Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tryazon Cook N' Party

This past weekend I had a get together at my home with some family and a few friends. For this occasion I told them to bring their favorite appetizer or snack for us to sample as I wanted to share Cook N’ with them. I was sent some books to share with the guests along with coupons to save 50%. If you have not heard of Cook N’ this is the #1 bestselling recipe organizer software which all you do is create a cookbook where you can add recipes you use on a regular basis or go to an internet page and capture it for a save it for later so when you really want to make the dish you can find it faster. You can also see nutrition information, calories, fat content, recipe scanning and much more.

My Opinion: I am not one that likes being the center of attention usually I hide in the back at meetings as I lack confidence at times so for a change being around a group of people I am comfortable with a nice change. It was easy to show the recipes with Cook N’.
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