Saturday, October 25, 2014

Get Well Sooner Care Package Giveaway From Cold EEZE

Just in time for the flu and cold season Cold EEZE would like to offer one lucky reader a Get Well Sooner Care Package which includes:

Honey Lemon Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu Quick Melts this helps relieve cough, chest congestion and sore throat.
Orange Cold Remedy Plus Natural Immune Support Quick Melts which shorten colds, works faster, promotes immune health, antioxidant support (Rose Hips, Echinacea) 
Mixed Berry Daytime/Nighttime Cold Remedy Quick Melts this shortens your cold and works faster, non-drowsy, the nighttime helps you fall asleep faster naturally, Non-Habit forming. 
Cherry Cold Remedy Plus Sore Throat Oral Spray this helps relieve sore throats, Shorten cold and works faster. #1 Pharmacy recommended. 
Wild Cherry Cold Remedy Sugar Free Lozenges that is clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold.

I got the same package in the mail and i like the lozenges and it cam eat the right time as i am fighting a cold and these will help rid if quicker.

Disclaimer: This is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

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  1. I get more sleep and take more vitamin C and zinc. Like today, I did all three of these!

  2. I get a flu shot every year, I wash my hands all the time, and take hand sanitizer with me when I am out. I eat a healthy diet and stay away from sick people when I can. I also stay home when I am sick, and stay in bed.


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