2 tablespoons Mod Podge with 3 teaspoons water and 10 drops orange food coloring. Swish mixture inside Martinelli's brand apple juice bottles (we used two small, one large); pour out excess and dry. Heat in oven for 45 minutes at 225°F until bottles are transparent. Wrap bottlenecks with twine. Use permanent marker to draw faces.

Cat Face Garland
Step 1: Download our cat face template.
Step 2:  Using a white pencil, trace the template onto black card stock and cut out desired number of faces.
Step 3: Fringe the sides of the cat's face and the top of its head with scissors. (Fringing scissors work best: $9.95;
Step 4:  For each cat, cut three pieces of black waxed twine, about 4" long. Knot them together in the center of the twine, and glue to the cat's face as whiskers.
Step 5: Toward the horizontal center of the cat's face, use a standard single-hole punch to create holes for eyes about 21/2" apart.
Step 6: Hang string lights and position cat faces on 2 lightbulbs, one in each eye hole.

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